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  1. Hugh

    Name: Hugh Money: 10 mil + 70 mil+ in assets Do you have both rebel license: of course Why do you want to join (25+words): coming back to arma for a bit need a gang with people that i know so i can play with people Who can vouch for you: yeezysloth and mally and some other guys from cops
  2. Hugh

    yeh man i actually get frames in kavala now
  3. Hugh

  4. Hugh

  5. Hugh

    sold @Charly
  6. Hugh

  7. Hugh

  8. Hugh

    tryna get that re sell value - just saying this is an older one as it doesn't have benches and is worth a bit more than the standard ones
  9. Hugh

    cant craft the vanguard skin one tho i have 3 normal armed ones only get bout a mil for each.
  10. Hugh

    want me to link the full clip yeh?
  11. Hugh

    i meant your gang gave me two full pages. The reason i unbanned Williams is cause he was nice, kind and reasonable currently mate you're none of them things. I don't want to accept your apology because i know what you have said and if thats how you feel i feel as if you deserve to be treated the same.
  12. Hugh

    You admitted to do it just to get them of the server so there would be no there gang to combat,don't make me go through and find that recording..... I got 2 full pages of hate i honestly don't care at this point Listen it is my choice i feel as if the 2 full pages was a lot of hate and it didn't make me feel great therefore i do not wish to get you unbanned
  13. Hugh

    Stop trying to guilt trip me @John close this as if he thinks bullies deserve to stay off then he should as he was hateful towards me
  14. Hugh

    I forgave him as he was innocent you however have gotten members of assent banned for nothing by lying - i will decide whether i accept the apology and i do not wish to go to ts so john can close it.. I understand you're sorry but maybe it will be good to see its pointless getting people banned over nothing

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