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  1. KillSwitch

    ill try and look for it im not sure if i was recording or not
  2. KillSwitch

    you was driving around in an active gun fight and pull up behind someone who is firing shots. in the video you say the fuck are we doing so youse knew what was going to happen driving around in an active sit and yet again there was no attempt to resolve another instant report
  3. KillSwitch

    well you can faintly hear me say hand up or you will get shot i understand my initiation was poor but in my friends video my initiation is very clear and also you broke a rule too you shouted ingame nice rdm fella which you cant do plus you didnt even try to resolve you just intant reported id say id comp you but what for a 10k rook ill comp you tha if u really want it .
  4. KillSwitch

  5. KillSwitch

    Leaders: KillSwitch Requirements Must have 1000+ hours on ARMA (Must Be Able To Provide A Screenshot) Must be able to support yourself with gear and vehicles Must be 16+ years of age (Exceptions can be made) Must Record your game through shadowplay or other recording software Must be Decent in Combat Application Format (COPY AND PASTE) Current In-game name- Hours on Arma- Steam Profile link- Bank account and whats your main way to make money- Why do you want to join extortion? (30-word minimum)- what skills can you bring to extortion (25-word minimum)- Have you been banned if so how and why - Previous gangs- How often do you play a week- Timezone/Area- Discord Username - After filling out an application please wait to be either ACCEPTED or DENIED You Can Find Our Roster Here!
  6. KillSwitch

  7. Item: CAR95-1 // 6x 100round mags Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/3fd03c4d228da0cc0b188e35db95bc67 Buy now price: 900k Starting bid:´╗┐ 300k Minimum bid increment: 200k Bidding ends on the 28th of december AUCTION CLOSED
  8. KillSwitch

    KillSwitch 876hrs LC,Forgiven,Extortion 17 I Can bring frags and top roleplay to the gang i have very good comms and good at handling situations also I want to join tombstone because ive heard very highly of it and want to be part of it and one of my good friends jamie g is in it
  9. Back at it being a security guard at the POOOOOOLLLLLLING station20181215231840_1.thumb.jpg.99fedb79bbc31556c764ca6bbd22b8f6.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KillSwitch
    3. Fletcher Beaton

      Fletcher Beaton

      Always me and you on the RP patrol

    4. KillSwitch


      obviously rp patrols are the best patrols :) 

  10. quite a good response for back up for one guy robbing a gas station xD 

    1. Fletcher Beaton

      Fletcher Beaton

      Drop the gun on the ground

      *Drops gun*

      Now drop your pants

    2. KillSwitch


      Hands on your cock or dead xD

  11. you okay there look like your in abit of pain Joe Darkson xD 20181213223457_1.thumb.jpg.ff567017d70ef359e382628dcf73e0a6.jpg

  12. Whats goin on there JamieG look abit scrunched up xD20181129123103_1.thumb.jpg.8a31b430f55956ee9e7439edc23439bf.jpg

    1. Jamie G

      Jamie G

      hahhah ya dun knowwwwwwwwwwwww 

    2. KillSwitch


      yaaaaaaaaaaaaa DUN Knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  13. this is quite a good prank ngl made me drive my car into the water -_- XD20181211195232_1.thumb.jpg.25ec6c1e1a612335047fae6de91f2f49.jpg

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    2. KillSwitch


      yer must be an early april fools joke xD

    3. Neo


      Looks like a BAdmin error.

    4. KillSwitch


      must of been xD 

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