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    @Jordd So first I"ve been playing arma Roleplay servers for a long time i know the rules really and i always try to play by the rules to be fair. But sometimes there is this moment like this where i just got super tilted after getting killed multiple times at KOS rebels it just got super mad and that's why i did it. I know it sounds stupid but that's the truth i would never do stupid shit like this its just not me . Right now i really like this community and endjoyed playing it and i would like to play here full time with my boys. I think this community is the best ATM. I understand i fucked up super bad and i can promise u stupid shit like this will never hapen again.
  2. _Benjamin

    In-game name: -BLACK- Venlias Steam ID: 76561198105038575 Date of ban: 03/10/2018 Reason for ban: Passenger Seating Staff member that banned you: Jordd Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: 100% I screwed up and Passenger Seated a guy and i deserve what i got. Why should we unban you? First of i would like to apologize to the admin for not talking with him and trying to solve the issue after he tp me. Secondly i want to apologize to that guy for Passenger Seating and killing him for no reason. This community is by far one of if not the best arma 3 roleplaying communities out there. I"ve been playing Reborn for along time and it was amazing all the time. I fully understand why the staff chose to ban me and I take full responsibility for my stupid actions.
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    gl fam
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