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  1. Hoggie

    When I was in the police / in SFU. The rule we followed, if a person had been spotted driving through the same gunfight 3 + times; they was classed as spotting / involved in the sit. So it wasn't RDM if they was killed. If someone drove through a gunfight and was instantly killed, it was RDM and comp was required.
  2. Hoggie

    +1 active combat rule is a bit shi*t atm. If your in active combat with police / rebel / civ, you should be able to KOS anyone, you genuinely think is involved. I hate the RPUK / ALUK mindset where you need to "show a gun" "decamp with a gun" "shoot someone" for the other group to kill you. If the other group see you drive around in an active gumfoght over 3x, its not RDM if you get killed. If you see some one you genuinely think is involed, you should be able to kill them.
  3. Hoggie

    Agreed if your good enough you can slap gangs with an MK20. You've just gotta play differently depending on what gun you use. -1
  4. Hoggie

    -1 the gun is aid*s to fight against. Try push a guy holding a building / drive an ifrit near and he's gonna 1 tap you.
  5. Hoggie

    Not gonna lie mate it's kinda shit. Would be a decent montage if you didn't put in the following - SUV kills - rookbanging clips - shooting people in the back who are roleplaying Just save your clips and I think you'd actually put out a decent montage.
  6. Hoggie

    Extra info 1 - Stock fans , 2 that's part of the watercooling , 2 on the front of the PC , 1 on the back of the PC. 2. Yeah the case is massive , its a corsair 750d airflow 3. Windows are open and one side of the case is always off , until I get the PC fixed. 2 - Not to sure tbh , GPU isn't hot when im not playing a game. When I launch and start a game like arma , i lose all 3 of my displays and my GPU gets very hot. I then have to leave my PC off for like 15 minutes for the card to call down. 4. Not tried MSI afterburner , will give that a go when im back from work  5. fans - 3 pulling air in and 1 pulling air out
  7. Hoggie

    So recently I have been having issues with two of my graphics cards over heating. At first I thought the issue with was my GTX 1080 , so I started using my 970 until my replacement 1080 comes , for some reason now the 970 is now over heating and causing the displays to cut out and the fans in the PC to go full speed. Issue 1. - GPU over heats and gets boiling hot , for some reason the fans aren't working on the 970 after a few minutes of them working. Issue 2 - Display cuts out when I launch a game , probably due to issue 1 Current rig GTX 1080 (currenty have the 970 in , but still having the same issue. I7 8700k hydro h100i v2 watercooling 16 gb DDR4 ram at 3200 Mhz. MSI Z370-A Mobo Corsair 750w PSU Windows 10
  8. Hoggie

    Gl will play when Paul unbans me
  9. Well rip I guess see you all in 3 months , 3^ Ryno 3^ Lewis

    @Scott McTavish Keep up the good work man!

    1. Pricey


      James Hogg your like 19 now it’s time for you to stop roleplaying

    2. Hoggie


      Very true Owen Price, very true

  10. Hoggie

    In-game name: Hoggie Steam ID: 76561198182295777 Date of ban: 06/18/2018 Reason for ban: I typed the word ''spastic'' in side chat when I was using the word in side chat with context. I put something on the lines of ''How is it fair Ryno gets a 6 month ban for saying spastic when the word means ''someone that is stupid''. After typing this I was asked not to use the word again. After a period of time I then typed ''I don't understand how its fair people get banned for using the word spastic , when staff members use it and don't get into trouble''. I did intend to ***** the word out , but I was a little pissed at the time and forgot to do so. Staff member that banned you: McTavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: The ban was justified. I shouldn't have used the word ''spas*tic'' in side chat. My reason for using the word was because the word means someone is stupid. I didn't directly call anyone a spastic nor did I get involved with calling McTavish a fat cu*nt. I only complained in side chat because I felt the Ryno shouldn't have recieved such a harsh ban for his actions. Thinking back to the situaiton I was typing my responses very quickly and I completely forgot that I was asked to not use the word again. This was obviously my fault and I should have remembered that McTavish had asked me to not use the word. Why should we unban you? Since I have been unbanned I have tried my best to keep out of any trouble on the forum / TS / In game. I made a small mistake on the forum making a joke about another server, but I was only give a 30 hour ban. I did accidently break NLR in game , but that situation was resolved very quickly as I thought the NLR timer started from being downed , not when you get finished off. So to start off I do understand why I was banned. I shouldn't have used the word , because a staff member had asked me not to use it. It was my fault for not remembering that I had previously been asked to not use it. I have enjoyed my time back on Reborn and I have actually tried to show that I am reformed / different. Obviously I've made another mistake and have got myself back here again. I would say that I have been well behaved since getting unbanned. My reason for wanting to get unbanned is because I have a lot of friends that play on the server and I would like to continue playing with them. I have been a member of the commuity for 22 months now , it would be annoying that I would be unable to play on the server again. I understand I disgusting ban history , but I am trying to work on it and keep myself out of trouble. I have done a lot of good things for the community and I would like to continue helping it out. I would like to say I am genuinely sorry for causing another issue. I was intoxicated at the time and wasn't thinking straight , this obviously isn't an excuse for my actions. All I can say is I was stupid for forgetting something that a staff member had said to me. I hope I can get unbanned so I can continue being a member of this community. I understand that I haven't waited 3 months to appeal . I would like to say that I haven't caused any issues since being banned ( Ie Forum beef / TS beef etc). I understand I have had way to many chances , it was just my stupidity gettings the best of me. Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal. I do understand if you feel the need to deny it , if thats the case I guess best of luck with the community. edit - I did try resolving with Tavo but he was having none of it. https://gyazo.com/b665c47a6ddd47b8499af80748ebdb5b https://gyazo.com/33793d48b9afc9039ade47f88263d73f https://gyazo.com/6bb2732a712aa6e6acc901ce19063376
  11. Hoggie

    My man Timon
  12. Hoggie

    So much effort for something that isn't needed. If gang members are stealing from your gang crate, kick them out.
  13. Hoggie

    You make no sense mate. What im saying is there is no point going into the "rebel weapons" / "rebel clothing" store when your an advanced rebel.
  14. Suggestion To remove "rebel weapons" "rebel clothing" shop for advanced rebels. What this means is if you have purchased the advanced rebel licence, you will not have the option to go into rebel weapons / rebel clothing shop. Pretty much the advanced weapons / clothing shop is the same as the non advanced shop (apart from no 7.62's / carrier rigs). Wouldn't it make sense to not have the option to go into the normal rebel shop, when you can purchase all those items in the advanced shop.

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