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  1. Happy birthday you fucking druggo

  2. Hoggie

    Dead sfu
  3. Hoggie

    Our SFU was no restrictions, fight when you like. Only ask for permission to enter vamguard lands. They was the good old.days.
  4. Hoggie

    Reason why the old SFU was so good, very few restrictions. Could go to cap when you like as long as a DCOM was fine with it. Very few gun restrictions. Either way good luck with the gang , look forward to fighting you's at caps.
  5. Hoggie

    +1, would be nice to keep people alive just that little bit longer
  6. @Fuelany chance you can unblock me , so I can send you a PM, not able to come on TS (blocked on discord as well)

    1. Fuel


      unblocked but dont spam me with shit again.

    2. Jamz
  7. Hoggie

    No need to be rude sir, just talking about a suggestion on a suggestion a thread, on a roleplay forum... But yeah thanks for clearing up the rules on the rule.
  8. Hoggie

    The way I see it we fight an ifrit OG, he leaves and stores the vehicle before we can iniate. It won't be an issue if the combat continues outside the zone. Normally if people are running away, they're not gonna stop and shoot back.
  9. Hoggie

    @Fuelcan we make it that the conbat continues if you flee a capture area. The only condition is if your fleeing the zone, you cannot shoot into the zone (sniping in), your only allowed to shoot people that are following you out.
  10. Hoggie

    Killed a few cops all decamp around me , try rip someone out a hunter and get shot down the hill, fair play.
  11. Hoggie

    I don't see an issue with them either. TRU / High ranking cops can use them. Cops that don't get to use them, cam just lock pick a quilin or prowler and use it mid fight.
  12. Hoggie

    +1 from me but sadly this isn't going to happen, this is just gonna get locked and moved by Fuel.
  13. Hoggie

    Would be nice to see on it your K/F ratio, most ammount of money owned at one time, which gang your in etc
  14. Hoggie

    Would have beeb better if you made it into a decent minitage and took out all those clips with people being clueless / shooting hobo's, but yeah was alright

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