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  1. Now i'm not perm banned can someone please unban by forum / ts, ty

    - Hoggie

    1. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      no chance you will get unbanned from the forums!!!

  2. @Slice , It's 11am why are you chatting so much shit in the morning. Go back to bed.
  3. Would work fine. Just make them expensive as fuck. Just have some server rules when using it.
  4. ''I'd like to see you survive a week in a war with that attiude'' , you litterally don't make any sense. Can confirm that all the big rebel gangs think sniping in combat is cancerous. The police is the worse for sniping. You have the RPUK SFU squad that snipe you from every hill. I'm entitled to have an opinion on sniping. All the big servers that are doing well at the moment have removed sniper scopes or made the DMS / MOS the biggest scope avaliable. Can confirm from playing on ''other servers'' , combat is a lot more enjoyable when you don't have re*tards sitting 1.6k spamming left click. Aside from Roys pull down script and his sniping kills , its not a bad montage.
  5. +1 too removing anything that can shoot ground targets from the air.
  6. Sadly your boy @Fuel wont remove / nerf sniper scopes
  7. Roy your pull down is shit , might need to find a new one
  8. Use to have 130m btw
  9. Kids donate these for free, why pay so much for one?
  10. Not gonna drive a hemmit ammo im a gunfight. As explained by @Rage, it would be nice to see something that restores the vehicle ammo. Would work the same a toolkit, but would only refill the ammo / smokes in vehicles.
  11. I would like to see more gun being buyable in the rebel outpost shop. I adding more weapon varients would make combat on reborn more enjoyable (not saying its not fun) For the following weapons I will suggest why they should be added. How much they should cost and why they're not OP. MXSW 100 roumd mags - Increase the price of the SW to £375,000 - Make each mag cost around £25,000 - This would make the loadout cost the same / a little more than MK1 loadout. - 100 round mags are not OP. Most DIU members in police use them and I wouldn't say it helps them out that much. 100 round mags are good for shooting out ifrit tires and also holding down a compound MAR 10 / Cyrus - 3m or 4m to buy - 50k per mag - Silencer should be 250k. - Weapon should be added to rebel as cops / vangaurd get them. Due to the weapon being so expensive, I think the weapon will be rarely purchased. The weapons are quite OP tbh, I thi k a high price would balance it out , as few people will buy them. MK200 - 600k for the gun - 50k per mag - Would be nice to see people use the MK200 in game. Pretty much everyone only uses the MK1, so It would be cool to see someone use something new. ASP - 600k for the gun - 40k per mag - Weapon is good in CQC but shit for everything else. LIM / Spar 16s - 400k - 50k a mag - 5.56 weapon, good for pinning people down , but isn't great when fighting against a MK1 / MK18. @Fuel, please let people discuss this prior to it being insta denied for being "too OP" etc
  12. Can we get something in the rebel outpost market, that refills the ammo in vehicles? This would be used so you can refill your ifrits smoke / refill your ammo in your 50 cal. - These should cost around £30,000. - Take the same time as a repair kit to refill.
  13. Kappa reborn is a non toxic community, I wish you luck in your unban appeal. K-V 2018 - 2018 RIP
  14. In-game name: Hoggie Name of the player(s) you are reporting: DanielW Date of the incident: 03/18/2018 Time of the incident: Around 7:30 pm What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwV9jA_JRoY&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: Was sitting on a hill waiting to anti fed the APD. I noticed the first truck had left , so I knew we was clear to drive down and go iniate. Once I pulled up near the truck , I was shot out of my Quilin , even though we hadn't iniated yet. I gave Daniel 2 restarts to send me the agreed compensation , but he never did. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  15. How is it a mistake on the rebels side? When the connection on the server is taking a shit , there's a high chance that somethings going to randomly blow up. Just did a bank where one of the domes blew up , even though no one drove the ifrit anywhere close to ramming the suv.

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