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  1. Hoggie

    All I can say is don't montage clips of you shooting people in the back , tazing people with a weapon that one shots , shooting hobos.
  2. Hoggie

    Its a bug and has been fixed, will be out in the next update.
  3. Hoggie

    Which wont happpen, but either way would be better than some roleplay rebel faction.
  4. Hoggie

    Syndicate from a rebel point of view worked out well. Syndicate hate two groups in it, one of them was more for RP and the other group was more for combat. The RP group would be spending time in greenzone / checkpoint roleplay with cops and civs. The combat group would go around making money from people by taxing / killing / taking hostages. A rebel faction needs two groups to work. If one is purely a roleplay group, they would get baited and robbed 24/7. If one was just for combat, people would cry about roleplay.
  5. Hoggie

    Honestly I don't think that is going to work. Rebel factions just don't work out very well as the decrease the amount of civ / rebel groups on the server. I honestly think a powerful bluefor faction would work out better. As long as its not a GTA NATO clone. A bluefor faction like NATO would work out well for the server. It would actually give police a chance to win in a gunfight.
  6. Hoggie

    +1 I've always found reborn has the most enjoyable combat due to the cheap loadouts and cheapish vehicle prices. I would enjoy having a rebel vs rebel gunfight because you would normally be pushed by 1 / 2 ifrits and a few quilins. Last time MRAP / Quilin prices got increased, rebel life started to die as people didn't fight as often.
  7. Hoggie

    Remove the whitelisted rebel faction and add in a decent bluefor faction. Something like NATO that isn't NATO.
  8. Hoggie

    McTavish when he catches you breaking NLR
  9. Hoggie

    What a shit gang hahahaha
  10. Hoggie

    when you come of age in like 6 years , what you gonna do for a job sir?
  11. Hoggie

    6.70 atm yeah , litterally spend all my time standing in the kitchen watching the world cup
  12. Hoggie

    Yes child , yes I do. Easiest job of my life until I go Uni in 10 weeks,
  13. Hoggie

    Not from what i've heard sir, but fair enough
  14. Hoggie

    Webel wep
  15. Hoggie

    You missed out one sentance. "This man works at KFC and will probably be found there"

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