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  1. Item: Hunter Proof : N/A atm Buy now price: 6mill Starting bid:3mil Minimum bid increment: 150k End date: in 13/01 or sooner
  2. Now i'm not perm banned can someone please unban by forum / ts, ty

    - Hoggie

  3. Holy shit! It's Hoggie! I'm not sure about this anymore :o

    1. Oden
    2. Oden


      haha! It's more difficult to get banned than you think/ Even when you try your best ;)  xD 

  4. Shipman ain't happy lad 

    1. Lemmen


      @LastNickLeft that sounds great though

  5. Good attempt, Hoggie!


  6. After review of your profile and history, congratulations. You posted the most :poop: on the forums and average a poop emoji 2.3 per day.

    Here is your reward:

    Image result for giant poop emoji


    1. Thesoldier


      Banter pls no report 

    2. Thesoldier


      Fuck guess I gotta ban myself, post an appeal, and accept it. Shtttt

  7. Stop being a little troll and placing the "Turd" emoji on all my posts.

    1. Dylan Soutar

      Dylan Soutar

      Not one single bit is "cringey" you're deliberately pissing people off, there is no real reason to "dislike" a post repetitively 

  8. Aren't you meant to be on holiday? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pricey


      Ok James Hogg sir 

    3. Dirt block in my ass

      Dirt block in my ass

      Who the fuck are you Price <inappropriate1>

    4. Pricey


      Daddy vladics son what about you 

  9. Hi buddy!

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    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Pretty sure I'm total hobo in here atm. Had huron and shit long time ago. @Riku is here aswell!

    3. Riku
    4. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Not sure yet, Riku made some kind of gang post a moment ago

  10. What you guys get we don't ? Or is there guide I can look st 

    1. Proxy


      Enf? Rest is just candy 

      Plus weapons not even expensive here 

  11. Happy birthday hobo

  12. Happy Birthday dude! get trashed tonight m8

  13. Neo

    Happy Legal Alcohol Day!

  14. Happy birthday mate!

  15. I don't really know you that much but you seem nice and a good roleplayer in game, Happy Birthday dude. :)

    1. SimplyAlyx


      No problem mate. My in-game name is Alex, just left the police and really want to prove myself to Syndicate. I'd love to do some runs or hostage situations sometime with ya. :)

    2. SimplyAlyx


      I spoke to a nice MAJ before called "Ryan". He's pretty sound. If I were to message you now would you be free? :) 

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