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  1. KingOfNeptune

    Good Luck
  2. Happy BirthDay Ben :D

  3. KingOfNeptune

    https://pastebin.com/p5afggH5 ur pastebin says it all
  4. KingOfNeptune

    So ur reporting us for the power abuse , then u call cazual toxic , while u were giving us the shittiest attitude , and trolling ....
  5. KingOfNeptune

    there is a direct message tab in the forums , and my browser is always opened at the forums and never close it and https://discord.gg/b2ApTJS ( Discord Link ) and my Discord tag KingOfNeptune#2104
  6. KingOfNeptune

    ans u just went to put up a report as u do with everyone else , which clearly states that ur trying to get us in trouble without understanding what u did is wrong
  7. KingOfNeptune

    and ur still going around and not giving me an answer he moved u out because u joined back after he already answered u
  8. KingOfNeptune

    and u should go to a staff lead ( Again ) if u have an issue with a staff member , u could've contacted me , cazual , jonny to try resolve it which u didn't and u didn't make an attempt to understand what are we telling u , u just did what u want , and that's not how it goes
  9. KingOfNeptune

    Ur making me repeat my self , cazual told u to stay in the channel u didn't , and i did u still didn't listen and now u wanted to get jonny blitz at the same time , while ur lying now becuase u told me i need miller to whitelist me , and honestly i dont know why was jonny reported , u posted a vacation post and he did his job
  10. KingOfNeptune

    @Simon Viklundi was moving u in to talk to u then u kept leaving my help room channel to join the support channel while i told u what do u want him for u said mcmiller is gonna get me my Medic's whitelisting , i told u CST+ is suppose to do that , then u managed to leave , @Cazual4d told me u were trolling and did that couple of times so i did ban u for 2 hours and u should stay in one of the help rooms when waiting for admins with ur his name beside urs and u still decided to not listening to us and then any issue with support members u should go to a staff lead and no u didn't
  11. KingOfNeptune

    @Brian O'Conner VS @J.Ghost LMAO
  12. KingOfNeptune

    the admin wont tell a community support to tell the person something that they're not sure about or happened , and other than that why would an admin waste his time telling u off on something u didn't do
  13. KingOfNeptune

    First of all , admins when they ban someone they put their name in the ban , and admins aren't against the people in the community they try to teach them what is the right thing , and as @Jamz said above he is not gonna keep the video because it takes alot space and wastes time Cutting , Editing , and rendering , and i dont think anybody receives admin is untrusted , so they dont have to record every single thing and remember they are humans and they can make mistakes , and there is no evidence needed ( or suppose ) to prove that the admins are right

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