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  1. Accepted Player Comped 1700k Collect it by going on your phone -> settings -> compensation to claim your compensation Player Comped and Request Closed.
    1. Skep



    2. Banjo_Jo


      Is this how to Kamikaze people without getting visa revoked from the Island? lol

    3. GDUKOfficial


      I just posted this comment to edit it, because it's fun to see the little edit arrow

  2. KingOfNeptune


    Accepted Player Comped 150k Collect it by going on your phone -> settings -> compensation to claim your compensation Player Comped and Request Closed.
  3. YO BROOO Happy Birthday

    1. Brian O'Conner

      Brian O'Conner

      Thank you very much good sir

  4. i don't understand the fact that u wre shooting at the heli then when u take it down u ask for it to get removed i don't see how is that my fault that u killed the heli and u was shooting at it in the intentions of taking it down and then u report me for parachuting out of it because u shot at it after u asking me for a proof after 2 hours from the situation happened , i don't get whats ur point and u reporting me and going through it makes literally no sense becasue u were shooting at it in intentions of shooting it down ??? if u actually wantedf to crush it u could've waited for me to land and then crushed it , but instead u was shooting at it then when u kill the engine u complain about me parachuting out but u clearly wanted to kill me and just dsiable the heli and when u didn't kill me u managed to report me for that and even if i was lying and the engine wasn't shot u were just gonna continue shooting till u take the heli down i don't get ut point
  5. https://gyazo.com/834f11e30b45aa40aba27074155a20fb then how is that my fault if u messaged me later and asked me for proof
  6. u asked for proof after 2 hours , and u killed my engine aswell i don't get after u spoke to me u thought it was alright and u still managed to report me , so clearly u want me to sit in teh hummingbird and die with it u didn't try to resolve at the same time u asked me for proof after 2 hours andu clearly lost eyes on me for a good time so ur telling me everyone parachutes out of a stolen humming bird combat stored it
  7. Happy Birthday ego head

  8. Happy Birthday , u are 30 years old and still a hobo :D

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