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  1. To be honest I think it would be great training for PCSO's to ride co-pilot in the Hellcat marking people on the map or even being a sniper buddy and giving them a pair of range finders to mark targets. I can understand why you wouldn't want them to be in the vanguard but you can easily assign them other roles during the operation. Not only would this introduce them to operations in a slightly safer way but would also give them good experience with operation comms so they know what to expect once they graduate.
  2. Have to agree with both statements. In reality, why wouldn't either faction be able to use civilian shops? - Would like to see this added.
  3. Syndicate tags please DONE
  4. So life in the Syndicate it is then. Good times are approaching :D

    1. Matty D

      Matty D

      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo plz dont

    2. Papa Hedge

      Papa Hedge

      Sorry bud, already got my pin-striped trousers :ph34r:

  5. maybe in the new year.
  6. #FeelsGoodMan
  7. For those of you who are racers... http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/computer-accessories/game-controllers-and-joysticks/logitech-driving-force-g29-racing-wheel-pedals-10135572-pdt.html
  8. Oh...i totally missunderstood what you wrote. Herp-a-derp!
  9. I didn't think NLR applied if you were revived and hadn't respawned.
  10. what the fuck?!
  11. Just a couple of things for Pyrgos; 1) The Po-po station is wrongly named 2) There appears to be no garage for storing / retrieving vehicles Also on a side note - The car alarms beeps when you unlock but not when you lock.
  12. I haven't been back on since, I'll give it a go later today. EDIT: Still happens with the same error code.
  13. no worries

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