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  1. nah lad i drove to agios didnt realise u were still following and only shot cos u tried to vdm me it was a diff situation and your guys started shooting at them aswell thats why they got railed not happening u wouldnt have got it anyway haahah and dunno about you but i dont have enough cash to comp for that considering you guys broke rules aswell i dont understand why your pushing this so much i was in the wrong for attempting to shoot at one of u guys thats it but that was after the hunter was stored etc
  2. regardless of the fact that anyone broke rules when the hunter had gone to an atm he had no money from selling gold we were in a gf with a different gang at the gold buyer where 4 of us had died to a different gang the hunter just lef the sit to keep the hunter while they took the gold and if you listen in at 15 mins and 15 secs you can actually here them talking about the gold and how they had just stored 800k i believe , in the middle of this ( gunfight ) as mcmiller had said it was accidental ATTEMPTED RDM as we thought they were the previous gang involved i am happy to compensate the loadout of the guy in the heli , however i am not compensating for the fact that the quillin had tryied to vdm so if i can get the name of the individual in the heli il be happy to compensate him for his loadout.
  3. ryank

    RyanK Report

    Ahaha you get bullied so much ,low life <inappropriate2> C|_|nt Do everyone on the server a favour and grow the fuck up ur crying cos i called u a <inappropriate1> , maybe u just can't handle the truth , you left us when we were trying to resolve something that u fucked up on your gang rdmed us two minutes before hand and u leave the teamspeak while we are trying to resolve , u haven't tried to resolve and lewy will back that up that we tried to ask you to come back and u told me to suck your dick ,low life
  4. ryank


    In-game Name: ryank Steam ID: 76561198326786914 Date of the incident: 10/28/2017 Time of the incident: 3;31 and 4;30 Link to player report: n/a hacker Lost Items and Estimated Value: mk1 loadouts x2 and clothes and mags Please provide as much detail as possible: killed by hackers 2 times both times i had mk1 loadouts both within an hour of each other Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/e1484986761f9427270314c35dcfbbbc https://gyazo.com/564aac2b9fd149557368240aadb91f43 https://gyazo.com/8d49da0c1c34c421a2a2d104370d5de4
  5. ryank

    hacker comp

    lost total mk1 with suppressor and mrco then clothes and mags etc totals roughly 100k (dms in backpack aswell) https://gyazo.com/7b31678d14769029c6a4a2e53acc9e3d https://gyazo.com/0859ca9fd9819f05325d23ebce778486
  6. ryank

    i | Immunity

    In game name:ryank Age:18 Bank account balance:3.8mill Previous gangs: vertigo 39th matalan mandem Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/abb5b5eebb99d32cfdaddc0e376afd8a Why do you want to join Immunity? yous are a good group of guys and im looking to get back to playing properly, looking for a gang who knows what they are doing to have some fun with. Can any members vouch for you?
  7. ryank

    ryank Report

    said to you i would be happy to comp you if you could prove you had an mxsw in your back pack, if you can show me sufficient evidence then i will be happy too mate
  8. ryank

    ryank Report

    I feel it wasn't the best but it was perfectly acceptable for someone who is shi* talking us in game not much point in us giving effort if you are not going to do the same we were standing there for at least 5 mins before i decided to shoot.
  9. ryank

    ryank Report

    Imo i gave you fair initiation i told you twice to get off the go kart or you would be shot and you decide to book it off road showing me that you were not going to comply , you also failed to mention we were having a laugh with you saying if you don't give us keys to one of these go karts we will scrap it , end of the day i said what i said , i have heard the exact same initiation by you to cops and you don't say anything about it i understand that it was poor rp but in all honesty your in a moving vehicle you are not going to here a long paragraph . we said to you to leave and we were not enjoying your company cos you were shit talking us , lets just leave it to an admin to decide. i can understand you being upset over losing a go kart and some overalls , i am really sorry.
  10. In-game name: ryank Name of the player(s) you are reporting: "Obesewhale" Date of the incident: 07/13/17 Time of the incident: 23:00 What rule do you believe was broken: rdm/failrp Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/Y4HoGxq8XzQ Describe the incident: basically ill let the vid do the talking but i showed up at rebel then get told to get out the car or id be shot , i complied with everything he said and he still shot me with no roleplay or any valid reason / then asked him to go to ts where he says i dont care report me i have heard your gang are <inappropriate1>s / i have been rdming people for the last month now so i dont care or something along those lines . sanders i believe has the recordings of that /audio file Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. been offered 4.5 by fury

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