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  1. Looking to buy MAR-10's and MAR-10 mags

  2. so then you can figure out if you want to go fight them at cap zones cause you now know how many people they have on?
  3. -1 This can easily be used as a way to metagame if you want to fight a gang or not.
  4. Thanks even tho i only get kills when i snipe
  5. Name: Omligon Age : 23 Hours on Arma ( Screenshot required ) : 3k (cba to get a sc, believe me i am not proud of it) Bank balance ( Screenshot required) : 5m Fluent English ( Yes/No ) : Yes Previous gangs : Countless gangs, police, syndicate, that other whitelisted rebel faction that's been here idr the name Can anyone vouch for you : Idk? Discord? : Omligon#6003
  6. not an admins call i believe. Got to be staff lead or management
  7. As i rarely play anymore i'd love to donate it to you
  8. @HarryUKI'd be willing to donate my blackfish to you if one of the admins/management guys would transfer it. Then you dont have to worry about people stealing and cutting it
  9. Ingame Name: Omligon Ingame Hours: too many like 3k? Ingame Money: 5 mill ish Left cops, need a gang
  10. Omligon

    NCA Hunter

    @Tommy CPeople like him is the reason poor shits like you can play here Making fun of others generosity smh
  11. Anyone playin Apex ranked?

    1. Lee


      elite queue strictly 

    2. Omligon


      Elite isnt a thing anymore, so i guess, no you dont?


    3. Lee


      dead game

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