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  1. i do what i want nerd
  2. @^AndreW
  3. hella sick. yous selling it? i offer 1 bronze pickaxe
  4. how much did he pay you for a bump
  5. Denied. Without someone to vouch you are gonna have a hard time joining this gang.
  6. nah think you got the wrong guy soz
  7. I spent about 6 months in the police and the only time i acutally saw someone patrol on the water was when very.. special people did very special things with Preacher and Caaam, the unit is about as useless as DIU aka btec SFU.
  8. Great original song! /s
  9. @Scott McTavish

    yes it acutally does, some transparency please lol - stop hiding shit if your admin fucked up then just say that and its over with dont lock status updates and remove threads lol

    Edited by Je baited
    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Je baited

      Je baited

      I am trying to make something out of this because it is a legitimate issue that has happend more then once in a short time. Either way it is clear to me i am not going to get the response i am looking for in a public status update. 

      As for the question is this something you feel comfortable answering or would you prefer i ask someone else?

    3. Rambo


      Our admin didn’t fuck up we just don’t feel we should have to list every word the community can and cannot say usually it’s common sense which some people haven’t got. I hid the thread sorted the issue out and messaged clixy and also told you to ask him why yet your continuing to cause shit, just put a sock in it and shut up for once.

    4. Je baited

      Je baited

      This is kinda in the past but again i was not trying to cause shit just bring up something i considered a issue. I got my question answered and no you don't need to list every word but said word is commonly used and therefore a lot of people assumed it was okay to say it. as for putting a sock in it... settle down rambo

  10. what was the reason for deleting clixys post? it was legit lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Je baited

      Je baited

      him being told off and threatened to get banned for using the word "mongoloid"

    3. JuicyAZ
    4. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Doesnt concern you thanks

  11. gj nerd. some clips are like 10 months old tho lolol
  12. ahahaha was hoping this video would go down the drain never to be seen again. fuck that clip l0l
  13. shut up lol
  14. @Crumbs this somehow reminds me of you not sure why

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