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  1. paradox

    ..oh boi oh boi..
  2. add me on steam my username is Toxic

    1. PurpTek676


      You know how many toxics they are in 1 cs game nevermind steam :D

    2. paradox
  3. My cooling died but I  should be able to get New one tomorrow

    Coz i cant use My pc i use this way to inform you

  4. paradox

    Why he has to message both?
  5. Still today I remember my father, it was long ago
    When he put me in his lap at the stadium
    There I heard for the first time
    I love you, Croatia
    Since then I know the answer to this question. 

  6. lets get that gold bois CROATIAAAAAA

    1. clamface


      can someone just ban this guy from the forums ty 

    2. paradox


      If u dont like it u do not have to read or comment buddy. Have a nice day, if u like stay tuned for more info at Sunday.

    3. Adam Last

      Adam Last

      Fall down a single stair and not die.

  7. C R O A T I A 

    1. Epic


      ok you've posted about 10 of those we get it

    2. paradox


      If you dont like it no need to read or comment. Cheers 


  8. proud croatian as allways but now CROATIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



  11. croatiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Croatiaaaaaaaa

  13. paradox

    Croatia easy
  14. paradox


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