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    Thomas Shelby

    In-game name: Thomas Shelby Steam ID: 76561198103593693 Date of ban: 12/22/2017 Staff member that banned you: Lee Reason for ban: Friends were passenger seating and RDMing and I got banned for that Why do you think you were banned: I got banned because I was in the car whilst my friends that had already been banned were passenger seating and messing about in-game.. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my ban was unjustified. I believe this because I myself did not break any rules. I know my friends were breaking rules and yes I didn't stop them but I did not break any rules and there was actually no valid evidence that I done anything against the rules. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I was not breaking rules for a reason. I love this server and its the only server I ever play on Arma, whenever I do play. If unbanned you will not be seeing me playing with those friends again. Sorry for anyone's time my friends ruined but I have done nothing and I believe i was banned for simply being with the people in the vehicle that were passenger seating. I have learnt my lesson and next time I will make sure to tell them to stop it. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Nooooope Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  2. There is 0 evidence that it is me in this video (which it wasn't).. and the one that it actually was has been banned already and dealt with.
  3. Arthur Shelby is the one that passenger seated and abused you verbally, he has been banned.
  4. The two people that broke these rules are already banned meaning this is kinda already dealt with, please close.
  5. Not going to lie, but you just started your sentence with not going to lie then proceeded to lie within the sentence. And please be careful when using the term 'you' as I have not done any of this and have only been accused, ty.
  6. 16 second video missing out the points where you spoke out of roleplay and rdm'd my friend in greenzone. Also the report is invalid as it was not one of the two people you reported that VDM'd.
  7. Brandon27

    Capture Areas

    +1 good idea, will stop bugs also..
  8. Stalker mutch?Screenshot_20171023-115417.thumb.png.cf1cf27363f806272433c1815d058fe8.png

    1. Brandon27


      Spammed the wrong person... Could have just messaged me about it lmao 

    2. Sanik


      Lol cheers for the rep i guess

    3. Brandon27
  9. Brandon27

    p | Brandon

    In-game Name: p | Brandon Steam ID: 76561198103593693 Date of the incident: 21/10/17 - (I think) Time of the incident: Not sure Link to player report: - Lost Items and Estimated Value: Thorium truck run with processed thorium inside - Not sure of value Two loadouts - MK-1 with MXSW in backpack + 70k for uniform, vest + backpack, etc = ? Not sure on prices Katiba + silencer + 70k for uniform, vest + backpack, etc = 300kish? Please provide as much detail as possible: - The server has been lagging out recently and I've died much more times than just twice however I don't have it on record.. We were going to advanced so my friend could buy the license and then server lagged out and we died. We were doing a thorium truck and the server went down again meaning I lost the run and my loadout. Any Evidence Available: I don't have any evidence of what I had on me but you can see I was geared In both of these + you can see that I was going towards the vanguard dealer when In the truck. As you probably know the server has been randomly going down maybe getting ddosed recently and this is all the evidence I have. Ignore the scream lmao
  10. It wasn't Brandon when I was in LN, I can't really remember It could have been so many things. I remember being called Gucci at one point or Marleeeeee actually.
  11. No but I've played with you in Black Mamba's when entropy was around. I was in LN.
  12. In-game name : Brandon Hours on arma: SCREENSHOT Role-play skill: Out of 10 I would rate myself an 8. About you: I have come from another community and Im fairly new to reborn. I have gotten myself to the point where I can just go around and enjoy myself. I have advanced, Im experienced with servers such as this one as all my hours are on role-play servers. I know what I'm doing in combat situations as I'm experienced on role-play already and I play a ton of A&D. I like to have a laugh whilst keeping good communications at the right time. I'm an experienced, mature individual that is willing to join any decent gang. What sort of gang are you interested in?: Im interested in an active gang which know what they're doing during combat situations and have good communications. They must be able to have a laugh and whilst being mature. Combat level? 8 out of 10. Strengths? I would say I'm good at decamping, driving MRAPS, Flying. close quarter combat, mid range combat and communications. Licenses? I'd say I have all required licenses to join a gang. I have normal rebel, advanced, drug training's, pilot and more. Bank account? Around 5 million, that is with 2 ifrits already purchased, trucks and more. If you're looking for members please notify me through the comment section also, I'm not active on the server at the moment as I have no gang to roll round with.

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