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  1. Last day before the support apps are closed. Get them in https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/12-community-support-application/

  2. vlTcXxs.png

    This made the cut because of you!

  3. Nice song profile. It gets worse every week I swear...

    1. Jordd


      The funny thing is you choose these thinking I'm going to hate them but they get better every time 💋 X 

    2. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      i cant find a song you hate i swear!

  4. You shouldn't even be on the forums as far as I'm aware, I feel like if I unban you now you won't learn what you have done wrong...... But I will unban you and give you another chance. Unbanned
  5. Community support apps are open, get the apps in. 

    1. Fabian


      Does age have a lot to say, just wondering as many communities has 18+ to be able to become one.

    2. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Doesn't really no, as long as you are mature.... Age doesn't matter 

    3. Bumbaclart69


      To be completely honest, if anyone can get an application in then do so. Being a community support comes with reasonable responsibility but also fun opportunities that others may miss out on. - Lee 2k18.

  6. You can wait out your ban, your ban history is shocking maybe you will think twice before you do something like this again. We do not take being toxic here lightly and what you put in side chat is was disgusting! This is your last chance mess up like this again and you will not be coming back. Denied.
  7. Denied You can wait out your ban and maybe next time you won't do it again.
  8. @PaulS
  9. Good luck enjoy yourself
  10. Ban is over now
  11. kam

    Moved to permanent ban appeal
  12. Well that's what I think. Same as vanguard. Both factions should be feared to some extent and both be able to get things rebels can't
  13. But shouldn't cops be feared in this way? Get in a fight with cops and these get pulled out Says at top. 48 hours
  14. Bit harsh. But they do care, they aren't here for guns fights but get forced in to them they just lose pretty much every time due to people having csats. Just look at the poll they clearly aren't wanted by most people. They are to OP and you know it.
  15. Better. Lower ranks with smaller guns will get more kills Not all of them get in. And plus not everyone is here just for gun fights the whole time. They are to OP if you don't have them on it's as simple as that.

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