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  1. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Legal Weapons

    Any more questions just come to TS and join the support room. Someone will help you
  2. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Legal Weapons

    Yeah only hand pistols are legal
  3. No thanks. People abuse it way too much! Just join police of you wanna catch people like that
  4. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Respawn Question

    So you are now moaning that you are banned for calling the server shit? What did you think was going to happen? It's an auto ban so whoever types that out gets banned.
  5. Pawnee PvP Event This Friday - 12th The event will be over salt flats ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1st place wins 4mill 2nd place wins 2mill 3rd place 1mill ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You get 5000 rounds per Pawnee There will be trucks in Kavala square around 8:30 to pick everyone up. Rules: No trolling at the event (may result in ban) Listen to the admins you get 1 warning you fail to listen you will be removed from the event No leaving the salt flats once the event has started No teaming There will be ammo trucks around if you wish to rearm the Pawnee No shooting the rockets, you do this you will be kicked from the server ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You will be revived once downed and teleported to the middle to watch the rest of the event Winner gets the Event Winner tag on TeamSpeak
  6. The stop assuming things was aimed at him saying about more people have most likely been banned
  7. I know mate I could see the log when you got kicked for it
  8. Stop just assuming things... Well infi star picked it up so yeah something did try to access the arsenal. Like Flix said it's being looking in to.
  9. @BigBadMikeyRjust fill this out mate. I don't think you sent it last time. Your account is fully set up if you can post anything on the fourms. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/2-police-application/
  10. I miss this! Used to have some funny events on it as well
  11. They are not a KOS zone at all. And if you are getting RDMed @PiggyWaterreport them as they can't just shoot anyone in the area
  12. Happy birthday buddy. Hope you have a good dayย 

    1. Paul D

      Paul D

      Thanks Dad x

  13. Yep +1 this is a good idea Paul. I prefer this to than having only on set times of the day
  14. Thing is people moaned like mad when BW was winning wanting them to count as half a point and now a gang is winning people still moaning about it all. But what if these people can't play at night? How is it fair for them when they try and get on the leader board??

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