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  1. Thank you mate. But don't think it's gonna happen I've only just got lead anyway
  2. Haha why?
  3. Hear this all the time. It was ok to do on another server... but that doesn't make it right on this one. Just because you don't know a rule doesn't mean you can ruin it for everyone else. You are unbanned don't want to hear you saying it again. And go read the rules as well please
  4. I don't play as police how can I arrest you plus that completely irrelevant. You broke a rule you got banned. We going to argue about this or are you going to say sorry and behave yourself if I unban you?
  5. Well you was on Kav bridge with someone else who kept saying it I said to both of you stop saying it.... 2 minutes later you're running up the road shouting the N word on repeat. Ok maybe you didn't hear me but how can anyone still think this is acceptable behaviour?
  6. You ran from Kav bridge all the way to the car shop nearly saying the N word the whole time. Even after I had warned you and someone else who has been saying it.
  7. Yeah I agree admins maybe. But I get messages so many times when I'm on TS and more than half when I reply has a auto message.... there's no need to have one. They probably get messaged once or twice a day or not even that
  8. Yep I agree ban them dam auto messages. You don't need them ever
  9. Not long until the community support applications will be closed. Who ever hasn't applied please feel free to do so. 

    1. majed


      Thanks for the Information wilma 

    2. Clixy


      Good luck Majed!

  10. Ok I will unban you but next time a admin pulls you to one side after they have caught you breaking a rule don't be so toxic. What you said to me is so disrespectful. Behave yourself this time around. Unbanned
  11. Being toxic towards staff and not stopping when givin the chance to do so. So we banned you. And the fact you said Why do you think you were banned: Being hilarious isnt funny at all its a 24 hour ban have to wait it out im afraid just next time a admin tells you to stop being toxic please do so. Denied
  12. So you think it was acceptable to talk to me in the way you did and what you called me? You was the one who broke a rule and abused me for catching you?!?! I was going to let you off if wasn't so toxic towards me, i pulled you to one side and all you did was abuse me for no reason at all. So why should i unban you?
  13. compensated
  14. @Kierann yeah it is as far as I know. I haven't had a message to tell me done or a message from him. @Joshua Johnson?
  15. You wasn't just flipping cars anywhere you was doing on Kav bridge making them blow up. If I a unban you will you do it again? Or you going to behave your self this time?

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