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  1. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Haha brilliant!
  2. Wilma Fingerdoo

    You don't have the right to kill an RDMer what so ever like that, police should never execute as you know as well, you had him in handcuffs he was no threat to you anymore just put him in jail there was really no need to kill him. You are an EX admin you know all the rules and how things work here. And as for chatting with you about this situation I don't feel there was any need and it is a clear rule break and you knew exactly what you were doing. Next time just report it to the admins and we can deal with it how we feel is necessary. Denied
  3. Wilma Fingerdoo

    76561198153837087 - This is your steam ID Moved to Perm Unban appeal
  4. Wilma Fingerdoo

    When you say "I inadvertently touched the crowd of people" is a total lie, why would you mount a path unless its to hit a load of people, and you never hit me I see you doing it a few minutes beforehand so i was just waiting for you to come back and do it again and you did! So you 100% had intentions of doing this sort of activity. When I deleted your car and questioned you about this you didn't once say I didn't mean to, you were more concerned about where your car was and when I said it was gone and asked you again why you have done it you replied with "it's a green zone it doesn't matter" You did break rules unlike what you said in your unban appeal. Next time don't lie. Denied
  5. Wilma Fingerdoo

    This person is already perm banned for mass RDM and his friend. Thanks for taking the time to report if you lost anything please put up a compensation request.
  6. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Welcome mate enjoy yourself.
  7. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Thank you sir 😁 and you are welcome
  8. Wilma Fingerdoo

  9. Happy birthday mate

  10. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Glad you are having fun mate
  11. Wilma Fingerdoo

    He really didn't want you to kill him. He didn't even get a chance to reply to you when you spoke to him. Next time speak to them don't just shoot. It's a role play server Unbanned
  12. Wilma Fingerdoo

    To the admin who deals with this they did speak i was in the channel
  13. Wilma Fingerdoo

  14. Wilma Fingerdoo

    you said "so how does it feel like being part of a pig" then shot him even though he had just had a car crash and was downed on the floor, you had no reason to shoot him what so ever. Also he never said anything like that, you didn't give him a chance to even reply. 1 week bans are appealable after 48 hours Denied
  15. Using the jump script to jump through/over a wall that is way to big for you to be able to get over normally is exploiting and falls under the rule 8.2. - Exploiting - If you find any sort of in-game exploit, you are to immediately inform a member of staff, do not post it on the forum. If you are caught abusing any form of exploit you will be treated the same as a cheater or hacker (an exploit is using any feature in a way it was not intended, this includes bugs, glitches etc etc).
    Some examples:

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. OwenB


      Did my status update get removed? What an egghead

    3. Thesoldier


      You know I’m not arguing or trying to stir the pot, but there are mods that allow you to climb over said wall in fact I’m pretty sure noms is putting it into AL+ mod.

      As far as “realism” you can climb a 6 to 8 foot wall with equipment. I wear about 30 lbs of shit and I’ve climbed chain link fences and high wooden/PVC fences as well.


    4. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      But yes you can "climb" over a wall... this has nothing to do with climbing, its the jumping over a wall thats taller than you in a like 1 second or less to kill someone. Yes noms is putting something like that in place for reborn + which will be very different. All this jumping over a wall was spoken about in a staff chat so I posted it on here. 

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