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  1. Community support apps open. apply if you haven't already 


  2. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Denied fill out the link above
  3. Wilma Fingerdoo

    will be added to his ban notes as he is already perm banned
  4. Happy birthday. Have a good day 

    1. Neo


      Thank's Wilma!

  5. Wilma Fingerdoo

    You should have just taken the 24-hour ban I issued you, but no you couldn't let it go you had to come to TS and argue with me and when I said you're not getting unbanned, you then proceeded to get angry and wanted to talk it higher to report me.... So I went to get someone higher they see how toxic you were towards me so it was upped to a perm ban. If you get banned again please don't go down the same road and be rude to a member of staff or anyone from this community for that matter. Unbanned
  6. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Yep really nice guy..... Always funny to listen to in game and always seems to get his heli stolen by some hobo
  7. Happy birthday you hobo. Have a good day 

  8. Wilma Fingerdoo

  9. Wilma Fingerdoo

    So what him and his crew done is acceptable then yes? Even to attack Connor which was like 3 on 1? Don't be silly.... Words don't warrant violence like tbat! So just because he apparently said this is worth him getting attacked? But why did Connor attack the bus??? Oh yeaaahhh because khabib attacked one his friends!
  10. Wilma Fingerdoo

    No respect for that guy! Jumping over and starting fights.... hopefully he gets his belt taken away from him. Doesn't deserve it after what him and his crew done
  11. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Haha this was so funny! Dam you Bassie will get you next time
  12. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Unbanned, Now you know its an exploit I don't wanna see you doing it again
  13. Wilma Fingerdoo

    -1 people pulling out the wrong cars and they won't move it so it will be blocking the spawn point for 1 minute. It's annoying enough when someone takes to long to get in a vehicle let alone someone blocking it for longer as they refuse to move it and then move it back after 1 minute after the cool down
  14. Wilma Fingerdoo

    No I'm definitely not...
  15. Wilma Fingerdoo

    I will pass thanks sir

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