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  1. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Thing is this isn't your 1st ban for being toxic, you should have learned by now. But "i assumed the guy who i said it too wouldn't take offence" even still this isn't allowed here you know this. I will lower your ban to 48 hours from now, Hopefully you learn from this mistake
  2. Wilma Fingerdoo

    They look good mate
  3. Wilma Fingerdoo

  4. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Well you crashed your helicopter in to a car in Kavala which wasn't an accident. Then I see you in a hemmet box crashing in to parked car outside the casino which you also meant to do. You hit it and just carried on going until it blew the car up. I was going to speak to you about the heli crash but I was busy in game dealing with someone else then I see you in that hemmet do that so I permed you for mass VDM. Looked to me like you were only here to troll and mess around by breaking rules
  5. Wilma Fingerdoo

    You clearly never change... Here is the video to prove you're lying as well - Denied
  6. Wilma Fingerdoo

    None of that is true, you got banned for Poor RP which was a 24-hour ban for shouting "get out, get out" then shot them... Then you came to TS to call me out of admin abuse. You then messaged an admin asking how you report a staff lead, so I join you to tell you how you can do to report me and while informing you of why you were banned. Then you replied with "I don't know why you would wanna be an admin it is cancerous" so I permed you on TS and in game? What did you think was going to happen when you say something as stupid as that? Give me 1 good reason why I should unban you?
  7. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Ok all done
  8. Wilma Fingerdoo


  9. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Yeah I don't mind. They are normally pretty fun
  10. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Will be sorting some events like that for next Friday. Need more ideas on what to do though
  11. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Normally gets denied as they wanna attack Kavala to stop someone getting a 50k ticket. But Police should be allowed to run to a Blue Zone I think anyway. Other wise police just talking in PD not having a clue are suddenly getting sprayed down and the people who they have arrested are now stuck in hand cuffs... No thanks
  12. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Changed last week on the update
  13. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Rebels are worse... (this was taken a few weeks ago) A few from police yesterday wasn't even that bad! I was watching the whole thing. But yet you wanna remove them just from police....
  14. Wilma Fingerdoo

  15. Wilma Fingerdoo

    Yes, all sorted as @Cheesecake said.

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