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  1. Hey, I didn't realize but I checked it and can confirm. Thank you that we have come to an agreement
  2. skul, you are responsible for my death and therefore you are also responsible for compensating me for all the damage caused by it. I am missing a truck, 1.6 million pounds of cargo and 400k pounds of gear, so make sure you get the truck from your gang mates and give me back two million pounds + the truck. So it's really starting to piss me off that you've been arguing and lying about this for two days instead of just giving me my stuff back. If you make mistakes you should stand by them and make amends. You're making a fool of yourself right now, especially since you or your gang got the money from the robbery, so you don't even have to add any of your own money to it. Just get a grip and give me my stuff back. And that is exactly what @kaias already said in his post....
  3. You will never know what would've happened. We had very good chances of fleeing, because you were there by foot and a Hemtt is lightly armoured. If you look closely in the video, you can see that your caliber is below 7.62 so you can't penetrate the hull of the Hemtt. Since you didn't give us a chance to play out the situation with your incorrect initiation, I think it's more than fair to compensate me for everything. You must always consider that you made the mistake and we thereby not only our load, but also the whole evening, since we no longer had a truck. I even had to buy a new one to be able to get any money at all. Now you're telling me you want to keep all the money and the truck? Do you want us to just kill you in the future, sell your load and then just reimburse you for your equipment because "you would have lost anyway"? I think that's not what you and the admins here would like to have on their server, so I ask you to just refund me everything you took from me unlawfully. This includes my load of LSD worth 1.6 million pounds, my equipment worth 400k pounds and my truck, which you are welcome to unpark for me so I can cut it back.
  4. Hey, of course I would like to get my LSD or the value of the LSD back plus my HEMTT you cutted. 400k for my gear including weapon is fine. So in total it would be around 2.000.000£ for LSD and gear and in addition my Hemtt. By the way, I think it's a cheeky thing to say after you got 1.6 million pounds from the LSD you want to give me 550k.
  5. Hey @kaias, I sent you the video as a pm, because we talked about stuff we don't want to share with the public Once again, this was a bold and transparent lie from skul.
  6. We wrote ingame and came to no solution, so your imputation is clearly wrong
  7. In-game name: Don Layton Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Skully Date of the incident: 09/12/21 Time of the incident: 21:30 What rule do you believe was broken: poor initiation (visible and audible thread) and no reaction time Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/Fe2h7sslWvA Describe the incident: We were selling LSD to the trader at Sofia. Suddenly Skully and his gang RIA showed up, he said something like "Hello guys" and then shot me asking "what's up?". My mate told me that someone is coming and I only asked him "sorry?". I don't think "Hello Guys" while pointing a gun on me is a proper initiation and even if it is, I had no reaction time. I even asked him, what he was saying and he did not repeat it but shot me. Now I lost my whole load, my gear worth 420k and probably my truck. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
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