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  1. Preacher

    you weren't on.
  2. Preacher

    Brodog. I've only had two days in the past three weeks. Wednesday though. BIG STREAM just 4 u
  3. Preacher

    Nice shootin' Tex!
  4. Preacher

    Of course I don't know what happened during your time there I was there. I was just relaying from the time I was chief, as fun fact: I wasn't chief when you were there :). Even wrote that there. Also, all sargryan wrote was that it was fun once. And all you wrote was you love reading this as everyone is wrong. So instead of just saying we are wrong, why not say whats wrong??? That would potentially help.
  5. Preacher

    BAC is Blood Alcohol content, so essentially the more someone drinks, the more side effects that happen. Example being: at .08% BAC would equal a DUI, at least where I live. While at a .08% that is effecting your concentration, perception, and other impairments. So assuming that is what he means by BAC script, the more you drink the more your person ingame is impaired. The more you drink your character can become nauseous, coma, reflexs are slowed, motor control is disturbed. Though scripting the impairments is probably not worth doing at all, the chart can still work in a way? Though honeslty probably not worth doing either. What I mean by the chart is that assuming everyone weights 180 pounds they should be able to drink at least 4 beers before reaching .08%. With each drink the person consumes the number can go up, and the individual can be charge with public intoxication, which can be checked through a breathlyzer from the police. IMO, not worth the effort, I am not sure the actual amount consumed by anyone on the server, but if I had to guess its not a lot. Disclaimer: I didn't read the actual suggestion
  6. Preacher

  7. Preacher

  8. Preacher

    I didn't read most of the comments, but I was a former D/MPU (Under BgK) and C/MPU. I agree with this. Nothing on the water is worth it. I haven't been on the server in months so I don't know what changed what hasn't, if things on the water became more viable. But at the time I was chief there was zero point for rebels to do anything on the water. This was with the addition of the submarines / oil rig, those were plainly not worth monitoring as police because no one ever did it. Granted I tried to work with rebels to come up with ideas to do, but the ideas were shot down by others in the police. The only times we actually did anything was responding the prison or a hostage situation by the water. There were also random patrols we would do just to see if anyone was even on a boat, which no one ever was. Altis is surrounded by water, but you can design anything based on the water. The unit is a responsive unit and to put an effort into promotions and tiers in it is honestly silly. One of the ideas BgK and I had when we were reforming MPU was to make it not a Unit, but a training. Which is what you are suggesting, which I like. With this you have people who know movement of boats in situation and who command lower ranks in water activities. Also the argument of writing documents is mostly dumb. Every new Chief wrote new documents. It's adaptation over time. You take what you like from previous handbooks and leave what you dont. Again, I don't know if anything has changed since I left, but at least when I was in MPU will not get the love it needs to be a viable option on this server, nor does it really deserve much as Altis is not based around water so MPU should not be a priority.
  9. Preacher

  10. Preacher

    THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. THE MEDICS DONT SAVE LIVES, THEY TAKE THEM. THEY ARE THE MOST DEADLY GANG ON THE ISLAND. And Jordd. You cant expose me for being corrupt. Cause then I'll expose HARRY LEWIS for being corrupt. You won't let him fall.
  11. Preacher

    mhmm. no. you guys are corrupt and dnr the entire island. i know the truth. training is a lie.
  12. Preacher

    Waitwaitwait. DNR list are allowed? Nice.
  13. happy birthday @JustJack.  amazing you already turned 23.

  14. Preacher

    OK, this has been a common complaint for awhile now, but yet no one has come to any command (To my knowledge) to tell us the names of the individuals sitting in Kavala. If this is such a problem where you constantly see multiple medics just sitting in Kavala for an extended period of time, feel free to message any command member the individuals name so we can address the situation. The problem cannot be fixed if the people who complain about it refuse to do anything about it and telling us the names. Similar problems occurred when I was in police and it actually annoying to see complaints about it, but no one reporting to me who is doing it. We can tell people in meetings all we want but how are we going to tell which individuals are doing it? Sorry for the rant, just seeing the same complaint over and over is getting to the point where it is annoying since it can be fixed pretty easily. At least in my experience of being on as a medic when the server was completely full six slots were enough, I'm sure its different with whose is on but there seems to be not bad, with the exception of the people "Sitting in kavala". Also when the server dies down from being full 6 slots is way too much as you get 3 of the 6 people going to one revive. If the server has 120 people on and people are dying a lot you might have to expect the medics to take awhile. I don't see adding more slots to medics will help as much because wouldn't that just encourage more medics to sit in kavala? We have been specifically training new medics not sit around Kavala, and announced in the meetings about it, because of the amounts of complaints, but we also need people to tell us who is doing it. Like I said earlier, to my knowledge not a single person has been called out to command.
  15. Preacher

    +1 wolfe best admin. Every time I want to ROLEPLAY he is there and ready. Every encounter with him in game has been the experience that I expect from everyone. 👌👌👌 He is always helpful. NEVER EVER TOXIC. Best Admin WOLFE

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