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  1. OK, this has been a common complaint for awhile now, but yet no one has come to any command (To my knowledge) to tell us the names of the individuals sitting in Kavala. If this is such a problem where you constantly see multiple medics just sitting in Kavala for an extended period of time, feel free to message any command member the individuals name so we can address the situation. The problem cannot be fixed if the people who complain about it refuse to do anything about it and telling us the names. Similar problems occurred when I was in police and it actually annoying to see complaints about it, but no one reporting to me who is doing it. We can tell people in meetings all we want but how are we going to tell which individuals are doing it? Sorry for the rant, just seeing the same complaint over and over is getting to the point where it is annoying since it can be fixed pretty easily. At least in my experience of being on as a medic when the server was completely full six slots were enough, I'm sure its different with whose is on but there seems to be not bad, with the exception of the people "Sitting in kavala". Also when the server dies down from being full 6 slots is way too much as you get 3 of the 6 people going to one revive. If the server has 120 people on and people are dying a lot you might have to expect the medics to take awhile. I don't see adding more slots to medics will help as much because wouldn't that just encourage more medics to sit in kavala? We have been specifically training new medics not sit around Kavala, and announced in the meetings about it, because of the amounts of complaints, but we also need people to tell us who is doing it. Like I said earlier, to my knowledge not a single person has been called out to command.
  2. +1 wolfe best admin. Every time I want to ROLEPLAY he is there and ready. Every encounter with him in game has been the experience that I expect from everyone. 👌👌👌 He is always helpful. NEVER EVER TOXIC. Best Admin WOLFE
  3. ok. I take back saying "Kirky ok though" WolfE the best ACTIVE admin.
  4. -1 @WolfEbest admin hands down, no competition. kirky ok though
  5. I quit chief MPU at the wrong time. But would the convoy being going on the coast at all so MPU can get some action? Or is that not going to be told yet?
  6. I am not sure about having medics be judges and lawyers, maybe a few pre-selected people for each role. A few people are chosen as public defenders and fewer amount is judges. Have some scheduled hearings some impromptu, it would be fun. I personally would love arguing and knowing people on this server they would love it too. One problem though is making it actually active. Unless both parties agree to go to court a later date it wont really be used. Or pre designated dates to hold court and people can just come in. But I would like to argue the law to people. I think its a good idea if fleshed out more.
  7. Go to gang base?
  8. Never heard of it. So no.
  9. Happy Birthday @JustJack

    1. CaaaM


      17 already! God everythings gone so fast! Seems like you only turned 16 like 3 months ago.

  10. This is one of the few ideas I had when I was Chief MPU, I have other ideas for water activities too. But to expand on fishing I discussed with rebels and other cops at the time and it seemed to me the most liked idea is having multiple fishing spots where you can fish both Illegal and legal sea life then take them two different shops, depending on if you caught legal fish or not. This would give the MPU opportunity to actually patrol the waters and search boats and bring more life to the water. When I brought it up to some people who play rebels a month or so ago it seemed like a well liked idea, and the police members I spoke to seemed to like it also.
  11. Seems like you have bad luck with cars in Agios. I'm pretty sure in that exact spot too.
  12. In-game name: Preacher Steam ID: 76561198066757202 Date of ban: 11/28/2017 Staff member that banned you: Unknown Reason for ban: Unknown Why do you think you were banned: I don't know Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I don't know why im banned. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I don't know why im banned. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I don't know why im banned. infistar says it wasnt them, admins told me no ban on record. Logged on late last night as medic, took out a helicopter, impounded it, then I got kicked, and when I tried logging on this afternoon I was banned. Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  13. Hey, sorry if I repeat anything said previously, I read some of the comments before. I don't think the problem lays in the guns itself, but the people. Which is a result of lack of training. I do believe that PTO is putting something together to train the recruits better. I don't think what caliber guns really matter as the officer once they receive a rank to earn that gun, they show that they deserve it. If we had constables with 7.62 then I would understand, But I'm Inspector and I have 6.5. Where special units get it for the purpose of their unit, people doing drug runs are probably more heavily armed then the average gas station robber, so they get 7.62. With MPU, which is the only unit I can really comment on, we are under used, I can rant on the current water activities that MPU can respond to, but the main thing we can really do is Hostage Situations. Which doesn't happen on the water too often, and the other activities on the water simply do not happen often. But with at least MPU we are requiring training before the usage of equipment. To use this as a plug for MPU in a way, we are working on more ideas to make MPU relevant, in terms of training and actually patrolling around. I would love more viable activities in the ocean for us to use and make us relevant. Another problem is with the rebels themselves. Who make us take the best gun we can. I love being taken hostage as much as the next guy, but that is the only roleplay that happens most of the time. Gas stations robberies have been either one guy in the gas station and the rest of the gang surrounding it heavily armed and wanting to shoot police (Which I admit, has not been happening as much recently) or a legitimate hobo with a rook who does roleplay. I see the point of maybe if we have less powerful guns on normal patrols we would be less aggressive, but I think it wouldn't work. If an officer is constantly getting out of the vehicle and shouting get out of the car without a weapon while aiming at the driver unprovoked then tell us command, do feedback.I see it as failure of training.
  14. Hey man, TI is a thing now. Its a 50/50
  15. I was under the impression the point of the prices being raised as to drain the money of people who have a large amount, like 75m, hence the housing update and this update. In a way this punishes people who do not value their gear, I agree with this statement, if they don't want to rebuy your gear for 600k, maybe the rebels shouldn't pick a random fight in agios with the cops? There is one gang in particular that does this often where they just fight cops with no real roleplay and just die. Why should that be rewarded with cheaper gear? If they care about the prices now they might value their gear and roleplay? Though at the same time I feel like gangs are dying and people might be leaving soon and the gun prices can be contributing to that. But the numbers were already low before the gun prices changes. But shouldn't this just make rebels you know, roleplay as rebels instead of just picking random fights? Edit: Though the prices should be adjusted a bit, Some are pretty bad, but I still think gear should be valued more.

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