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  1. Make it so that when you kill someone in peninsula redzone you get like 10-20k and you can make some money back and can hopefully make your loadout back
  2. How did I say its your fault ahaha. Its not like you guys made up the rule which is why I put a suggestion up and didnt go to police command cause it has nothing to do with the police. Also you only saying that cause you police if you were rebel you would be agreeing tbh
  3. I dont know exactly what the rule is or whatever but can it be changed back to how it youst to be. Make it so police have to wait 3 mins since last shot fired to lock a vault up. Realistically makes no sense that they can just lock it up out of no where aswell as it means that you cant hold a spot in a bank that you want but are forced to hold a sot protecting the vault if you want money which just isnt really fun tbh.
  4. How do u get that fpsssssssssssssssssssssss. n1 ❤️
  5. gamer juice

    1. Cozza


      your meant to be farming on rust not making status updates ... crack on

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