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  1. Alex Gavin

    Im Gavo mode Poliski
  2. Alex Gavin

    Oh yeah fair enough sir
  3. Alex Gavin

    who are u dont remember u? ❤️
  4. Alex Gavin

    Wouldbe nice i guess but u rarely need food/water no point for a hotkey rly and theres already like 6 hotkeys on the server
  5. Alex Gavin

    Thx Gamr
  6. Alex Gavin

    Yes Kanne ❤️
  7. Alex Gavin

  8. Alex Gavin

    Thx lads ❤️
  9. Alex Gavin

  10. Alex Gavin

    Any rulebreak was resolved. 1st time editing something so feedback if its bad
  11. Alex Gavin

    In-game Name: Alex Gavin Steam ID: 76561198313773109 Date of the incident: 02/19/19 Time of the incident: 22:45 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: My mk200 which was in my heli when the server crashed. Would like the actual mk200 back ❤️ Please provide as much detail as possible: Finished a bank was helping escort my friend to store the money and the server then crashed while I had my mk200 in my helicopter. Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/61f1560899cdc91b30cfadde924eaf70 stats page said i have this gun on me just to prove I didnt have the mk200 after the server came back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M78alPTjS8&feature=youtu.be Just wanna point out it honestly took me 35-40 mins just to make this would really prefer if I could just use a gif and spend 5 mins doing it and do something else with my life ❤️ (not starting shit)
  12. anyone selling mk200 mags?

  13. Alex Gavin

    you mean gold trader but +1
  14. 1mil worth of comp denied simply because I didnt upload it to youtube but simply instead I put it in a gif. This has also never being stated untill today like at least give a warning so I can keep my video instead of deleting it

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    2. Fuel


      your gyazo gif does not show me what you was saying, ie lets do this on purpose, a 3 second clip also does not show your weapon being picked up and you being revived, it doesnt show a lot of things, like a screenshot of just gear is not sufficient to say what you had on you, as it could of been taken any time.

      3 seconds and no sound  is not good enough.

    3. Matrox.


      @Alex Gavin (not having a go at anyone just stating my opinion) I was told this wasn't good enough evidence  https://gyazo.com/d2e21e9c7b589cbadb648ae314fd3989

    4. Fuel


      1. you was probably revived
      2. someone probably picked your gun up
      3. we do not revive for your error, you got out before the vehicle had stopped


  15. Alex Gavin

    Well like I deleted the video and I don't see how that's not enough evidence. I messaged Fuel he basically told em theirs no proof of me actually losing the gear so for this one i legit showing how I died,the gear I had and me re spawning. I cant get the video back and I don't see in anyway ho that's not enough evidence. I don't see why this has came out of nowhere either It should of being stated as this is about to be my 4th comp request denied equalling 1mil of comp all together all form me dieing from server/game issues.

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