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  1. Hbday ❤️ u should join milsim again tho

    1. Jamz


      big boy jamz bday


      Never left milsim mate, never given the ip for ts after i stopped hosting it. you lot left me.

    2. Alex Gavin
    3. Jamz


      ryno the biggest dick honestly

  2. it would be cool but no way. the FPS would be so low all there is to it tbh
  3. nobody goes there as it is atm, only cops bw sinity and the odd hobo gang so just leave it as it is
  4. clean up script works now but there was like 20 people fighting for 4 hours in the same area so they dont despawn untill everyones leave or an admin deletes it
  5. Almost everyone on this thread plays. Mate combat is the attraction now it’s just simple as every full on role player that comes leaves the server after a month for something better. Almost every combat person stays except for the ones that get banned. Combat is simply what the majority want like it or not and u just gotta face that like someone said earlier Five M seems to be the place if u want solid RP. Clearly shows sinc eal the people that don’t play on this thread I’d say are all people that only want RP now that I think about it except Harry he wants majority
  6. Don’t see why u care u don’t play anymore
  7. with what Pine said also refers to Dynamic. The guy dosent cheat and theirs no proof of it so I dont get why hes banned without proof where as people like 39th RR Carl and Viperino and shit was accused of hacking by almost EVERYONE on thew server yet it took months to get them banned and the amount of proof that they got for that was ridiculous where as with Dynamic and Charly they have being banned with 0 proof tbh
  8. We aint really looking for new things, we already have bank,APD,BW vault,Airdrop and cap zones. We are more lookiong to fix problems like the FPS etc. But its a good suggestion tbf
  9. Most we ever got would be 15 but we have like 8 active people lmao 😂 but also we can’t even get people to pull trucks for banks let alone pull ifrits. If we have an ifrit we either took it in a fight before hand or maybe someone decided to pull one for once. But I don’t get how u guys can say we make the combat dead when all black water do is parachute on top of us. It’s boring and straight up. At least we actually slam when we do something, if we don’t slam it’s because we are getting shot in the back and need to kill them forst
  10. Alright I think within the last week or two since a lot of people have being banned for duping,gangs disbanded or they just stopped playing the server has being kinda dead combat wise. I know this isn't what the server is about but its a big part of the experience of the server and like it or not its part of the server and has to be for it to work. But anyway the server has being dying combat wise lately. Id just like to state some changes me and my gang Sinity would like to be changed, obviously all these wont get accepted and maybe all of them might not be what we want but It would be nice if we could come to a compromise here and just try help the server come back a bit combat wise in Redzone and just around the map in general. We are just looking to bring back some people to the server and get it to be a bit more fun for the majority of people to play on again. Please dont close this instantly let people have a chat about it and see if some things could just possibly be changed a bit. feel free to post your own suggestion here that link to rebel life https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fHLhA3LvEjWi9T8IX9pz1mT2omhtUWWEInETb1pAiXk/edit (didnt know where to post btw like suggestions or what so put it here)
  11. decent but jut make quality better, dont make it as long and try get more doubles ❤️
  12. why tf would u -1 this it legit increases frames and does nothing different its just a different menu and now your crates wont be seen through windows.

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