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  1. +1
  2. +1
  3. -1 @Fuel said when they were going to be re-added that he was never going to remove them again. This gonna be denied im pretty sure
  4. Nice frags some clips old though but still nice <3
  5. Worst admin I know tbh. <3
  6. Pretty decent nice frags.
  7. In game name: Alex Gavin Age: 15 Bank account balance: like 17mil Previous gangs: Vertigo, MILSIM, Grandads Army, Retro Triads, Midgets with No Arms, Police X3, Van X2, Syn X1 , Nocturnal (probs some other cant remember tbh) Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/daa90bd7a8a40fd4fe12995472277757 Why do you want to join Assent? I need a new gang to play with as I have left cops again and don't really have another gang to go to so I would like to join this gang to play with and just waste some spare time I got. I know most people in the gang so wont really have probs with comms or anything really during gunfights etc. Also know all callouts for pretty much every cap and HM Can any members vouch for you? Most member I think anyway depending if they still like me
  8. +1 to jump script
  9. Nice frags
  10. If people are going to combat store they're going to do it either way. If they do it then its simple as just resolving with them and if they dont resolve or whatever just report it as usual etc. In my opinion anyway
  11. Just something I think would be really nice to add so that when you have money on you can go to an ATM and just press a button 'deposit all' and then it just takes any money on you and puts in to your bank account. I know it aint hard to just type a number but would just be nice so you dont have to

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