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  1. Play chess sometime ❤️

    1. PaulS


      When I need my ego boosted.

    2. Lewy


      Or weakened when I smash you x

    3. Alex Gavin

      Alex Gavin

      Thought u died lewy 

  2. For the 2nd time I seee

    1. John


      Yes Sir. Where's Gavvo the support though ? 🤔

    2. Alex Gavin

      Alex Gavin

      Blacklisted sir

  3. Alex Gavin

    Sick one mac
  4. Alex Gavin

    nice one young zico
  5. Alex Gavin

    Were back gamers ❤️
  6. Alex Gavin

    I like it tbh ngl but ye would be nice if wheels didnt change colour
  7. Alex Gavin

    ye would look nice but in different colours plz ❤️
  8. 3213213213121231211211111.png.19e2371d20c7ca64f6a4f22b2c74aac2.png The big 1666 

  9. Alex Gavin

    Sick one per usual Bagge
  10. Alex Gavin

  11. Alex Gavin

    video aint available
  12. Alex Gavin

    this was a unit ages ago but it was just a waste of a unit that never done anything tbh
  13. Alex Gavin

    You still can
  14. Alex Gavin

    In-game name: Alex Gavin Steam ID: 76561198313773109 Date of ban: 11/29/18 Reason for ban: Fail RP Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope completely justified Why should we unban you? I aint really looking for an unban more just for it to be lowered even tho I know I done completely wrong and I wont lie I've done it more than once so I honestly don't got an excuse for it. I know I probably wont get unbanned for this but I really just wanna see if it could possibly be lowered since I don't really think it should be a perm for what I did. But with that being said I miss the server a lot and would really just wanna see if I have a chance of coming back. I hope you can consider this ❤️
  15. Alex Gavin


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