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    In-game name: Roxz Steam ID: 76561198075176480 Date of ban: 05/06/19 Reason for ban: Going to another community, called rumble gaming. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my ban was unjustified as i have no idea why this is even a valid ban. I dont see how this would be against any rules considering i was away from reborn at least a month or 2 before joining rumble gaming. If there was anything that had happened between both communities i am not involved in it. I am no longer there any more and have been left for a while. I have not advertised or have tried grabbing any members from this server to come join. I have simply just been there and been apart of the community as i wanted to help build the community however its not as easy as it sounds. I dont see any problem with me doing that, its just like me going and playing RPUK for a couple of months then coming back to reborn? Why should we unban you? I think i should be unbanned because i am a very dedicated member of the community i have been for a while. I have been apart of the community for 2 years and helped contribute by donating a lot of money. I have been here from the start and i didnt wish to get banned at all as i had no knowledge that this was going to happen.

    New Skins?

    @Scott McTavishalright yes my files do look like that so ill remove the extra stuff and do it like that from now on.

    New Skins?

    right now 1.35 MB but what does it need to be? Someone was saying the purpose could replace the gang skins that are already in but idk. Also im just spitting ideas and by the looks of it the community wants it so replace some old suv skins with these or something so you save mission file space as to be fair i dont see a purpose of these other than they look cool. And the size i think is fine i could make it smaller and ill test it to see what its like.

    New Skins?

    Ye understood but i have never tried compressing a tga file so if you can do that then ill do that to decrease file size but i dont think the file size is that big.

    New Skins?

    Think tavish is a bit upset people like me skin Kappa And harry the file size is not big at all and i can use tinypng decrease the size then convert it back to a PAA Also going to be posting a green digital camo ifrit and a irn-bru or in my words irn-dru sports hatch back requested by Paul D

    Roxz Report

    How would i know arma is a buggy game anything can happen 3 + 3 = 6

    Roxz Report

    Like i said from my POV i didnt even vdm you thats why i was confused when you came to ts?

    New Skins?

    Your saying you would like these to be gang skins only?

    Roxz Report

    Hello, so basically as you can see from his POV i some how hit is vehicle. From my POV i didnt even hit the vehicle and i also didnt hit him so i didnt think i did vdm him. I was a bit confused to why he was "spangled" but i wasnt to sure why however i thought at the time i should just shoot him. I dont think i broke any rules here because it wasnt intentional. Also to state that i didnt even realise he was on the floor i thought he was behind the back of the quillin as you can see in the video me look that way then realise he was on the floor. To be fair with the TS he came in being disrespectful by saying that the only way i can get kills is to vdm people and tbf i wasnt having it so i told him to stop crying as that is what it seemed like since they get free gear so i dont really see the point in him doing this other than he is upset because of server dsync? Next time if you want to deal with something in ts come talk to me not msg me saying "your so desperate you need to run people over to get kills" not the way to approach a situation mate. https://plays.tv/video/5c695b650ba94ac858/vdm-
  10. SCXRED

    New Skins?

    So i have been messing around with some skins and decided to post some of my idea's for what i would like to see in the server. Please leave your opinions below also if you would like leave some suggestions for me to whip up and ill make your ideas and post them Only skins that would be allowed in the server!
  11. Will do when the mission file is fully complete
  12. At the end of the day im just trying to make something good for people to use and practice on. if you do not like it no need to state it just ignore the post and go somewhere else
  13. Didnt steal it. Just says in the files if i was to edit it keep him in the credits. Stealing it would be changing it up a little and going yeh i created it. However i have put myself down as an editor not the creator.

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