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  1. Enrah

    mine mine mine
  2. Enrah

    Honestly i just raged completely forgetting that he could of took my shit if i didnt log off. I just didnt think for a second that it was breaking rules however i didnt do this to better myself for anything for example i didnt do it to re-log somewhere else instead of waiting or anything like that i just simply forgot and it was a mistake. Sorry for this and it wont happen again.
  3. Enrah

    Its funny for that fact that we actually resolved this anyway? and conway kettle said just dont do it again i said ok? Considering conway kettle broke vdm before this as shown in this clip: Which he proceeded to say in support that it was not intentional which is complete bs because you can see on his face how he was smiling then had laughed after he did it. Found it quiet amusing but again the only reason why i think this was posted on me was because i was in support with him before so i believe its some sort of revenge report considering at the time when we was resolving he did say that it was fine and not to do it again, but then he comes and posts a report on me anyway?
  4. Big thanks to @Harry Lewisfor adding this idea props to him for putting it together from what he has told me it sounded difficult to put together so give the guy some credit! Also i hope everyone enjoys the system if you have any suggestions please leave a SUGGESTION on the SUGGESTION PAGE! Open for new changes to the system so we can make it right for the community!

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    2. Fuel


      help out by all means, but suggestions go to the suggestion page always have always will be.

    3. Enrah


      @Fuelalright i got you

    4. Aaron Michaels
  5. Enrah

    In game name: Enrah Age: 17 Bank account balance: 2.5 mill rn Previous gangs: Abyss Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Tenacity? Because im currently looking for a gang and i heard this gang was great gang to join. I also am just looking for some people to roll with instead of going solo. Can any members vouch for you? nah
  6. Enrah

    Name: Enrah Hours(Screenshot): 2k + Previous Gangs: Abyss Why do you want to join: Because im looking for another gang to roll with since solo is boring. Also looking to meet new people possibly make new friends and become apart of something in the server. Also heard it was a great gang to be apart of. Anyone who can vouch for you: no one xd
  7. Enrah

    https://gyazo.com/8487bb47705bea5c7cef02965a3ad8c8 this is dsync https://gyazo.com/543e169c7f79972e3d73ecf04eab913a this is vdm see the difference?
  8. Enrah

    Why waste time trying to resolve with someone who clearly stated ''its not my fault''? You think a certain way, I think another, that's just if we weren't going to come to an agreement to ratify the situation as you can clearly see by your replies on this post. You think you did nothing wrong, I think you did. So now we seek a third party decision because the way I look at it is that you are swerving all over the show on both video and nobody else is experiencing this desync you talk of. You hit me with your vehicle intending to use it as a weapon which is VDM in my eyes and I want something to be done about it as you clearly think it's ok to do. @Ole Smitty
  9. Enrah

    You are only willing to comp when the odds are somewhat against you. I would've been fully happy to receive comp at the time, however, the fact you are lying and calling it desync is just a reflection of your character. When stuff like this happens I will normally allow things like this to slide if the person acknowledges what they did and then apologizes, at that point, I feel it is sufficient enough for me to be happy and leave it. But the fact you dodged the wrongdoing and still are yet to even apologize for means that I would prefer for a staff member to deal with it and identify your wrongdoing and point it out to you as a comp at this point is too little too late. @Ole Smitty
  10. Enrah

    u saying all this but wheres ur evidence? Also you did ram right into the side of me when i was beside you, so thats intentional vdm right there, also idc if someone rdmed u that is a different situation u deal with that person that did it, dont bring it into my report because had nothing to do with me, also doesnt give u the excuse to call me a wanker thats just pure toxic, and ur name "Reggin" is danish for what exactly? because if u read it backwards its spells out the n word, not going to quote it as i dont want to get in trouble.
  11. Enrah

    In-game name: -Abyss- Enrah Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Owl.Reggin Date of the incident: 09/26/2018 Time of the incident: Not sure What rule do you believe was broken: Vdm and being toxic in side chat Any evidence available: video of vdm, https://plays.tv/video/5bac79e7ea37513a2c/vdm toxic in side chat, http://prntscr.com/kz8sid Describe the incident: So basically we saw this orange SUV and decided to initiate on it. Sadly the initiation didnt play out well as you saw at the start of the vid, so we decide to follow the car and next time we get initiation possibility we would. After following it for a while my mates that were following the car before the initiation failure said that he liked to dysync. I said ok we will see if he does. I tried over taking him multiple times and he always would smash into my car. At one point there was this time where he was right at the side of my and still decided to smash me off the road. Now shortly after i went down from being vdmed, he started chatting a load of nonsense in sidechat. I didnt acknowledge him because he was acting immature about it. For some reason he was calling out for rdm but i dont know why. further on into the convo he got angry and called me a wanker as shown in the screenshot. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  12. Enrah

    In-game Name: -Abyss- Enrah Steam ID: 76561198075176480 Date of the incident: 09/25/2018 Time of the incident: dont know Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: The gear cost about 390 - 400k i had a mk1 and 15 mags, then some inventory items and all my clothing which including a mk2 carrier rig. Please provide as much detail as possible: Basically i initiated on this guy as he got in his heli, i told him to get out otherwise he will get shot. Instead he proceeded to spin his heli up and as he was about to fly off i shot him out and the heli landed on top of me and killed me. So basically i got vdmed by the vehicle. Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/s/LuhBk0AoRVig
  13. Enrah

    Lol my gear is 350k i had fully kitted out mxsw, 20 mags and clothing and shit comes up to about that. But yeh was kinda shit at first i didnt hear u because of comms so i was turning around to ask what? but yeh my name is enrah
  14. Enrah

    @Adam Briggs sent
  15. Enrah

    In-game name: -Abyss- Enrah Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Kiosk Date of the incident: 10/20/2000 Time of the incident: 12:05 pm What rule do you believe was broken: Fail rp (didnt give enough time to let me comply) Any evidence available: Admin please dm me and i will send you the evidence through dm's Describe the incident: Basically i just got geared up and there were 2 of them. I was about to get a heli out before i hear "hands up, hands up" i turn around because i was confused and i was about to ask him what he said and in under a second he shot and killed me. I spoke to community support jord and he has said that he didnt give enough time to comply, since he didnt come to resolve it i decided to post a report. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes

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