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  1. Hahaha viozo racking up those communities one after another... gta, rpuk, now this? -1 for viozo and the gang... he'll get you blanket banned. hehe xdee I would rather see you in kindergarden where you belong with your childish behaviour... honestly mate you should buck up and stop being a little jealus kid. -Slimshady peace out.
  2. In-game name: SlimShady Hours on ArmA 3: 1600 Timezone: GMT +2 (UK+2) Previous gangs: Klappers, ODM, Vesuvius, TMT. What can you bring to Allah's Messengers?: I have good comms, good aim, good pilot, driver good RP'r Why we should Accept you: you should accept me because i can make shit frag vids and frag kidz. Previous bans: N/A

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