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  1. Good luck to those who are getting your A-level results today 

  2. Arnold J Rimmer


    -1 this would just give cops even more of a disadvantage and would ruin any possibilities of RP with rebels.
  3. I love Mount and Blade so much, but as you said I doubt Bannerlord will come out anytime soon
  4. Personally I prefer Fallout New Vegas as it has the most interesting story. However, I do like Fallout 2's story Cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing and I can't wait for it to come out
  5. What games coming out in 2018 are people looking forward to most? Me personally it is Fallout 76, interested to hear other people's top games coming out this year.
  6. How did that work out for you @Knasen?
  7. It may actually be coming home
  8. The first ever time I have seen England reach a semi final, never been more proud



  10. Good rp mate, nice change from the old gunfights with rebels. It was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much.
  11. It was really enjoyable for me as the negotiator as it was some really great rp that you were giving the officers
  12. Been here a year, yet never posted....

    But that name though...


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    2. Arnold J Rimmer

      Arnold J Rimmer

      The only reason I haven't been more active, is due to college bogging me down. Thankfully I will be starting properly. I also love Red Dwarf, hence the name :D

    3. Neo


      lol, yeah, Red Dwarf is awesome... gotta love the Cat.


    4. Arnold J Rimmer

      Arnold J Rimmer

      Cat is my second favourite character after Rimmer

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