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  1. Sharpness looks like ass, other than that not bad pulldown boy
  2. It's been great playing with you lads, you all know who you are x

    My final moments haven't gone in vain ;)



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    2. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      "Haven't gone in vain" 

      That was probably one of the most pathetic ways possible I've ever seen. Nice try and goodbye 

    3. cam taylor

      cam taylor

      what a meme

    4. ^AndrewFam


      After your group gets their bumhole tickled to stay on the server you repay by doing this. Kinda peak really 

  3. Image result for john cena salute gif

    god bless sir

  4. Talking about Reece
  5. Called at bot by the rebel rep who logs on to fight but dies as soon as he decamps
  6. Night of my birthday decided to come on once I had had a few, clearly wasn't a good idea (got flashbanged by my own mk1 muzzle flash and went into an epileptic fit)
  7. loving the frags man!
  8. this is lt jimboke of the vanguard, I have been taken hostage by MILSIM and they are asking for an OOONNNNARRMEED NEGOTIATOR to weapon assembly
  9. all the best Bobbo
  10. Neither.
  11. My guys 👊 This is brilliant
  12. @Lewiss Get fragged
  13. +1 completely agree, loves to initiate conversation
  14. @Fuel



    1. Fuel
    2. Ryno


      It was supposed to be for yeezus' status update

  15. +1

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