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  1. Why play arma when rust is a game?
  2. best gang on server I heard?
  3. The beast

    1. Browny


      😎 stop the clock start again 😎

  4. Buy me the new gears and i'll get you in NATO
  5. Browny

    Second Currency

    you take over a power plant after you capture it you get access to the scrapper you can scrap all guns and cars to obtain scrap then you can buy spmgs and hunters and shit with the scrap
  6. Remove some useless skins this would be unique and cool
  7. What about skin rotation as having the same two can be boring so bring back the old desert one, grey one, green camo and the red one, having them randomly change each week so it could stay the same or it could change
  8. Do a weekly event that is hosted by the admins that get gangs, tfu and bw involved.
  9. Doesn’t own any of them they belong to the gang 👺👺
  10. “Spacearmy73” Enough said

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