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  1. Name: DanielSteam ID: 76561198077311455Number of tickets (100K Each): 15 Party (Floyd or McGregor): Mayweather
  2. +++++1
  3. In-game name: Daniel Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Mason Date of the incident: 08/14/17 Time of the incident: 17:45 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: http://plays.tv/video/5991d5dd20c90d186a/- Describe the incident: I was driving up to kavala and i noticed this car on the wrong sife of the road, we noth turned to rty and miss each other but we crashed. Mason then talks to me about how he thought i crashed into him, i finish rerpairing my car and healing him. I then went into my car and so does he a do a u turn and ask him to get out. He didn't get out and siad that he wants to report a crime. He says without the radio, which is strange because your reporting a crime nothing wrong with that. I said my radio was turned off but he tought it was still on. I have spent enough police time witrh him so i said get out now your wasting police time. We both went out the car, and he discussed the crime as we were talking a man came along with a illegal gun on his back, i ask him to put it in his backpack but he said he will drop it, i said that was fine. As i was picking up the weapon Mason picked up the gun, I then said "sir please drop the gun" he then shoots me and the other man saying nothing. i have tried to resolve the situation in-game as he does not have teamspeak but later has he returned to the same situation he stole a police car and got cuaght in the firing at his wheels: Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes For some reason it posted two topics, this not the updated topic, other one is
  4. +1 Patrol Buddy
  5. ++++++1
  6. Also @Scott McTavish slots have been around on altis life for the past 3 years, your bound to a script
  7. @Crawfy No one tagged him, this is crawfy's profile
  8. what about slots?
  9. @WenkzY Have you not seen the video the? i'll get lee to send it to you
  10. +1, i just want to say this but, lewis might be the medic that travels far for people but that is what most medics will do for people, but the main problem is that when your half way there they despawn, this happens all the time when i play as a medic, just saying lewis is not the only medic that tries to get people across the map, also if you want to be revived and your across the map just contact a medic in ts, they will do it, if not talk to me and i will sort it out but massive +++1 for lewis
  11. @WenkzY ??? then you know how banable the video will be
  12. @WenkzY I have edited Lee video on Friday but his most likely debating wether to post the video or not as it has a lot of memes and its very cruel if you catch my drift
  13. Camtasia studio 8

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