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  1. Gl
  2. Happy Birthday me dude :D


  3. Thanks to all who said happy birthday yesterday, i was out all day yesterday that's why i couldn't come on

  4. hbday

  5. Happy birthday mate

  6. Happy Birthday g

  7. Happy Birthday :D

  8. Happy birthday baby girl <33

  9. You can donate using BitCoin now!:D Time to start mining

    1. Sanik ߷

      Sanik ߷

      You know no one realy mines for Bitcoin directly as there is a cap on how mutch bitcoin can be "dealed" out a day, people mine Etherium instead as it is easier to gain and a normal gaming pc can mine for it.

      Price of bitcoin about $5.5k per 1

      Price of Etherium about $350 per 1

    2. Thesoldier


      problem with etherium is there is  speculation that once they change their framework you wont be able to mine it.

  10. Did you edit this?
  11. Massive +1 for this guy, Haven't seen such good roleplay in ages @Jordd Sounds like NEO
  12. This gang page looks sick btw, Gl
  13. Massive plus +++++111111 for this guy, greatest roleplayer ever and seriously funny as well
  14. +++1 Great idea
  15. SHAME!!!! (Cone Killer )

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