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  1. +1 This could be a very good idea if it works, right now the prison is very boring in my opinion
  2. +1 How long did this take you @Dominique.
  4. This is sick!
  5. good luck
  6. have a good one you scottish man
  7. What Is HR Industries?
  8. Thank you, i hope you enjoy the server
  9. Note: This is written by Sir Harry and no interest with Daniel. As Sir Harry has not got access to the forums. In-game name: R.C.T Sir Harry Steam ID: 76561198110102787 Date of ban: 08/04/2017 Reason for ban: Money Hacking Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe it was unjustified because I was not hacking it was actually a duplication method, where u could duplicate Virtual Items and then sell them and repeat the process, I understand I was breaking the rules and I have learnt from my mistakes to never do it again and follow the rules. I know I have done very wrong and how immature I was but I have grown up and I know what not to do now as I have learnt from my mistakes and I am very sorry to the hole staff team and over the whole period I know not to ever do this again and never get in trouble again. Also, I am very sorry for not telling the staff team about the duplication method I should have reported the bug straight away but instead I abused it and I got punished for it I am very sorry and it would never happen again and I have u give me forgiveness. Why should we unban you? Over the 6 months of being banned i have, matured and grown up since the last time i was on arma/reborn.I have understood that i have been very immature and not sensible in the past. I have many people of my friends that play on this server and new people i would like to meet and would like to play with them. I would like to say a big apology to everyone on reborn and the staff team for my actions in the past. I have now grown up and i now understand that i have to play fermentable and have to follow the rules to stay on this community. I also now know that i can’t get angry at people and i have to stay calm and mature in any case or scenario, I also understand that for my actions i have done in the past i will probably not be accepted but it would be very nice if i did get accepted just so i could play on this good, friendly and amazing server. I would also like to be unbanned because i believe i would now be a good member on the community and help, be nice to and meet new people. I would also like to be unbanned to enjoy the life of altis and roleplay to the best of my abilities. I also feel i should be unbanned as i am a nice and good player i was just very immature and dumb in the last 6 months but i have grown up now and i am not stupid and will follow the rules and roleplay with the best of my skills. Thank you very much for reading my application - Sir Harry
  10. MAJED FOR MAYOR!!!!!! @majed
  11. @OwenB Thats just the website i think, it wont look like that in TS
  12. Nice song
  13. +1 on the forum tags -1 on the teamspeak tags
  14. The most deadly part of that road

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