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  1. Daniel

  2. Daniel

    @saffe Please show 2 minutes prior to the point where you died
  3. Daniel

    In the evidence it's clear to see that there is no active gunfight, there might have been initiation between @MVXIMUM and the person in the hummingbird, however, there were no shots fired, which means @saffeshould have not been killed. @MVXIMUMJust because you initiate on somebody doesn't been you can kill anyone in the area with a weapon, please revise the Active firefight rule; Therefore @MVXIMUMCan you please organise compensation with @saffe @saffePlease reply and tell me when you have received this.
  4. Daniel

    In the evidence provided, you can see at the timestamp 7:41 they ALT 2 you, which means they have sent you a message saying land or be disabled, and if you don't follow their demands they can shoot at your helicopter. Which they did. Further into the clip you land and you start shooting at them. At this point, both parties have full way initiation on each other. So therefore, no one has broken any rules. If they decide to kill you. So this report will be denied as no one has broken any rules. Report closed.
  5. Happy Birthday🎂

    1. LastNickLeft


      Thanks a lot mate! :)

  6. 🎉congratulations on your 2 year non stop in the cops🎉


    1. Frato


      2 years how does one last for that long lmao, gratz tho.

    2. Neo


      2 years, and still a shit hostage.

      Even his own police force shot at him



  7. Daniel

    They are pointless tbh, i believe no officers use it as we don't need to so just probably remove them. This is not true, DCC+ If you have any evidence or knowledge of this, do tell us. With prison i believe they should stay the same as currently the only evidence people are showing is just their experience and not video proof etc. But police Command will look into this, like Harry said maybe a Police 2.0 thing We could also change some crimes, as some crimes are completely random and weird. However this is no ones thought for the crime selection as they haven't been changed or edited since the start of the server
  8. Daniel

    Yes it will, if you roleplay your sentence should decrease, or get a reward for your roleplay, like i said. This is not a thing, where have you found this from? And the people that are complaining about prison times and how they were sent in for 30minutes+ you never report this to police, so nothing happens, and half the time people are breaking the law or insulting the officer and thats the reason, or there is another reason for your arrest and people don't see why
  9. Daniel

    It all just depends on if you're RPing with the officer. Throwing insults or negatively insulting the officer, or breaking a law while getting arrested can increase your prison time. However, it just depends on whether you are RPing with the officer as they should reward your roleplay. So if you feel your jail sentence was unjustified @Abdul_then send evidence to the appropriate people. Regarding prison time I feel that 60 minutes is fine, Other servers normally have 60 minutes or higher, and my opinion of lowering it down to 30 minutes is too short.
  10. Daniel

  11. Daniel

    -1 You get armed vehicles. if you want armed helicopters to be removed then remove Armed vehicles
  12. Please make a new end date then
  13. Daniel

  14. Daniel

    @SpeedyWow Speedy, won't even tag your fellow DSGT Daniel.. How have you been?

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