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  1. Daniel

    Right so The 1st part of the video relating to the money depositing into the ATM, this is invalid due to 3 reasons. 1) If he did sell then, there would have been a 5 minute timer to stop him depositing the money. 2) If he sold earlier and stored the money, there is no way of us telling who the person is or at least shown in the video. 3) This could have also been a tactic to trick you guys as well possibly by faking storing money. because of this not knowing if he did store the money or not, I'm not going to punish him of speculation. The second incident of the video where the attempted RDM takes place, @ryanki believe this was you, as you said you shot at them in an earlier post. You were in the wrong as you had no way of telling who those people were in the quillin. Also, them trying to crash/vdm into you does not give you the right to try and RDM them. Please do better next. Because of this, you will receive a 2 day ban. The third part of the video where a clear intention to vdm another vehicle by iTopicz. This was a clear intention to VDM and you will receive a 2 day ban for this. No compensation will be given throughout the whole of this video, as both parties decided to stay and fight. Report Accepted and locked
  2. Sad to see you leave. Wish you the best. You were supportive (sometimes) and you're not always rock solid, there's a more positive side towards you. Now go enjoy playing RuneScape you noob

    1. PaulS



  3. Daniel

    I will be reviewing all the evidence and conversations and giving my conclusion
  4. Daniel

    Sadly we need more evidence for this comp request. Denied due to insufficient evidence
  5. Daniel

    Have you got any evidence of flipping your truck and then blowing up?
  6. Happy Birthday 🎂🎂

    1. Tidus


      Cheers Sugarplum!


  7. Daniel

    Denied. No Evidence
  8. Daniel

    shoe on head @Theo Wright
  9. I got hoessssss calling a yn phoneeeee

  10. Happy Birthday 🎂

  11. Daniel

    Compensation completed. Collect it by going on your phone -> settings -> compensation to claim your compensation in-game
  12. Daniel

    Denied. If you do not play the server for 2 months you house gets removed.
  13. Daniel

    Denied. Please wait until the report has been dealt with.
  14. Daniel

    Can i see the video?
  15. Daniel

    Compensation Completed. Collect it by going on your phone -> settings -> compensation to claim your compensation in-game Also @JuniorYour player ID is 76561198123332375

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