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  1. Daniel

    Good Luck
  2. Daniel

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak3Ht6xROWc&feature=youtu.be @PaulS
  3. Daniel

    Yes Theo ++++1
  4. Daniel

  5. Daniel

    I am a R O L E P L A Y E R
  6. Daniel

    Why would you want cops to wait for 15 minutes after a restart it doesn't make sense?? The only reason you were stopped was that you must have broken the law or done something suspicious, I have a feeling you are posting this out of revenge because you got stopped by the police -1
  7. Daniel

    Oh yeah forgot, it's good though for your first time and it was in 3 hours 👍
  8. Daniel

    I suggest then adding some black borders and adding some cinematic effects in vegas pro or Premiere Pro, would be good
  9. Daniel

    Like the intro, too short though but good
  10. Daniel

    Good Luck
  11. So many birthday wishes in 7 minutes of the 7th oh my
    Happy birthday my Essex friend🎂

    1. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Haha I know... and thanks mate  😁

  12. Daniel

    I don't think it's needed plus the mission file is big enough however i'm only a cop
  13. Daniel

    More jobs for TRU i guess +1
  14. God your getting old

    Happy Birthday🎂

    1. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter
    2. Daniel


      err I meant your young shit 

  15. Daniel


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