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  1. Daniel

    Your reasons were; you felt insulted about him asking to join your gang, and that you were in a hurry. None of these are reasons to execute some or let alone RP behind it. If you felt insulted then that is a you problem as he was politely asking to join your gang. When executing someone make sure to have RP behind it, like you said to expand on your RP. In the video that was no RP and looked like you just wanted to kill him. I'm going to give @Bjornand @Breecer Vandin some time to resolve this with each other. Let me know the outcome of this.
  2. Daniel

    Report accepted. Ban issued.
  3. Daniel

    I'll leave it for some time for @Breecer Vandinto reply and give his perspective
  4. Daniel


    Accepted, moved to awaiting action due to the player being in game
  5. Daniel

    Waiting for the outcome of the report
  6. Daniel

    Oh has he now...
  7. Daniel

    Player has had enough time to respond. Report accepted and Ban issued.
  8. Daniel

    If no longer video evidence can be provided I'll have to deny this report Report Denied
  9. Daniel

    Sadly if there is no evidence then we cannot act upon it. Report denied due to lack of evidence.
  10. Daniel

    Seems like he didn't have Teamspeak, how is that not resolving? I want to wait for his response if possible so that I can understand his perspective
  11. Daniel

  12. Daniel

    I'll give it some time for Kasper to reply to this and give his perspective.
  13. Daniel

    Compensated for the moonshine
  14. Daniel

    @9ko Can you upload a longer video please?
  15. Daniel

    Report accepted Perm Ban issued

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