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  1. I will give some time for the reported to respond. Also @Jack AndersonI have noticed in your video that you were saying some terms that are "out of RP" for example, saying "RDM" etc. Please do not do this next time as this can be FailRP which is a bannable offence
  2. Hello @Mr wongI'll be dealing with this report. Your video doesn't seem to have great quality and i know you have recently uploaded this video, so i'm unsure if the video still needs processing to get good quality, or you may have recorded this in bad quality. So is it possible to have a better quality video? or if it is YouTube messing up, I will wait until the quality gets better
  3. Daniel


    Unfortunately we do not compensate for time being lost. Comp request closed.
  4. Daniel


    Do you have any evidence of your lost items in your truck? @ThePerfectTime
  5. Happy Birthday Lyds

  6. Only 10mil im disappointed.. thought it was gonna be 50mill
  7. Happy Birthday 🎂

  8. Thank you for bringing your issues to us. Just want to make it clear that there should only be one Hellcat or Ghosthawk at any given time. For Armed Qilins there is no cooldown, and we are not planning to make a cooldown in the future. However there shouldn't be multiple Armed Qilins out, we need to be fair and responsible of course, so if you have evidence of this then please send it to Police Command. Just to make sure that multiple Armed Qilins aren't getting pulled, I will make a rule for TFU stating that only one should be out at any operation. Thanks.
  9. You should know, that when typing a reply it doesn't automatically load new replies from the thread....
  10. I don't have to go caps to see. Ingame Administration! From what it sounds like and what @Hennehas also pointed out, you want cops to play more by your combat style
  11. I'm just going to debunk some things.. 1. TFU mostly go RZ, all the time I see TFU they are hot dropping into the compound and I never see anyone "Roach" 2. "Roaching" is a tactic for combat, if you don't like people sniping then do something to stop them sniping, for example, get a gang member to kill them etc. 3. Cyrus/Mar 10 cost 2mil for police

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