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  1. I reckon the icon for perm appeal should be one level unhappier than the normal ban appeal and have tears streaming down their face

  2. Henne

    SBX vs 3 TES members
  3. Henne

    +1 Currently the only way to take virtual inventory is to kill them or clunkily unrestrain them and get them to give it to one of anybody in the vicinity, or have them just drop it.
  4. Henne

    BF3 was by far the best of the series. Operation Firestorm, Operation Metro and Caspian Border ohhhh yessssss
  5. Henne

    Nothing stopping smaller gangs rushing it, or using some more guerrilla style/ambush tactics. But AI will just cause unnecessary lag and seem to be either plain stupid or aimbots.
  6. Henne

  7. Henne

    Please don't spam me on TS regarding this, thanks.
  8. Henne

    video of you autohovering ?
  9. Henne

    who are you again?
  10. Henne

  11. Henne

    Pretty sure this is a vanilla Arma thing that can't be changed.
  12. Henne

  13. Henne

    The clothes are all half-priced correctly.
  14. Henne

    If you could get someone from management to confirm this transaction could be done, I'd consider bidding.
  15. Henne

    Sofia is currently almost entirely always deserted. It used to be the best drug dealer, but that was because of the dangers of the Vanguard/Camorra. Whilst there is no threat the price is currently horrendously low because you're unlikely to run into anyone. I think the price will bounce right back up to second or best or second best dealer if and when we get the arrival of a new whitelested group, that controls that part of the map.

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