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  1. Henne

    Ban System

    It's not a perm ban then, it's just a 3 month ban. If they've done something serious enough or often enough to deserve a perm ban, it's permanent for a reason. You can appeal for it after a while.
  2. Henne

    Ban System

    Hahahaha what??? What you've just described there is a 3 month ban, not a perm ban boy
  3. Henne

    Ban System

    If I was an admin I'd also give time limit for appeals because I'd be fed up of seeing "I'm reformed".
  4. This is the internet. There's no getting away from the kids.
  5. Henne

    Steal keys

    +1 for this If it gives you keys to all vehicles that they currently have keys for, it'll give people an extra something to think about when they hand out gang keys etc.
  6. I've got 1 and between @Billy Bob | Sigii and @Ben Beckmanwe've got another 3 or 4 I'm sure. A few more from the other gang members too. used daily yet no one has got a kill with it yet from what i've seen
  7. I believe this is more to remove the 3D/map icon, because technically you can't communicate over the radio to friends at all whilst you're downed.
  8. loooool how does removing doors off quilins lead to more mrap combat??? genuinely can't figure out how you've concluded that
  9. From experience and what I've been told, kneecapping someone and leaving them excessively far from a garage or town is poor RP.
  10. Congratulations! You have been accepted into Search and Rescue! Please find a TS&R to complete your training in Teamspeak.

  11. @Flixwhy can't I pm you on the forums you poohead

  12. non pure blooded hard nuts incoming dec
  13. im a pure blooded keyboard warrior i hate this
  14. Did the forums just get reverted a number of hours or so back to sort the issues?

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