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  1. HAHA no way is it actually aliens https://arma3.com/news/bohemia-interactive-presents-arma-3-contact
  2. Only one Armed Hellcat is allowed out OR one ghosthawk. You sure you didn't see a non-armed hellcat out? From what I've been seeing the Armed Hellcat isn't being pulled that often and when it is, we're not getting shot down in it - if it does get shot down that it's for the restart. There's not a 24 hr cooldown though. Can't speak for the minigun stuff.
  3. Henne


    Oh wow, is it actually? What restrctions will there be - as in what/who's vehicles can you sling?
  4. Henne

    Quick question

    do what i do: live on my computer and taze hobos, then u dont have to worry about the existential crisis that is which perspective u should life your rl in
  5. Henne


    This has been declined time and time again - I can't see it going the other way. IMO there's not really that much need for it in order to justify it. There's enough garages about. If it's only the vehicles that you own and can be done only by Hurons and Tarus, then the only proper purpose for adding this is to do runs - Hurons and stuff give enough money as it is. If you drop a vehicle from high up then fly off, it can explode, kill people and unless an admin is present at the time there's no way of telling who just created the freefalling IED.
  6. Henne

    Quick question

    this is in fact not a quick question
  7. Amsterdam is just the branch of BI that's making it, not he name of the DLC.
  8. Obviously not going to be huge because it's catering for a niche part of the community. Adding it as part of the base game wouldn't work.
  9. No, you're fine. It'll be installed as part of the base game as per all the other DLCs as it's being made by BI, it's not a creator DLC.
  10. Lots of people are thinking it's aliens from all the previews 😂
  11. The suggested mods are clientsided only. Not all players need to download it. +1 aslong as the mods are checked to ensure it gives no benefits to the player.
  12. Henne


    all this time I had never known what LC actually stood for GL
  13. Ok fair enough, but those who do happen to see it are most likely not going to click it. How often are you looking for new servers? There's only a few and they can all be found on the server browser quite easily.
  14. If people type in "roleplay server" chances are they're not looking for Arma roleplay servers. Also, even when I was brand new to Arma and wanted to play altis life, I don't think I ever google searched it. Best way to find a server is to go into the server browser and use the roleplaying gamemode. So few come through google. Advertising would just end up being a waste of money.

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