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  1. remove all weapons pylons on all jets and only give them the main cannons the wipeout would still destroy anything and everything on the ground, but pretty much any jet can take it down fairly easily
  2. pogbas class and he will continue to be class lmao
  3. joined uni there the year after they went and won it, sad that they couldn't hold out another year to do it bloody brilliant if they fancied winning it again
  4. hope you got an A* in that paper then!! or whatever weird number/colour equivalent you use now
  5. you've definitely never used the word eptitude in your life
  6. bribe the admins into letting you do transportation to server events 😁
  7. rotate them every month so that on each server update, the files can just be swapped out? saves on mission file as unused skins aren't wasting space
  8. dont even know where to begin on this
  9. Henne

    Selling vehicles

    As far as I'm aware, admins currently aren't allowing people to sell their Tarus/Hurons/whatever.
  10. Henne


    In-game Name: Henne Steam ID: 76561198104322631 Date of the incident: 07/09/19 Time of the incident: ~2:00am Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: MK1 loadout - 270k Please provide as much detail as possible: Got rotor-tapped by a Taru over multidrug which is of course against the rules. Don't really want to report the player, would rather just get comp and get it done with. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/HlrEoSjxViQ
  11. -1 for me If you were RDM'd/VDM'd etc and your weapon is stripped, you can put up a comp request. If you died because you were shot, or your own stupidity, why shouldn't people be able to come take what they fancy?
  12. GL to all but one you know who you are 😁 got a roster?

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