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  1. Henne

    Combat Fatigues MTP and it's variants are in the server, the default, tanoa and urban CTRG clothing and their variants are all in the server. Carriers rigs are also in the server. Literally all the NATO clothing is already available in the server.
  2. Henne

    Can you upload a better picture, or tell me the name of the clothes in the virtual arsenal? Because I can almost 100% gurantee it's in the server
  3. Henne

    @Tommy Cthat couldn't be any lower quality, but those looks like the US MTPs which are in the server already as we said.
  4. Henne

    What do you mean NATO clothing? As far as I'm aware they're all already added. The US MTPs and it's variants and all the CTRG clothing - what else is there?
  5. Henne

    @WoozyOGexplain yourself you idiot
  6. Henne

    I think the principle reason for it being removed was the huge potential of trolling or abuse. Anyone could just hover their heli over anyone's vehicle and steal it, or rain down vehicles on Kavala - it's hard to catch the culprit without an admin able to observe it. Runs might also be made a bit too effective with the capacity of a heavy helicopter and sling loaded vehicle. There's these negatives and relatively fewer positives. It's cool and in certain situations it might add some good roleplay or experiences, but it's not really needed and won't really benefit the server in any way by adding it.
  7. The racing variant has the new trunk space added but the non-racing doesn't. There's no visible differentiation so I see no reason why this shouldn't have it either.
  8. Henne

    especially if there's a toggleable option, definitely a +1 for this
  9. Henne

    I was behind the red offroad with @Flamesbehind the police car. Flames was the one to initiate. Jayden crouched up behind the flipped car so I told Flames to make sure to give him one last warning before shooting him, as from my POV he had clearly reacted and looked as if trying to peak and shoot me. Initiation was clear as day from Flames and I even ensured Flames repeated it multiple times.
  10. Henne

    If it's only for Kavala greenzone that's unnecessary work for the devs, unnecessary additions to the green zone and IMO an all-around waste of time. It's a -1 for this, and debit card suggestions in general.
  11. Henne

    Compact NVs are fine, the only difference is aesthetics. The ENVG-II's are a big no - having thermals like that would be ridiculous.
  12. Henne

    I made a suggestion before for this and it didn't get accepted. Major +1, would make the experience better and more varied.
  13. Henne

    Put your UI to very small - I think that's pretty much standard anyway, looks better IMO.
  14. What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a large-breasted crab? One's a crusty bus station, and the other is a busty crustacean.

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