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  1. Henne

    Dude what's with that community reputation? 🤣

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    2. JoshDF


      nah no one likes him

    3. s a n i k

      s a n i k

      that is what happends when you get -1'ed to much

    4. Jamz
  2. Henne

    I like and use overwolf purely for the TS overlay to see who's talking, and any incoming messages. Don't use it for anything else because it looks a load of crap, and there's no other alternatives for a TS overlay that I' ve seen.
  3. Stick Camorra/Couple gangs/Police ranks in as whites
  4. Henne

    DENIED - applications are currently closed. We don't know much about you, never really interacted with you in-game. Try again when they're open and convince us.
  5. Henne

    I'll give this till 8pm GMT tonight. Message me after than @Seymour Butts
  6. Henne

    There isn't a place out of the 6 or so places that rebels can safely get gear. Why would Camorra be any different? -1
  7. Black "Hands up or _________" white "Reformed"
  8. Henne

    @Jordd not yet, nope.
  9. At his request, he wishes me to public post this so I'm "not behind his back". You're kicked @WazPoppinBros

    Edited by Henne
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    2. K-V


      I mean, I'm glad it didn't hurt your feelings tho because if it did, then you would need RPUK where you can report people for calling you an "idiot" 

      You're just using that typical old trick where you sarcastically act offended when you've got nothing to reply back with.

      Edited by K-V
    3. Henne


      Ermmmm now I'm genuinely at a loss of what to say

    4. 6ix God
  10. Henne

    Item: Police Hummingbird Proof of ownership: Coming soon Buy now price: 900k Starting bid: 400k Minimum bid increment: 50k End date: 20/05/2018
  11. All hail overlord SBX who has returned

    1. RomaN
    2. Henne


      @RomaN I was first shown that the other day, but there's still no way you're ever gonna convince me that's real

    3. RomaN


      @Henne It was part of his application to FaceLess :D

  12. Henne

    Your friends dude but you're happy you got lollipops?
  13. Henne

    //POSTED FOR KIMI In-game name? - Kimi Age? - 17 Are you a binman? - No Im a Tramp & you robbed my house from me Bank balance? - $13,000,000 Have you got both rebel licenses? - Yes Hours on Arma 3? - 2372 Previous gangs? - 39th RR, TBW, Allahs Messengers, Eternity Why would you like to join Garbo? - i would like to join garbo because i believe i can make this gang bigger and stronger im also very active.My dream job now is to be a binman and to clean the streets of altis. Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - Tom Skyline, Sloth, Scott, Bobby, Adam, Beni, GoldShot & Dec

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