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  1. @Robyy @young of the snief Can both of you agree on a time to sort out compensation today?
  2. @young of the snief @Robyy Tag me when this has been sorted
  3. Having your gun out does not mean you can shot him without giving him time to comply as per section 3.13 3.13 Poor RP/Initiating A valid initiation needs to contain the following things: Clear instructions A visible or audible threat Time to respond You are to compensate Robyy for the LSD and his gear. @Robyy How much was your gear combined with the LSD?
  4. Il give the reported some time to respond It's pretty clear that you do not get enough time to comply with their demands. You get less than 0,5sec to comply. This is not sufficent
  5. Clear rulebreak, ban issued for combat logging
  6. Il give the reported some time to explain Clear case of combat logging
  7. Il give the reported some time to respond @Jhonny Franklin I need a video showing who actually said it.
  8. Lightning

    3016 Report

    Saying "American bastard" will not be treated as discrimination. This is an adult community and people will use some harsh language at times which is accepted, depending on the situation and language used ofc.
  9. Lightning

    3016 Report

    Il give the reported some time to respond. From seeing the video, it does look equally bad on both sides and somewhat unprofessional on the cops behalf
  10. @Jxck666 @Ronaldo999 Can you both come to TS so we could sort out comp there?
  11. Lightning

    tin Report

    Seen as you guys are just speaking to him in the greenzone when he loggs out im not going to issue a ban for combat logging. However, I will place a note on his name about this incident. Report closed
  12. @Jxck666 Alright, just cut the bullshit or il just ban you for lying on the report. Your telling me that your cpu is a bit too powerfull for your setup, what do you mean by this? Having a powerfull CPU is not going to crash your pc unless the TDP of your cpu is higher than what your GPU can provide something I highly doubt as then you would probs have crashed booting windows or something... Yeah, im not buying that story. @Ronaldo999 Do you accept the comp from Jxck666
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