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  1. Lightning

  2. Lightning

    Recruitment is currently closed for the 5th order until our trials are sorted out Feel free to apply however, these applications will be looked at later. @Daryan- On hold Your application will unfortunately have to wait however, we will consider it when applications are open again.
  3. Lightning

    If you are a gang without a base it will be almost impossible to actually get a base imo
  4. Lightning

    -1 Think of the gang base war, someone dies in a deerstand, respawn instantly, regear quickly, back in the fight within 1min, just get a gang member to execute u. Would be like cod zombies, people rushing and not caring
  5. Lightning

    In-game Name: 5th | Lightning Steam ID: 76561198071747440 Date of the incident: 10/17/18 Time of the incident: 20.00 CEST Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 117 gold was lost. 1 gold bar is worth 125k as I have the perk maxed out: 117 x 125 000 = 14 625 000 In addition to the pullout cost of the huron which is 75k. Total amount - 14 700 000 Please provide as much detail as possible: Background: We were doing an RP HM and we got some gold bars. We loaded these into a hemtt fuel and flew them away with blackfish. 1. When we arrived at our gang base location I dropped a hemtt out of the blackfish in a parashoot. I then landed the VTOL next to our gang base. Whilst this is taking place the hemtt fuel also parks next to our gang base with 50 gold bars inside. I am going to store my VTOL however the hemtt fuel got stored instead as I were the owner, I did however not know this at the time. So basiclly I stored a hemtt fuel with 50 gold bars inside becasue I thought I were about to store my VTOL. 2. After this we put 50 gold bars into our huron to go and sell them at the gold trader. We were at the gold trader when our base were getting robbed so we headed back with all the gold inside the huron. Whilst we are fighting the intruders the huron is still in the air. After some time the server crash whilst all the gold is in the huron. Lost another 50 gold there. In addition to this we were all carrying a small amount of gold witch we lost due to the server restart. Any Evidence Available: All the evidence will be sendt to the staff member dealing with this as it contains information we do not want to share.
  6. Lightning

    I really like this However, rpuk has it so we can't have it #gtahasxpbarsowecanthaveit
  7. Lightning

    Il do 8mil Not worth 10
  8. Lightning

    Can not give gang funds when you are permed.... I dont know who you are calling a child, but if that is your argument, you need to grow up
  9. Lightning

    @Daryan Due to you being unknown to most of our members I will dicuss your app with Kral. @Rayan Come to TS for your interview
  10. Lightning

    -1 This is likly not gonna happen as it has always been turned down earlier. It's so easy to make money. You can easily make 1mil in 15min. Qullins and ifrits should not be a general transport vehicle rather a combat vehicle whit some value
  11. Lightning

    That logic is out of hands IMO. Im standing up for me and will always do nomatter if it is the internet or IRL. If anyone speak shit about me for no reason im obviously gonna do something about it. And this does not happen with anyone else, it's always targeted towards me, so yeah And going through all of my content just to poop emoji it is "Clearly targetting me" btw, it is not just a random post, it is all my posts
  12. Lightning

    @Epic Thing is, should one just let em speak shit to you Should a racist be allowed to scream racist shit out in public and people should just ignore it, becasue they just to it becasue they get a response.... No, I dont care, I dont get salty or angry. But why are people targeting me with this shit, just cut it out. It's against the rules DO NOT attack any member of our community. Seems like people just "target" me becasue im wondering wtf is going on. Suddenly you have 22 notifications and all is people posting shit on your profile, like wtf?
  13. Lightning

    I just dont know why everyone does it? Would be nice if they actually had a reason or some constructive critisism. No I just log on and someone has just gone to my profile just to fuck with my rep....? And being triggered and curios is 2 different things If someone is insulting you, do you just let em?
  14. Lightning

    Nice montage
  15. Lightning


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