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  1. @haha_Habibi Could you upload a video showing 2-3 min prior to this situation
  2. Report Accepted Pard could not prove he were in the same gang / teamspeak channel as ThChoseOn3. Therefor the kill on habibi and matt will be treated as RDM 24h ban issued for RDM
  3. Il give the reported some time to respond
  4. @JoeDa @_Jared_ Can both of you come to teamspeak so we can resolve this?
  5. Il be dealing with this report Il give the reported some time to respond
  6. Pard will have to prove that he is in the same gang as the guy you killed in the first video otherwise it will be treated as RDM. If they were in the same teamspeak channel and Pard can prove this then no action will be taken. Il give the reported 24hours to respond
  7. Il give the reported some time to respond
  8. Lightning


    Completed. 600k for the gold bars 1mil - mk200 2mil - RPK12 x2 480k - Lim85 200k - 7.62 Suppressor 200k - LRPS x2 @Ghoul Money will be in your comp box soon
  9. Lightning

    Arbaaz Report

    Report Denied Resolved.
  10. Lightning

    Arbaaz Report

    I will be dealing with this report. Would you be able to join teamspeak so we can resolve the issue.
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