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  1. Lightning

    Gear is dirt cheap, if you fail to recognice this then you should really start doing some math m9 A run which takes u 12min gives u almost 11mk'1......... so yeah, u tell me here laddy mac lad face...... and that is a hemtt run What you on about now? Your statement here is invalid, you are just wrong...... Im returing to the same old fact.... and the fact of the fucking easy matter here m8 is that it's way to easy to make money and it should be nerfed. Just do me a favour and stop complaning about something which is already way to easy to get.
  2. Lightning

    Ok, il put it this way mr K-V, this is not an standpoint, this is not an argument, this is a FACT Money is way to easy to make on this server, making legal items more profitable and buffing drugs even more is not the way to go forwards, money should be made more difficult to make, done. This is a fact not a standpoint. Get that in between your ears, it's not that difficult It's like me stating that there is simply only 2 genders And u have all the other ********* (not gonna mention that), who thinks it's several million, there is simply nothing to argue on this point, way too easy to make mullah
  3. Lightning

    Ok, and it makes a lot of scense, so i dont understand why you would attempt to challenge it, just because u want easy money?
  4. Lightning

    Im just saying it’s not needed at all because it’s already way to easy to make money...... you understand me?
  5. Lightning

    Whut? You dont need a huron... i never use a huron You make 1.5mil from 12min with a hemtt doing meth.... use the bus, start over. Money is way to easy to make.... so stop crying about it
  6. Lightning

    ow plz no if someone actually grinds, sat holding windows key in a video game, give them the money for the run don't let them complete a run taking 20+min to let em know, hey you made 20$, good for u
  7. Lightning

    ????? #makegunsandifritsfree
  8. Lightning

    Wrong.... wrong.... wroooooong. REBORN ROLEPLAY, cops cant RP for shit, medics revs u and has some borderline dogshit rp, blackwater rp? Hahahah, rebels rp, not a chance. Got 1000+ hours and can count good rp experiences on one hand, and dont thank the community for that, thank Fuel and Neo for beeing able to have good rp and leading 5th to do awesome rp senarios. More money will lead to everyone wanting to roll around in ifrits with mk1’s robbing others because they dont need to make money, they will not be afraid of loosing it either since they got it in huge amounts. This is not a tdm server
  9. Lightning

    Lets put it simple, its already way to easy to make money, if you buff it futher one could just get 100mil and all licenses when u start the server. Everyone can already affort mk1 losdouts all the time anyways. buff it futher and there will be no point in doing runs and one could basiclly just go play tdm instead, server is already turning into a fucking shitstorm where you get no rp, you only get hands up or die, even from police why not just give everyone free loadouts and ifrits..... sigh il just say this, 1,5mil in 12min
  10. Lightning

    I dont think your understand. 50% to legal items would be OP, you make 945k for 20min of legal runs now. Noone will contest u doing this run and you want to buff it? You also want to buff the purifier, it is not bad, it's just not as good as you want it too be. Not everything can be balanced 100%. Some things will be worse than others and the purifier is an example. The bottom line is, you want money, you should have to grind. I dont know how you connect this to the poop emoji but that is something completly diffrent. What I am saying, People who spend time on the server usually have to do runs so they can buy gear etc (hope we can agree on this). People tend to spend a lot of time on doing these runs and spend time on the server casue they have something which holds a value. Basiclly what you want to do is inflate the market. If I have spendt 1000+ hours griding for money, why should someone who have grinded 20+ hours get the same equipment? Advanced rebel should be more expensive but is fucking bordlerline cheap. 2 meth runs is both rebel lincens in da pocket. If you want to keep people on the server these people need to have something to come back to which holds some value. So they don't just fuck off to somewhere else. If you make money the easiest thing to get noone will even bother to spend time on the server unless it's combat becasue they don't have to be on the server to make money. All those people doing runs in the mornings will be gone becasue why make money when u got 200+mil and it's easy to make more. Equipment is dirt cheap..... You can buy 11 mk1's if you do 1 run lasting 15min........ money is not a problem on the server, it's way too easy to get, don't need to buff allready OP legal runs and for the love of god dont buff drugs either, the most popular runs are borderline op and ez cash
  11. Lightning

    Making 6/6mil in hour is not the solution. The LSD run was OP, OP as fuck. It's was like selling an ifrit full of 7.62's for 500k. Broken. There is supposed to be an ecosystem, a grind, where those who put in the time and effort gets better equipment than those who don't put in the same amount of time. There should be a reward for playing. There is no reward if a random scrub can play for 2hours and got accsess to all the same equipment as one who have played for 1000+ hours. Fuel put his foot down on the LSD thing, good, becasue it was broken as fuck and now all the crybabies cry.
  12. Lightning

    When I played it was way to easy to make money You can literary log onto the server with nothing and have advanced rebel at the end of the day Runs like moonshine, gunpowder, plastic, meth is OP You do one or two meth runs you are basiclly set for quite some time
  13. Lightning

    Hmmm, Or just buy it cheaper at the air garage for 12.5m How are someone gonna cut this?
  14. Lightning

    Do like a lot of AnD server, the jump script cancels the healing one, making u fully healed and ready to go in a sec #noexploit
  15. Lightning

    Does it get any better?

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