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  1. Indeed #i aint looking for trouble, not shot me plz
  2. Id rather watch BBC, not to be taken the wrong way. JK GL
  3. Il happily attempt to defend myself in any report regarding this "I HAVE NOT PLAYED IN SEVERAL DAYS, PLZ NO BAN" Just make sure Kral is dealing with the report and u can bribe him, with a membership in some gay club Or send him the phone number of his Italien girlfrind @Kral
  4. Logically speaking this will ensure the highest possibility of taking down the orca Just make sure you eject right before impact so the guy don't get your name.....
  5. RPG or Kamikaze pilot. Preferably doing more than 1000 km/h, that should do the trick Heatseakers might do the trick as well
  6. Starting bid is 25m However, only got 1 bid and there is no interest in it. @Big-Kev You can close the auction, item will not be sold as there is no interest in it
  7. Sounds like a deal Need a picture of your sis though, hope those 10 pounds will help us get a sweat appartment in the netherlands
  8. Typical @Kral Damh VDM'er
  9. ^^ Accidental bump, sry Wilma, 2 golden
  10. Simpel questions, Freedom of expression -Why can I not say what I want when it is backed by facts Is it becasue facts hurt ur feelings?

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