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  1. nononononononoononononononononoonononononononononono, i came to this server as a Somalian Smurf i aint becoming one again
  2. Action taken.
  3. Action taken.
  4. Accepted - Awaiting action
  5. Closed
  6. accepted comp issued
  7. Funny enough rubber banding usually happens with the car coming from in front of you. You desync rammed into us, it was resolved in ts after we had seen your pov. The message you sent to me kinda sums up this report, "<22:34:33> "Yolodiealone": I'm gonna be reporting you unless you give me the name of the driver x)" sorry I couldn't reply to your message i was afk but please refrain from threatening to report me for such a petty thing of me being dead and not knowing the name of someone who desynced into you.
  8. When’s your new projects coming out majed? You making a new anpr I heard?
  9. "bottem" also nice coppers
  10. Scott Mctavish - General of the UNMC
  11. I don't like my Asda plates either. Would love to have some bone china plates
  12. The 2 people being reported have 24 hours to explain there side.
  13. good luck my dudes
  14. if its decent pineapple and not cheap ham then its nice
  15. In-game name? -Are you a binman? - Depends on what you call a binman, I've taken out the rubbish before Bank balance? - 13mil ishHave you got both rebel licenses? - yhHours on Arma 3? - 3156 which i could have used on something productivePrevious gangs? - TFK, TCK (BEST GANG EVER) MW, Allahas messengers and more I cant remember Why would you like to join Garbo? - I live like a hobo so why not join some hobosCan anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - i dont know can they? (bassie, lee, tiduls)

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