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  1. how much you paying? no problem @Lewis Armstrong
  2. Happy birthday, Put a sock on it

  3. ty for headache
  4. Its for the advanced rebel my dude
  5. "good job rdm reported" 1. This isnt where you report someone 2. Threats to report are a no-no. If you were gonna report someone you would also have to resolve in teamspeak.
  6. we dont use logs as evidence,
  7. Hello, Im doing a charity walk this week for a charity ive done multiple events for, if you are able to donate please do! "Every little helps" -Asda https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ryan-mason6?newPage=True

    1. Jamz


      Strongly support this. I donate a lot to Alzheimer's Society, and my family do a lot of charity runs/walks etc for the charity too.

    2. Duderz


      I'll hit you up @Andy James

    3. Matty D
  8. Completed
  9. Denied Crumbs apologized, from what I feel either side could have gone through with the situation better.
  10. accepted
  11. whats with the alphabet thing

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