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  1. In-game name: Tactical Venom Steam ID: 76561198157906885 Date of ban: 07/07/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity ? Staff member that banned you: Adam Briggs Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I was Banned for toxicity towards jaw , it is Justified i lost my shit after being rdm and should of just took a brake Why should we unban you? I wish to be unbannad as i want to play they server , I will keep a check on my toxicity and i will make sure the word spastic isn't used in side chat again , i feel i have recognized this issue and after having a 20m conversation with bensi in support i see his side to it I know my ban history will be brough up but its cleary changed as over the last 6 months the bans have reduced and most my 11 bans are over 6 months which should be took into consideration as change does not happen over night I want to play on the server enjoy the fun i always have on there and playing and roleplay as atm playing csgo is fun but can get boring , If i didint like the server would i care to make this ? At the end of the day would i make a unban if i dont wana play ?
  2. Tactical Venom

    server bans

    This is the most realest shit ive even seen someone post and fully agree , Back in old reborn people could take a joke now its , you fucking breath in my direction ur getting banned perm or report its stupid @Ryan [email protected] Skyline #Bring2017RebornBack Ngl ive had may times Melantha could of banned me for toxic but instead unlike every other admin, she the fairest and looks as both sides and is fair , if she banned u ngl 99.9% is ur own fault and needs Staff Lead or management cause jesus , Still #Bring2017RebornBack Ngl mate if they though id be peaceful cause he rdm me and killed me 2 times in the space of 1 minutes Jesus XD
  3. Tactical Venom

    server bans

    Like i said other people , and ive got like 3-4 one bullying which was on tom abbot shouldnt be there and 3 others on for conway and other slip of mouth have fun at work
  4. Tactical Venom

    server bans

    I hand on heart couldnt agree more You play a online game which u have people letting off steam and the work spastic ect.. get involved i say its ok to let of a few words but nothing to the sense of bullying or racism I for one have had alot of experence in this area as i would call my self a professional and there are rules such as racism and bullying i dont do , but have been banned due to people going out there way Ei Tom abbot which is why i have a bullying ban when it was both parties U you see i called conway kettle fat <inappropriate2> in a private room ages ago but a guy was streaming and that got me a ban , should i say it no cause let be fair like the pot calling the kettle black ngl XD , but it was said as just to vent anger and it was done yet he pushes and push and pushed for a ban and i got a day ban ok that fair a day ban for 3 days of pushing to get someone a ban = logic "we are now civil " Like @Ryan Bradford and @Tom Skylinewill agree with me its stupid to be banned in my opinion for saying words when these can confirm with me we have seen people roleplaying as isis groups and terrorists its a online platform which lets u be who u want , if can handle a bit of toxicity as long as its not out of way bullying , doxing or racism it should and will always be there and we have all done it so sitting on ur high chair and banning for it is stupid when all admins ect.. started where we are and more have history than other . I like u tavo ngl , but im gona have to argue ur point, i went on a Facebook town post near me and legit seen someone call someone a daft fuck and other words for arguing over fucking swans , yes swans in my local pond cause they both had different ideas how to help it , the internet gives everyone a freedom to post / have there say , for example u have Facebook twitter , snap chat ect.. by u making a pst or linking ur using the internet where anyone can post the opinions or voice , hence far left and far right both arnt bad just different opinions , we all said it so to act high and mighty for it is stupid for example this video I know connor not gona slag him off as ive done the same he is a toxic fuck but a sound lad , he has said the same shit the guy said when shot and in this case it might be connor hating the guy and just going to get him banned cause of it which it looks like. we went from a time on this community to eveyone being able to say what they want with in reason and all taking it not to heart but new people come like in ever game and everwhere and now all get offended over anything from the news station saying its gona be sunny so u wear shorts and then it rains , some say ah ok and dont give a fuck others will legit kick off and write a post on facebook or verbaly say it , Im gona finish with this its a ONLINE GAME , if u cant handle being called a spastic or <inappropriate1> ect.. u need to grow up the world isnt a safe bubble anymore , its a online platform where all people with different religions , color of skin , life , birth place all come from to enjoy the game , man look at csgo i fucking love that game but if put in a game with russian with language barriers u have a laugh and take the piss , i get called BRRRRITISH and tea loving wanker in most game and u laugh it off play along and give shit back , if cant handle it , fuck off and go live the woods with your little bow and arrow catching your food cause that way no one can hurt ur little ears . sorry for rant but its 2019 people in my opinion need to grow up , more shit to worrie about like girls being groumed and nonced on by freaks on the internet and shit like how the UK is going atm with gang raping shit than a online game my lord , use the platform to help stop it what over 3000 people and all i learned is to read some right as a cop. "edit" not for my self but others need warnings like calm down or 2h bans for take a brake , not full on perm for calling someone a spastic , people are different some stressful lives , adhd autism , such as my mate jake and u have to understand that speak to them not kick off and ban over a "mean" word , i know 4 admins not gona say there names when they got it and 1st thing they said was cant wait to ban someone and guess what all got to give out there 1st banns and guess what for "toxicity " XD
  5. Have a perk where u can save loadouts and this way when get to max level u get full gear from redzone rebels only or gang base set when buy Perk lvl 1 = Save virtual items that u buy from shops ie , food , water red gulls , monster ect.. = help but still got to buy gear and guns perk lvl 2 = Clothing - This way they can buy the gear like clothes and vests but not the gun = still got to buy the gun and mags with all attachments Perk lvl 3 = Save gun and attachments - this way u still got to buy gear and more time picking it out Perk lvl 4 = The mags for the Gun still cost the money and u will need it cash to buy but it saves u time selecting which save loadout u want and u have to relode your gun but this will use 4 perks and will help cause lets be honest who the fuck uses to Nominos or some btec Package perks
  6. Tactical Venom


    links into other suggestions maybe such as to get a armor boost on cars or such as sling loading on helis u need to get a blue print which was a 0.01 % of getting this way more roleplay chances to get all blue prints just to risk to find these

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