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  1. deal Still awating money so as of this moment still for sale
  2. u still gona do these cause i dont roleplay for nothing
  3. only just got my fourm account back and in 24h seen 9 reports yikes love to see things dont change , cant we all just get along on jimboke birthday ffs

    1. hazza


      only just got your forum account back and you've made 3 status updates in 5 minutes

    2. Slice
    3. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      @hazzathats the joke give me 5 mil


    gefeliciteerd lieverd, ga uit vanavond en sterf aan alcohol u teef ;)


  5. Tactical Venom


    In-game name: viozo Steam ID: 76561198238272752 Date of ban: 05/24/18 Reason for ban: Toxicity Staff member that banned you: Genesis Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope I know that I shouldn't of done what I did, I deeply apologist for my actions and promise that it wont happen again. Why should we unban you? I do hope this isnt insta denied and you give me a chance , I know that I have not had a good ban history on this server but I really do love playing on this server and would love another chance. I would like to be able to play with my friends again. I have learnt from the mistake I previously made , I have being banned for a long time now and I feel that I have learnt my lesson, I have reads the rules and made sure that if I am unbanned that I will not let something like this happen again. I really do hope that you will consider giving me another chance on this server as I do miss playing with my friends and just playing the server in general , I apolagise to all the staff for the trouble I have caused through out my time here , Thank you for taking your time to read this
  6. Brand New Cyrus + 4 mags This gun will turn the tide in gang base bidding Item: Brand New Cyrus + 5 mags "used on 3 cops " Proof of ownership: Once tabbed out Buy now price: 15 mil Starting bid: 2 mil Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 26/9/2019

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