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  3. Written by: [N.B.D] Tactical Venom Links: Roster Gang Funds Handbook Roleplay Story: Never Back Down was found in the time when the war in Altis when many people fled the main city's of Kavala, Pyrgos, Athira and Sofia to leave the combat between the Strongest rebel gang Syndicate and The police force, Hundreds of deaths casualties from both sides were caused including a lot of civilians through out the land of altis, The new government of the island that took over in the worn torn island of Altis brought the NHS to the island and also bought a strong and powerful government which made and recruited a strong and powerful police force which swore to provide safety to all civilians and put an end to the rebel life once and for all by putting a full raid on the syndicate head outpost and destroyed them which made multiple big gangs come out of the ashes fighting for power between each other and the government to rule the island, after syndicate was destroyed the rebel activity was pushed south to pyrogs and which provoked the fight for power by forcing people to fight for them to gain back power , The large Gangs fought and fought resulting in a break through where Other big gangs manage to make it into city's and take over for them self but the large gangs noticed smaller gangs building up after the defeat of a large gang was caused by a small gang called Never Back Down who came from the roots and started to attack the other rebel outpost over and fighting the government but we need to go back the where that all started and why... [N.B.D] was Formed as The leader of [N.B.D] Tactical Venom was fighting against the cops who were pushing the rebel forces back into a zone and begin to get help from a trusty friend Scott and decided instead of fighting for the large gang to earn more power from them doing the dirty work that they would team together to force the government back them self and make a name for them self and started a gang by the name of Never Back Down which later on in the month of June 2016 they meet a group of Survives going by the names of Jack , Tom skyline and aflie holding a DMT tower with cops took hostage and as Tactical and Scott noticed That they were getting surrounded they decided to join in and help the fellow survivors so they evacuated them in the Ifrit that they took of the Large gang and got them to safety, after getting them to safety Scott decided to ask Tactical Venom , Tom skyline and alfie do they wish to join the Gang to attempt to rule the 4 zones of altis and make them a name to be feared and then the gang expanded which helped them take over outpost after outpost getting supplies to fight against the cops and some time in the early January 2017 the gang had a police radio which they Liston to and found out that a outpost which had another small gang was getting ready to be attacked by the police and Never Back Down took no second thought to go and defend the other rebels and after fighting the attacking police away, Never Back Down offered the survivors going by the names of Liam, Marcus and Joanna and offer them to join their cause which they accepted now making eternal a gang not to be messed with after fighting the police back and back and the members they drew in they have been forcing the once big gang to be broken piece after piece and now with altis getting more and more defense and police there true fight has only just started which they would make a name, anyone who wish to fight and make them self known in the war is welcome to join and fight for Never Back Down recruiting now. Requirements: Have a decent microphone Be able to buy weapons when you join the gang Experience on Arma and on the Reborn server Active on most days of the week Have TeamSpeak and be able to join the Reborn TeamSpeak What are we looking for: People that can roleplay their way out of thing Good drivers People that are good at combat Rules: Don't break ANY server rules. Don't meta-game no matter what. Don't be Toxic or Rude to Gang members or other players. Be friendly with your teammates. No Mic Spamming, Or Text Spamming. No Racism at all. Must Speak Fluent English. 3 warnings and you're OUT. No talking over each other because the problem was with this gang because people talk over each other all the time. Never break roleplay. If someone in your channel says "comms" immediately stop talking as they most likely have important information to say or they need you to Shut Up! Read the handbook which is at the top. Template for application: In game name: Age:? Hours: ? Previous Gangs: ? Have you been ban before (if so list):? Drug/Rebel Licences:? Strength:? Weakness:? Why we should recruit you:?
  4. Lewis Recommended me just missed me out as he had to go buy some more weed
  5. That amazing role play screams a fake laugh and then says your getting ur bois to set up , "radio" dont tell kappa he naked , he a easy frag" Then refused to hop out of a car when in a real car search u wouldn't be sitting in the driving seat,
  6. 59e27995d946f_sandr.thumb.JPG.3fbd4d9f1264200a3362149614622e85.JPG

                                                                                                                                    Search And Rescue

    Edited by Tactical Venom
  7. +1 helped me with some S&R screen shots
  8. nah take kevin savage mate im still banned
  9. 1 mil buy now
  10. nah still gona be a meme till i get it u even got 1.5 mil ?
  11. next time Im gonna do what i said at the start and leave and not join a channel with him and if Im playing with a friend in that channel i will ask my friend to join a separate channel to play instead of arguing with majed , i understand the "Well he did this, so I can do this back" is childish but atm of time i was more annoyed the fact i was banned and not what i did which i do take responsibility as stated
  12. @Belthorium "you guys wouldn't just go jump over the border of Mexico just to make some money when you can merely pay a little tax and go legally. " - go have him my son, show him what a Mexican can do last time i did a oil run i got taxed nearly 50k + for making 200k like da duck waste of 30 minutes
  13. When does this run out , been months and still waiting

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