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  1. it was made quickly as just got back of holiday watch my 1st memetage i did it on that
  2. Hope u enjoy it was rushed as got back from holiday , lot going on at the minute
  3. latest?cb=20150316180502@Tom Skyline

    Oi u still trying to get on Charlotte or have u finally realized ur a joana fan ;)

    I think u can get both x 




  4. can u delete goldshots unban one of them as they have duplicated 

  5. In-game name: Goldshot "His words" Steam ID: All Community ban "ts , game , Website" Date of ban: 01/31/19 Reason for ban: "Ip spreading" Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no it was justified someone one sent the ip list in the chat which i saved and then showed to u , i should of saved there name and not just the list but as it was just this list i was trying to do the server good by informing u lot , i should of got an admin at the time i was sent it and not saved it and waited until a management +1 came on. Why should we unban you? I wish to be unbanned as i never made the list i was just sent it and wish to play on this community again like i have been doing since i 1st joined
  6. In-game name: Tom Skyline Steam ID: 76561198116453222 Date of ban: 02/02/19 Reason for ban: "Leaking IPs" Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was Justified and i can see the reason why i was given even though i dont believe i should of been banned This is the place where I have played over 1000 hours on and made many friends. Yes, I got wiped for the money thing but this is my limit I would never intentionally go out my way to harm members of the community, especially since my own IP is very hard to change I know what its like to be on one of these lists. I have done so much for Reborn and i would never want to get banned to no ever come back I genuinely love this server and want to come back , i aint been on pc much now as this is the only game i play and love to play and it feels bad coming on pc and cant play with my friends Tactical and Ryan bradford and it feels bad Please can i get unbanned and i hope there is some way for u to see that im not leaking ip and that i dont know why my name was on there i understand why i was banned but i just hope u can give me a chance to show it was never me . Why should we unban you? I wish to be a member of this community like i was and always will be
  7. Imagine...

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    2. Flix
    3. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      What'd he do this time?

    4. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      @Harry Lewiswe where being dickheads and took a joke too far as usual 

  8. 04887d17d0a50513f89316f9875558c8.png

    1. OutSyder


      I think you have problem with your knowledge.

      • Only the reporter and the reported may post on a report unless you are providing evidence, your friend being there is not evidence, we do not need his opinion.

      so read it again

    2. Tactical Venom
  9. Why cant we get the old Tactical Venom :(


    1. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      My voice ? , i was such a fucking mong like Liston to this gives me <inappropriate3> 

  10. Jesus Christ thats alot of bans XD glad im not there to make it 4365

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