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  1. It wouldn't be standard Altis, i mean new roads, bridges, new towns. maybe make a new Kavala in the middle of Altis idk. New HM that is actually a Bank. so people can hide and defend inside a big building. Everyone knows Altis and if we stay Altis i'm sure everyone has some amazing ideas to make it so good it doesn't even look like the Altis we know.
  2. Maybe stay on Altis but just make it so it is a whole new map, make a bridge, rebuild the towns, make a custom HM and build new roads. Or if possible maybe remove some land and build a 2nd small Island next to it. Or if we want a new map, i say make a map thats little bit smaller then Altis.
  3. Just so i understand. Server 1 will stay the same with no mods and you keep everything and then server 2 will be a fresh start but with mods? if so, Yes would be awesome. You can basically play 2 different worlds on one community would be cool!!
  4. Anyone able to make a banner and logo for my forum profile?

  5. Good luck!
  6. Can the streams go on at a later time, it is really not helping my motivation to stay at work :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tivroxx


      I can't even watch the stream as my big boss is next to me all day long....

    3. Fuel


      so is mine, but I have an earpiece in so I get sound


    4. ^Dom


      Can the streams just stop overall they lag my chrome

      Edited by ^Dom
  7. it was not really like srs for a new uniform but they still look cool tho. And the uniform now is also not really copish
  8. I think it has already been said, they get rid of em in the shop and after 2 weeks from the houses i believe.
  9. New uniform SFU? remember these @Fuel
  10. Remove CSATS, it adds nothing usefull for a rp server. i get everyone likes a good gunfight here, atleast most of the people do but csats just make it unfair.
  11. Anyone uses a joystick for flying in Arma and if so, which one should i buy? not higher then €45

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    2. Henne


      In terms of how good you are at flying, I think the difference is negligible. Its more about personal preference and immersion.

    3. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      If you are using advanced flight model a joystick is probably mandatory but normal flying is just preference, i tried flying with joystick at my m8s and found it much better flying jets on KOTH etc

    4. Tivroxx


      IDK, ill just try and get better with a keyboard for now i guess. 

  12. Friendship
  13. Hahaha was more thinking of something with a capacity of 5-600
  14. @Fuel Maybe make a drug run on water and a boat you will need to craft wich has a really big trunk capacity?

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