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  1. Tivroxx

    n1 jimmy
  2. Tivroxx

    UPDATE 03/07/18 @11am 5.1 You are NOT permitted to return to situations that occurred outside of the redzone or capture points, you are permitted to return to redzone situations as long as you still stay 1km away and wait 15 minutes first.
  3. Tivroxx

    In-game name: C63 Steam ID: (forum account) Date of ban: 06/13/2018 Reason for ban: Posting inappropriate picture and overall shitposting Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified. Why should we unban you? It was justified. Recently ive just been shitposting too much. I have not gotten a warning for over a year until a month ago where they started stacking. I do realise that what I posted does not belong here or anywhere else for that matter and I’m sorry if my posts offended anyone which im sure is possible. I use the forums daily just to check up on whats new and not having access to my account really made me regret my recent actions. I would love another chance tp prove myself on the forums amd I promise that I will no longer post anything offensive. Thanks
  4. Tivroxx

    Whoo new gang! Is kevin actually back 😳❤️
  5. Tivroxx

    Had some clips left of when i was a cop..
  6. Tivroxx


    How is this gonna help the police with banks and everything? SFU already has some good shit what you gonna give MI6? Tanks? It will be the same people that are able to make a difference in the bank, only in a new unit.
  7. Tivroxx

    TAG mate, best times @Ollie_
  8. Tivroxx

    Server 2 will open when server 1 is full for a certain period. No schedule
  9. Tivroxx

    Thats cuz no one has been benching
  10. Tivroxx

    It is on the ToDo list, but does not have a big priority
  11. Tivroxx

    @^AndreW I mean cops can win if they can use what they have... or wait for rebels to move out. But if we wait for the rebels they start chatting shit to us and some cops care about it. And if we use a bench snipe they get called out for everything and even ddos... No need for NATO, should be other things cops can do to work it out.
  12. Tivroxx

    Ehmm who said we cant win banks and struggle in gunfights haha. Just make a new bank as this one is shit and the only way cops can win most of the time is by waiting for rebels to move out. But if we do that rebels are gonna cry that we dont push, just get something like vanguard back
  13. Tivroxx

    Cause then you have a real stable unit... and it's A&D just for fun. i just wanna be there but i can't this weekend😛
  14. Tivroxx

    ... we don't even have a chief now, and just asking do it again when the "new" DIU is running.

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