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  1. Tivroxx


    ?? bartering for cheaper guns, vehicle dealer, dodgy dealer there is so much more you can spend it on. And is this a suggestion? come with new perks......
  2. Tivroxx

    Gang base guns

    Don't think that is possible. Maybe give the people in the base some exclusive vehicle to buy like a armed qilin. Or make them able to get some exclusive stuff idk. Gang base owners are able to rent a certain helicopter for free for good roleplay reasons on og. idk don't think gang base owners need a lot more. already have a place to gear up and discount on guns. Some vehicles would be nice.
  3. Yeah but, that gun sore thing on the left is your outpost. i don't know what road you pick but it takes max 3/4 mins to get to og not even that. The new outpost needs to be added but not for blackwater to get there to get cars out again.
  4. Sorry sir and sorry leeroy, i was just trying to explain in a good way how fast it was so he gets the point. please no warning point
  5. I get killed, regear, drive like lightning mcqueen. You can see me getting killed en me killing the guy in the same kill feed thats how fast it is. What map is that you know you are on the wrong server for that?
  6. Bro ive done the drive 100+ times it takes 2 mins untill you are on og
  7. ???? you have an outpost legit like 2k drive to the middle of og
  8. Tivroxx

    Gang base guns

    Maybe make it if you have a gangbase you get like a blackwater kind of store? so you can buy cyrus, mar10, armed Qilin?
  9. Tivroxx


    Or just make it if donation goal is 100% we just get a full month again....... GEt you want everyone to spend money but theres no fun atm with how expensive everything is. Some people can't and don't want to spend the 2/3 hours they have on a day to game in doing runs. Everyone is just going to spend most $$ as rebel and join cops cause they don't have any money.
  10. Ban the people that use it to dupe or fix the duping...... Kinda stupid if you have 2/3 leaders and only 1 can acces funds and buy houses/gang garages for the gang.
  11. If someone is rank 4 in the gang let him be able to do everything rank 5 can except for kicking rank 5 ofc... Rank 4 is most of the time a leader or someone high in the gang aswell. Should be able to take gang funds, buy garages, houses etc.
  12. You need to be a better gamer to be that quick mate
  13. Make a poll where people can vote untill next sunday.
  14. Rather have the bases reset on 8PM restart. As gangs are playing anyway might have some fun fights at the caps after the restart.

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