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  1. Donate some money and you should be good to get unbanned
  2. You know who i mean. And when was the last time i sniped? cause last time i got accused of sniping was when i was bowling. 😕
  3. surprised you say that as some of you do exactly the same ^^
  4. It has been a good week!
  5. Any update on this on how it is going to work? @Fuel
  6. He has never seen you in the back of a tempest killing everybody.
  7. You have never seen fuel play arma have you?
  8. Not the best, hoping gangs will come back again. 4k
  9. Tivroxx


    Mk1 loadout was 200k
  10. Tivroxx


    In-game Name: Tivroxx Steam ID: 76561198029408279 Date of the incident: 02/02/19 Time of the incident: 00:00 Link to player report: . Lost Items and Estimated Value: Mk200, 2 mags and a MK1 loadout Please provide as much detail as possible: Hacker on the server that send me flying the first time with a MK200 and stripped me naked the 2nd time with a mk1 loadout. Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/8fefcc8f41c259effe487b49918f20cb https://gyazo.com/d767b15985489f41cb9c1a1bbd85a7f5
  11. Well i don't think i am in the wrong here. You enter the redzone at one point and you are flying around the redzone for a good minute before landing. I've been told once it is common sense and i will stick to that. You did not even try to resolve. i know you don't have to but an instantly report of you getting killed for flying 10m from redzone and even in the redzone at one point....... I even shot a bench out in the same skin helicopter https://gyazo.com/ea8cfbc8951d29f91a826ceb55a6d84b, could be you for all i know. If an admin disagrees with me that it is common sense i am happy to comp you but as it is an report i am not sure if they let me.
  12. Thanks for trying to resolve, can you provide a video of 3 mins. As i already shot a bench out before you landed and flying around a redzone and landing exactly on the edge of the zone is in my opinion not really classed as me ”deathmatching”. It is more common sense. I’ll wait for an admin to reply and the longer video.
  13. Don’t remove them. But having 100 smoke grenades for your MXGL is stupid.

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