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  1. Tivroxx

    Cops and blackwater could control it
  2. Item: 1x LIM 15x MK-1 4x CAR95-1 with 6 100rnd mags 2x Mk18 2x type 115 2x SPAR-16s 6 150 rnd mags 11x LRPS 11x 7.62 suppressor 1x AMS khaki 11x AMS 1x LMG suppressor Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/b4f426c1100d7f38328f31bdde307f02 https://gyazo.com/9a1631ecc38ecedbef4171b004667187 https://gyazo.com/fd320eb67890db1f7d86d8fa75faa0d4 Buy now price: 10 mil Starting bid: 6.5 mil Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 16-12-2018
  3. Tivroxx

    A bit more active, is that gonna be banks and anti fed or a lil bit more?
  4. Tivroxx

    Name: Tivroxx Age: 20 Previous Gangs: Sinity Hours on Arma 3: Bank Account: 13 mil Why do you want to join Ƶenith : Sinity is inactive atm and some of the guys gone here. Hope to play some reborn again. Who can vouch for you ( ask first ) : Crawfy, Lil Yachty and Vlad Vodka
  5. Tivroxx

    I gave my opinion big man com support.
  6. Tivroxx

    Denied. Way to many channels in the teamspeak then.
  7. Tivroxx

    When did you leave sinity then?🤕 @Crawfy
  8. Tivroxx

    Thanks ALUK big boy Hoggie❤️
  9. Tivroxx

    There are some clips in to just make it a bit longer.... needed some space on my harddrive and as Sinity is dead atm and i don't play much reborn now.... Enjoy 4k
  10. @FuelPlease get the new weapons in. That p90 looks sexy.image.png.2ed9efffe32f1576de721e17285d3a7f.png

  11. Tivroxx

    It wouldn’t happen anyway. It is suggested sometimes in police but never happens
  12. Tivroxx

    It's not even for combat.... nightvision makes your game just look shit and lag a bit more. Just keep it as it is or make night time go faster.
  13. Tivroxx

    A lot of people don't even want night time on the server. So no.
  14. Tivroxx

    3.17 Gang TagsIf a gang has 5 or more members then all members must wear a gang tag. Gangs may not work together. So you can basically only take people that aren't in a gang. so they need to leave it. Then again you have gang tags and if the extra person that joins the group doesn't wear a tag people call it rdm straight away. I want groups in aswell but the rules need to be changed aswell then.
  15. Tivroxx

    Please no, that means it would also be night time for a full restart. Dynamic weather yess but time nonono

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