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  1. Tivroxx

    Don’t forget the DIU patrol. We needed 15 normal cops on patrol without any specialized units. So we basically needed all cop slots full to do anything. And as its kinda dead atm...
  2. Tivroxx

    So you want us to taze and keep them in base for the whole restart? they spawn in to either make a fast bid or buy a gun..... people slam base to distract us and then people spawn in to quickly bid on the base...
  3. Tivroxx

    Goodbye Wrigh
  4. Tivroxx

    Been gone for 3 months, joined police and going to buy a new pc so need everything gone. Here are some really old fraggies i still had on my pc.
  5. Tivroxx


  6. Tivroxx

    EEhmmmmm no
  7. Is a curved monitor worth the money?

    1. Epic


      I got a curved monitor, sadly doesn't improve my skill FeelsBadMan. 

      Jokes aside isn't too bad, looks pretty cool for a setup.

    2. Daniel


      I'd say it's only good for work on the computer, like video editing etc.

  8. Tivroxx

    Still shit
  9. Happy Birthday! Come back to police

    1. Tivroxx


      Thanks honeeyy ❤️ make me atleast SC and give me a Mk1 and i will. 

  10. Happy Birthday NOOB :D

    1. Tivroxx



  11. When are we getting the 2 year membership award 😛

  12. Tivroxx

  13. Tivroxx

    n1 jimmy
  14. Tivroxx

    In-game name: C63 Steam ID: (forum account) Date of ban: 06/13/2018 Reason for ban: Posting inappropriate picture and overall shitposting Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified. Why should we unban you? It was justified. Recently ive just been shitposting too much. I have not gotten a warning for over a year until a month ago where they started stacking. I do realise that what I posted does not belong here or anywhere else for that matter and I’m sorry if my posts offended anyone which im sure is possible. I use the forums daily just to check up on whats new and not having access to my account really made me regret my recent actions. I would love another chance tp prove myself on the forums amd I promise that I will no longer post anything offensive. Thanks

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