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  1. Anyone played the game Hell Let Loose? early acces ww2 game, want to know if it is worth buying???

    1. Tivroxx


      @NeoI see u have it, tell me is it as sick as it looks?

    2. Kieran_


      @[EVO]CHEF I know has played it.

    3. Tivroxx


      Looks funny af 


  2. Tivroxx

    Cleanup Script

    Bw and police are not allowed to come 1 by 1 anymore so guess we have 30 mins longer good fps....
  3. Tivroxx

    Gang Bases

    Not enough gangs yet...
  4. If you need a van Dijk give me a contract
  5. Yet you had 4 of em He didn't say you could pull them and he also didnt say you were driving them, read it hazza goddammit go to school instead of the 12 hour shifts
  6. Think i was right next to you when you got killed multiple times xx, stop crying about roaching as you do it yourself xx
  7. Bullet proof vest mate, still got 180d
  8. Server is fine atm, 40/50 fps on cap with 800000 qilins everywhere. But do agree, housing update first and then the rest.
  9. Think that was Albiston, Calling me shit when he got 180d🤣
  10. Getting shot from everywhere, running up window like a mad man "WINDOW CLEAR", and then you see Black just sitting in some weird spot
  11. Or you just find someone called Black in the weirdest spots on cap

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