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  1. @Rage can you finish this please.
  2. [2018-01-22 / 19:59:55] Astrocrytomas - 76561198000586910 bet £1,800,000 on the roulette table. Bank Balance: £45,279,188 On Hand Balance £1,800,000 why would you bet when the server has 5 seconds left? and that is the amount you came on with, money you win while the server is down is your own dam fault. Denied
  3. Stupid thing is we have been on OVH before
  4. unbanned same detail as your friends
  5. same detail as your friend, your account is 100% wiped so all previous work is lost. Unbanned.
  6. I was considering unbanning you until I saw your previous ban history, obviously no shits given when it comes to our rules. Denied - appeal again in 3 months.
  7. Unbanned, in future if you disagree with with something go along with it and deal with it afterwards.
  8. @Neo do you want to make the call on this one.
  9. @Wilma Fingerdoo you can come to the final decision on this one.
  10. happy birthday Riviox

  11. denied, forum account is now unbanned he can appeal himself
  12. we already know how you and your buddies duped. and now for that your account is 100% wiped. but im happy to unban you, but just so you are aware you have wasted 800 hours worth of playing our server.
  13. this is not exactly VDM, you start driving as they turn the corner as much your fault as it is theres, VDM is the intentional driving into other vehicles, this is not that.
  14. @Jay make sure to re-read our rules, take this as a warning, you wont get another, @Fury if you need comp jay will provide it.
  15. im more intrigued as to why you initiated after the dodgy crash

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