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  1. Fuel

  2. Fuel

    IRL the polcie would know more about drug locations than civs, you make an invalid argument, police have intel, polcie actually know who is a drug dealer, the average civ doesnt. denied.
  3. Fuel

    hang on, really, we have a limited number of hotkeys you want to make food and drink, what food what drink, one for each drink one for each food? jog on.
  4. Fuel

    I need the video uploaded not a dropbox link.
  5. Fuel

    ban issued
  6. Fuel

    ban issued for RDM
  7. as @sammer18openly admits he doesn't know the rules. ban issued.
  8. Fuel

  9. Fuel

    you dont need 2 minutes prior @Danielyou can clearly see his restraints time out and he shoots him, which is poor RP. Ban issued
  10. Fuel

    ban issued on @MVXIMUM how he suicided is nothing to do with it, you was told to comp you decided to try and haggle, it was not optional. @saffeput in a comp request and you will get 100% comp.
  11. Fuel

    both of you just man the fuck up, @Enz dont message people with the phone system outside of RP again.
  12. Fuel

    you ban is not appeal-able for 7 days. denied.
  13. Fuel

    unbanned - I suggest in future you stay in RP at all times.
  14. Fuel

    dont bother asking for comp, and I suggest @Roaldyou sort your attitude problem out, admins keep mentioning your name, and from what I see here I see there concerns, next time it will be you that receives a ban.
  15. Fuel

    denied you was 100% part of it just because you didnt do the physical dupe, you got 19mil from it.

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