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  1. we would have to sift through Bans 4364 active If you want someone unbanned tell them to put in an unban request, they have a pretty good chance of being unbanned (apart from hackers) as I do not really do unbans any more too stressful.
  2. straw poll is pointless its botted easily, also the straw poll is flawed, you put 3 different answered, also its not possible to unban everyone apart from hackers, as we have banned so many it will be hard to figure out who is and isnt, its not like you can just tick a box and say unban all execpt hackers.
  3. Fuel

    White SUV

    it looks god awful sorry.
  4. Fuel


    cant make them indestructible, the arma system does not work as it is part of the original map, all i could do is hide it and replace it with my own then disable damage which would be more map objects for no reason, use your own advice if you dont like them dont use them
  5. this is a non modded server, this can not be done without mods, we are limited to what exists in arma.
  6. Fuel

    Strip weapons

    the attachment thing is fixed, but this is not possible, I could open up there inventory, but I couldn't hide certain things
  7. civs will never have armed helis, we gave someone one for 1 restart and they killed everything that moved and nearly got banned.
  8. Fuel


    its back in your garage
  9. Fuel

    3^ Mullins.SkinHead

    why did it get banned 5 days ago?
  10. Fuel


    talking bullshit - denied
  11. Fuel


    wiped and unbanned
  12. Fuel

    3^ Mullins.SkinHead

  13. Fuel


    wiped and unbanned.
  14. Fuel

    Blaine :)

    wiped and unbanned

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