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  1. fuel mate you think you could state your approval for the coastguard once again, thanks in advance

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    2. Carlos1


      @Luke Wilson you are some high level troll no respect

    3. Luke Wilson

      Luke Wilson

      no because hes annoying af, its literally a meme @Carlos1

    4. Spacearmy73
  2. I am more than happy to try and make it better, but if you make it for the full month people do not notice the price drop and think oh fuck I should donate, so we would get donations every other month, other suggestions are welcome
  3. Fuel

    csat lvl 1 vest

    csats are never coming back to the server.
  4. Fuel

    Fuel's Blog

    I will start of with my background. So you all know me as Fuel, my real name is Chris and I was born and raised in a small village in Staffordshire. When I was young I was bullied quite a lot in school, it was more because of the people I hung around with and the fact I wanted to actually learn in school, go figure. I eventually snapped and help one of the bullies over a balcony by his throat and ended up being "forced" to move schools, you have to love school systems, I get moved and not the kids who cause the issues. I ended up leaving school with some pretty good grades, and got my first job as a car insurance broker, that lasted a matter of months until I realised I was dieing a little inside every time I turned up to work. Next door to the insurance broker was the Army Careers Center, so I walked out of work and went next door and signed up. I did not know what to expect when I joined up I just needed a change, I ended up passing the army tests with flying colours, I was going to be in the infantry but they suggested I am more suited to IT/Telecoms so I joined up as a Communications Systems Engineer. During my time in the forces I was based all over the place, Wales, Cyprus multiple places around England, ended up completing 4 tours, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Falklands. I spent just under 13 years in the army, but had to leave due to my brother having a serious motorbike accident and I had to leave to help out. Now I am a It/Telecoms Technician in a small company in Stoke on Trent, and I am back to dieing a little each time I come into work. Now to my gaming background. I was never into PC gaming until I left the forces, I started off on Xbox the original type, as I won one in a raffle, pretty much got addicted instantly, when the Xbox 360 came out I purchased it and began my Call of Duty era. Started off the same as most people, just playing casual and found out I was pretty good at it, I started playing with the same group of people over and over and we got pretty good as a team. We started playing competitive and beating everyone we played against, we joined The Warped Gaming League which is now known as Gfinity. At my peak I was pretty good, on the same level as most pro's, but due to me being in the army I couldn't really drop everything and go to tournaments, so I knew I would never go pro. When COD Ghosts came out I found it way too easy and even the competitive scene was too easy, so found myself playing league of legends a lot and when the Xbox one came out I made the final jump to the PC Master race. The Team I played with all ended up separating and going there own directions, then I found myself watching lots of streams and ended up playing a lot of DayZ Standalone, I purchased my own server and used it for the streamers I was friends with, hosted lots of events and had a blast. After about 3000 hours on DayZ, my streamer group decided to play Altis Life to take a break, we played for a few hours I got addicted, they all went back to DayZ and I stayed with Altis Life. I have played way too much Altis Life, I have been a CSI, I have led rebel gangs and I have been in and out of support teams, and now we are here. If you have made it this far I thank you for reading my life story. Much Love Fuel xx

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