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  1. i love the cmr especially because of my extremely exercised fingers
  2. lol I'm edgy so I call my montage no storage left so I don't bullied
  3. Interest Form Name: eAgLe Steam ID: 123456789 Hours on Arma 3 (800 hours minimum) What are your best attributes: Fire extinguisher and my dads prada shoes Previous Gangs: vertigo In game money balance: 99p Why do you want to join Cerberus: Can anyone in the gang vouch for you in Cerberus: all of the above
  4. xoxoxoxoxox
  5. my fucking nigga
  6. wrong i got dcc in 3 months
  7. pffff lol
  8. why?
  9. genuine question @Neowhat shall i do if someone wants to resolve on ts?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Neo


      There's nothing to compensate whilst banned.

    3. Pricey


      ^not an ingame ban..

    4. Logan12


      Banned on ts for taking the piss out of Jstar. Banned on the forum as @Rambo didn't understand me calling @Clixy a snake was a joke.

  10. Can we add all the hats that are in the clothing store to rebel not the hard hats just the caps and such?
  11. god kyle wants admin how much did he pay you this time mr scally
  12. god you analysed this quicker then you took down you hack showcases
  13. @^AndrewFamstole my meme ;-;

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