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  1. Good Luck
  2. We have decided to remove a number of medics for being inactive, the full post is below. NHS Command
  3. what a joker and all sfu want is a gunfight
  4. ok lol keep to that Mexican builder rp
  5. SFU

    like your dad
  6. if you think that's an ahk you're pathetic...
  7. we will see how many people that don't have it and we can sort it then
  8. As of a large influx of budget increase to the NHS, they have decided to give back to the people, more than they already do, and host an event for anyone that would like to get involved can so. MANIC MEDICS Manic medics is a demolition derby style event featuring the brand new medic ambulances. All you have to do is turn up naked and the NHS will provide the vehicles for each player you can come as a team or on your lonesome Admins will pick you up in a Hemmt Transport in Kavala Square @09:00pm on 07-10-2017 PRIZES 1st Place : £6,000,000 2nd Place : £4,000,000 3rd Place : £2,000,000 Rules: 1. Come to the destination with nothing! 2. You can fill 1 vehicle with as many as it can fit, but you will have to split the prize money. 3. If you drive the vehicles or troll before the event starts you will be shot and not allowed to come back. 4. No use of any firearms or weapons! 5. VDM is obviously allowed. 6. If you annoy admins or spam they can remove you from the event at any time. THE EVENT WILL BE CHANGED TO THE TRUCK BOXERS
  9. +1
  10. `goodluck airborne
  11. i gotchu back with that follow g

  12. I gotchu wit that follow g

  13. Application denied from Bobby as he is banned from the forums
  14. I think it would be nice if reborn could have a stats page which would display loads about a certain player id or player name such as; Police & NHS whitelisting, what gang the player is in and their bank account etc!

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