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  1. Ryannn

    toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late
  2. Ryannn

    I’ll take all five for the 8 mil @Adam Briggs
  3. I get why the amount of supplies needed for 1 mag is so high but it takes a mad amount of time to create one. My suggestion is that you reduce the amount of copper and brass required. currently you need 100 copper and 120 brass. i would hope that could be changed to around 70 copper and 80 brass to make the time it takes to make them a bit more rewarding. I can understand this is a powerful weapon but I can honestly say making one magazine would take nearly double the time it took me to make the gun.
  4. Ryannn

    Sold message me on ts when you want to buy it, I’ve the same name on ts.
  5. Ryannn

    Item: Police Hunter Proof of ownership: will add photo later Buy now price: 3.5mil Starting bid: 1.5 mil Minimum bid increment:100k End date: Saturday 14th July
  6. Ryannn

    Definitely doesn’t deserve marksman! nice 1 boi
  7. It’s staying in Russia you pricks 😂

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ryannn


      Lad I’m Scottish, I literally wanted nothing more 😂

    3. KingOfNeptune


      i was joking any ways :D

    4. Jazz


      I mean its going to france

  8. Ryannn

    I’ll play.
  9. Ryannn

    What diffirence does it make, just so you can metagame how many of us there are a bit easier?
  10. Ryannn

    Gets requested all the time and it gets denied every time.
  11. Ryannn

    Peaky blinders, the office (American version), Brooklyn 99
  12. Ryannn

    The fuck is this, what the fuck were you thinking when you posted this? In who’s mind is this a good idea?
  13. Ryannn

    Pretty sure it works something like every 15 mins it wipes everything that is on the floor, and any vehicles despawn that don’t have someone within 1km of them.
  14. Ryannn

  15. Ryannn

    Lad for the love of god press C+C, and double O to get rid of that damn watch!

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