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  1. I’ve seen previous suggestions being denied for similar ideas however I can see the point staff make as to why they wouldn’t want it to be perm 50% off as the server requires the money in order to run. What I would like to suggest is that once the donation goal is met instead of half price only being active for 10 days it instead lasts the month or at least goes on for 20 days. i think it’s quite noticeable that arma in general has an ever changing player base and I think it would be very beneficial for the server if it had an extended period of 50% off. I think you’d see a lot more activity due to people not having to spend a good chunk of their time on the server making money. ps. I did look for other posts exactly the same to this but couldn’t see any so if I’ve missed it please just paste the link to it and I’ll delete this. Edit: for whoever comes to deal with this from management here’s a more compressed version of what the suggestion has become - make the length of half price 25 days if donation goal is met. Have a feature where gangs can bid/purchase skins for the month for £10-15 ( this has to be purchased the month prior to when it takes effect in game ) this skin will apply to the clothing and vehicles

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