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  1. Ryannn

    You see that desk on the left, unless there is a wall the hobos would just convert to jumping over that, there is no stopping them!
  2. I honestly don’t have a fucking clue what you are on about? Maybe re read his suggestion, he is suggesting that the normal rebel shops and advanced rebel shops are merged
  3. The fuck are you talking about
  4. Ryannn

  5. Ryannn

  6. Honestly one of the funniest games ive played in a while...


  7. Ryannn

    @JasonMeister not gonna lie you sounded like a cat being blended, but fair play for doing it I suppose.....
  8. Ryannn

  9. I have nothing against it but I’m just curious as to why Camorra are getting a border and effectively a chunk of the map when they are meant to be a mafia? Also they currently aren’t happy when their family home is attacked so giving them a checkpoint which will most likely be taken over all the time won’t really help?

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    2. Rage


      @Ryannn sounds to me like you just don't like the fact they have some form of physical barrier. Gangs and Mafias will have a metropolitan city to protect them, since that's not possible, a wall is the next best thing.

      As for getting authorisation, welcome to realism. 

      @Jay work better with police command to create operations, police never had an issue with a show of force when I was Commissioner, why is it an issue now??


    3. Jay


      @Rage come back mate the police need you.

    4. MaxM


      @Rage cops needs you Alan

  10. Ryannn

    @Sycorax fuck is this 😂😂
  11. Ryannn

  12. Nah just @PaulS all he does is play chess and he loves tedious tasks like this
  13. **URGENT** I need a link to see the CL final does anyone have a website that will be playing it live? Much love to anyone who can provide one!

    1. Alonso ' ' ' ' '

      Alonso ' ' ' ' '

      BT sport stream it on youtube mate.

    2. Ryannn


      Just saw that, cheers man.

    3. Benny


      yeah mate I think real madrid won

  14. Ryannn

    Why would there be something wrong with this, if he has sat on the hill and watched you get revived then there is nothing wrong with him coming and robbing you?
  15. Ryannn

    I know we’re not supposed to comment but to access the video it needs your email address which I doubt anyone would want to give out?

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