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  1. you dun fucked up

  2. Ryannn

    It used to be like 140-160 and it was hella laggy so -1 itÔÇÖs pretty good right now
  3. Ryannn

    So your saying you want more money to do what you are on the server to do? Cops donÔÇÖt need money so why do you need an incentive
  4. Ryannn

    What you banned for this time?
  5. Ryannn


  6. Ryannn

    Why should you be able to sell them for 100k? All you would get is a bunch of hobos looting dead medics. -1 from me
  7. Happy birthday doll xx

  8. Ryannn

    Accepted, one of us will be on after like 4 if you need ts pass
  9. Ryannn

    Over the near 2 years IÔÇÖve played this server think IÔÇÖve been Flashbanged about 4 times so not really a big deal if you ask me. IÔÇÖve certainly never been killed from the effects of one. what Andrew is saying as well is spot on, rebels have it easy, especially when you consider only about 5% of cops have access to them
  10. Ryannn

    Will always miss vanguard but syndicate was just the most fun IÔÇÖve ever had on any game.
  11. Ryannn

    ItÔÇÖs been the same time every day for the last 2 years, think itÔÇÖs fine the way it is tbh just take a look at the time every now and then.
  12. Ryannn

  13. Ryannn

    Well when I asked for comp in direct you ignored it so I presumed you never gave a shit, IÔÇÖm happy to take comp, I had a mk18 loadout so 280k. if an admin could transfer the money tho as I wonÔÇÖt be on to receive comp for next couple of days due to work?

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