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  1. Ryannn

    I get why it’s frustrating for rebels but for the police it can be a big deal to be able to crush a couple ifrits. I think if it was going to become a thing then I’d prefer the ability to be able to drive to say kav pd isntead of 2 mins to athira. Gives us a chance as well to actually crush something.
  2. Ryannn

    Constructive criticism only plz❤️ Sorry Dan
  3. Ryannn

    Tbh there is never 15 cops on so not sure why any cop is trying to say otherwise, what if the amount of gold in the bank is lowered a bit but still trigerable if there is 12 cops. And then if the hop on squad hops on you get the full amount, or some shit like that.
  4. Ryannn

  5. Ryannn

    I think this is more because if a medic is trying to combat revive then they can be forcefully told to leave
  6. Ryannn

    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198091594191 ❤️
  7. Ryannn

    In the time it took this video to start I was able to take most of a shit and eat 3 chocolate digestives
  8. Ryannn

    You would need to appeal your previous blacklist if you wanted in 😂, I’m sure I have the video of you saying some dodgy things somewhere from when tony blacklisted you
  9. Ryannn

    Plz bring back syndicate, I’ll get big man tony Montana back and we can run it again
  10. Ryannn

    Bum simulator
  11. Ryannn

  12. Ryannn

    Fuck no!
  13. @Fury


    1. Paul D

      Paul D

      starts off decent, gets hefty shite

  14. Ryannn

    To make sure you are safe just always record and if you get RDM’d or mistaken for being involved you can be comped
  15. Ryannn

    This is what the rule used to be, it’s been removed for only a couple months so you obviously do not know how much of a benefit this is having it back. as a cop this makes life so much easier. It’s pretty simple to avoid getting killed! Don’t go anywhere near gunshots with a gun! Simple.

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