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  1. Happy birthday fella

    Edited by RyanH
  2. That's funny, that's what we did after the syndicate and look how that ended.
  3. 30. Lol. Happy birthday boi

  4. In-game Name: Ryann Steam ID: 76561198091594191 Date of the incident: 01/22/2018 Time of the incident: N/A Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 1 Large house, 1 small house and a garage. Had 2 crates a Mk200 with mags as well. Thats the key shit. Please provide as much detail as possible: N/A Any Evidence Available: N/A
  5. Whats the point in adding this coding when you already pay 4mil + for a house, I barely remember to pay my real life bills never mind an in game one. Literally a waste of time for the devs to code it when people would just need comp the minute they forget to pay. Instead people should just get like 60 days where if they don't log on the server their house disappears kinda thing. So yeah big -1 literally pointless.
  6. @S u p r e m e lol
  7. I don’t understand why you think you are a good player, I literally have a full days recording of yesterday where every encounter between us and cops you die instantly. You call out vanguard for being bots yet you literally made a video of you killing bots! Stop acting like you are some god tier and just play the game like the rest of us. Also +1 to the event sounds fun.
  8. In-game Name: Ryann Steam ID: 76561198091594191 Date of the incident: 06/06/2018 Time of the incident: The date was 25th dont know wtf is up with the date bit. It was around 8-9 pm Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: MK1 loadout and Csats - 400k Please provide as much detail as possible: Heli seemed to hit nothing even after id already landed it in the one spot it then rolls with no rotor and blows up... Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/video/5a6a8cd7326128d021/comp-1- https://gyazo.com/219f581ff8ee8355c018c0b2e384c74d ---- my gear
  9. 6 slots is more than enough for the medics, the problem is they go around 2-3 to a vehicle so it’s not a good use of personnel. Tbh when there is 6 of them on I’ve never waited longer than 10 mins so I don’t really see the issue either way.
  10. looks sick, be good to get them in! although why is there a disabled emblem on retired lol.
  11. What is this meant to be?
  12. @Kirky here’s your chance to get it back.
  13. Is that what it was? Singing? I thought I was going to have to call the RSPCA for that cat being blended by @DanC
  14. Sold, message me on ts.
  15. This will end at midnight tonight.

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