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  1. In-game Name: Gecko Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of the incident: 03/17/2018 Time of the incident: 9:00 - 9:30 Link to player report: it is Issue related Lost Items and Estimated Value: 30,000,000 Please provide as much detail as possible: basicly i was really hyped all day saving up and gruding everything trying to savew up money for a Blackfish {viehlce] Thinking tehy can carry trucks but when i boiught it it couldnt and can only carry low viechles i dont know how to fly it and it is no use to me and i think it was a total mistake for me to buy not realising what came with it since nobody told me .... And I was really frustrated and I just don' want the thing please may I have my 30 million back please? Any Evidence Available: [Logs]
  2. Would it be as easy to make money moded as the normal server is?
  3. Good project +1; will the dataase /ranks be same on both servers for example a cop on normal altos life is a Sgt and then the moddee they be a Sgt too?
  4. i decided that insanity and the people in it dosent get in it so I just edited it because I realised that I belong in faceless and I really like the gang since day one but faceless just has mature people and they are actually good at the game so I want to join because you are a good person and a good role module, and insanity has some people that I really don't get along with so I thought and really thought and my heart belongs in faceless I will provide my time and dedication to prove that I belong here sorry for any inconvenicnce I really want to join faceless because they never die and allways active therefore I wanna be in a active gang and prove to you that I deserve to be in the gang. ( faceless ) has people I get along with aswell and I can help out a lot by my pilot skills and more and just be in the gang and chill and have fun with you guys.
  5. In-game name: GEcko Age:16 Hours on Arma (screenshot): 1881 I will provide evidence soon my Prnt screen not working Bank balance: 15k but got a huron and veto Why do you want to join Faceless?: want to join faceless because it seems like a professional gang , i would like to take part of it because im looking for a good gang to stay and serve im good at combat driving and flying great at comms and communicate, and have friends or gang members to play with and make the gang look better including improving on tactics and helping out and making the gang a better gang for roleplay and making it proud. but also that I want to meet new people in faceless and play with the real people who are actually active and have a good time Can anyone vouch for you?: willaims and daniel Previous gangs: MSK and garbo
  6. GL
  7. I sent you it 

  8. mistake sorry.
  9. # We cant beat women these days.
  12. Sorry about getting back in the car, but I didn't see the purpose of this ? as this there was no initation but I understand that I was in the wrong I do apologise I was messing around with roy rogers I do apologise, I do understand that I did wrong I apologise for my behaviour it was very bad, and this was a bad misunderstanding. <-------- Gecko I'm sorry and ashamed of myself SORRY ( CONOR ) ( FRODO ) It's a game in the end of the day.. and I'm apologising I am re-reading the rules and I will check police handbook and make sure the rules before I next connect to the ts and the server I do apologise for my language that is unesceray I have apologised in teamspeak and conor says its fine I do apologise but if any further actions are taken I do understand why. I didn't realise it was exploiting because I was trying to drive it underwater which is not poissble so I apologise for this and the cops had the right to scrap the ifrit and I am sorry due to this I will try to better my roleplay and the rules and how to follow and understand them and meet the requirements and the standard roleplay and experience of following rules and that so I will improve on my temper and stop doing stupid shit ( Conor ( Frodo) sorry I had to ruin your days fun please forgive me but I do understand that I did wrong so,,,, I'm just writing over and over. Dear Police I apologise for my attitude and my disgraceful behaviour, if you wish to ban me or punish me that is fine I did wrong I was rude and ungreatful. I can try to stop being aggressive what is showed in the video I do consider wrong after watching it a couple of times and understanding why it is wrong. maybe in the future we can have better roleplay together thank you Conor and Leave the rest to the admins to decide my punishment I wish that we can proceed and fix this problem due to the fact that I like this server but I need more timeout's which I need to learn how to do and that the fact that its only a game and I need to grow up and sop being offensive
  13. In-game name: Gecko Name of the player(s) you are reporting: G | sloth Date of the incident: 03/01/2018 Time of the incident: 8:00 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM, RP - interms of initation Any evidence available: http://plays.tv/video/5a97b9df9e2468d33d/rdm / https://gyazo.com/007c86844a17487c4ac899cc1704fad2 Describe the incident: i started robbing a house i got shot without any initiation Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  14. Sloth , softlogged - Valid Initiation I knocked before gunshots after getting g conformation of initiation then gunfight broke I shot sloth and gang ally / Friend robbing house shot them dead. then police got involved Sloth u broke Rules I didn't.
  15. CCF Following requirements would be needed to be met FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS must be met 1. Stable Bank Account. 2. Knowledge of server rules 3. allways think before you act 4. 15-16 age limit 5. 600 hours + Template In-Game Name: Hours On Arma: Bank Balance: Previous Gang: Age: What will you bring to the gang?: Communication Skill 1-10: Money earning skill 1-10: Listening Skill 1-10: ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR APPLICATION you will be notified with a answer Leader - Gecko

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