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  1. cybergrizzby

    In-game name: Gecko Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of ban: 02/25/2008 Reason for ban: {TIME IS WRONG I DONT KNOW WEHN BAN WAS ISSUED] I was being Toxic aswell as misbehaving Staff member that banned you: i dont know but i apologise to all staff Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was fully justified I was being very toxic to most people I grown up and realised that you need to treat people with respect to gain respect and that you don't cry all the time that you have to just deal with it so its justified totally. Why should we unban you? Well over the time I had a big break from arma 3 and took time to realise that people shouldn't have to put up with my shit, so I learned a lesson that if you want to get somewhere you follow the rules, I learned that sorry is just a word and is abused by me so much but I never show it but now its changed, because I learned my lesson and I would like to come back to this community because it is a very nice one which is very good, I want to apologise to the staff ] and I would like to play on rebornRp again , I will show the respect to all members and staff, and, for the people i insulted the people i was being toxic too i apologise, its been a break for me from this community but i would like to come back and try again if i am welcome to . thanks for reading. i realised arguing and fighting people dosent solve problems, [if i can i would like to speak privately too Mctavish] if i can .
  2. cybergrizzby

    You can experience the great life and be a high roller go the casinos become a outlaw or a rebel and seek vengeance to all those who spoke rudely to you, become a business man hire and sell transfers open a drug cartel buy a gang or open a warehouse company that trades goods, delivery for items guns, buy a hellicopter fly and see the great nature of reborn cities, or you can buy yourself a nice house settle down buy a armored car and become a civilized maffia doing poker, or you can spend the money on low life and build a town of people and snuggle drugs, vuy weapons gear dope and cool exciting bombs for banks or hire blackmail for cops blindeyes and alot more its like gta5 do whatever you want take a boat live your life on the edge have a gun shoot some police be a gangster or just a normal guy who likes to live a normal day go to the clothing store get some nice clothes a fedora hat and a mk20 or mk-1 and start robbing some shipments order heists or just drive police insane
  3. cybergrizzby

    In-game name: Gecko Steam ID: 7656119800551 Date of ban: 03/22/2018 Reason for ban: (Toxic (rude (disgusting behavior (unormal (dick (acting tough with a big mouth ( threat to kill ( mic spamm ( ear rape (swearing abuse at staff. Staff member that banned you: Pretty sure the community wanted me banned otherwise (Paula or mctavish. , l Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was perfectly justified. By many staff and community members that I was toxic too so I have no complaints I just lookndown on myself for even doing any of it at all. I was being childish and just cared about myself and nobody else. Why should we unban you? I do not seek a unbanned, I have watched videos of my previous history and I see how unlilable I was in the community all I did was moan and groan. Towards other players being annoying and not chilling, I see how this community is a good one it has great staff but I just kept taking the miccy, being abusive throwing the f bomb, and I just realized over the months howninsenitive I was to you as a community and just spending my time, looking for a cause to do something bad, specially to all the community supports as every time someone [email protected] me off I found a reason. I did so many bad things that violated all server rules buying money being racist and that's what I was until I realized how much arma it self influenced me to be a dick because I didn't care about anyone but now all I want is to say sorry, for wasting your time and upsetting you in the past and how I made the community feel. That I was a toxic kid, which I was I had a great time in the medics I appreciate that so much thank you so much for giving the chance to be in this community I enjoyed many robberies (eve. Though I was always toxic) it was a pleasure having some good moments with all players and all good fun events, being in the vanguard when it was a thing being the police but I keep ruining it for myself so, maverick sorry for telling you I was gonna throw my phone at you. " Jord sorry for calling you a "f%king d head * sorry redfez for allwaus annoying you. " sorry to all community supports who jad to put up with my shit. It was unnaceptble I was deserved to banned I just didn't realize how bad I gotten so I took a break like you guys advises and it worked. I thank you so much. But have a awesome summer!!! Hope you get some good rp this year!
  4. cybergrizzby

    I'm banned...
  5. cybergrizzby


  6. cybergrizzby

    could I have Gecko in Black and pink and something cool please?
  7. cybergrizzby

    This post is for our gang recruitment so @proman and aall other people who wants beef go get lost.
  8. cybergrizzby

    stop posting ** in this Thread and if you got problems make a report stop wasting our space on your shit thanksssss
  9. cybergrizzby


  10. cybergrizzby

    2mill bid here
  11. cybergrizzby

    In-game Name: Gecko Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of the incident: 03/17/2018 Time of the incident: 9:00 - 9:30 Link to player report: it is Issue related Lost Items and Estimated Value: 30,000,000 Please provide as much detail as possible: basicly i was really hyped all day saving up and gruding everything trying to savew up money for a Blackfish {viehlce] Thinking tehy can carry trucks but when i boiught it it couldnt and can only carry low viechles i dont know how to fly it and it is no use to me and i think it was a total mistake for me to buy not realising what came with it since nobody told me .... And I was really frustrated and I just don' want the thing please may I have my 30 million back please? Any Evidence Available: [Logs]
  12. cybergrizzby

    Would it be as easy to make money moded as the normal server is?
  13. cybergrizzby

    Good project +1; will the dataase /ranks be same on both servers for example a cop on normal altos life is a Sgt and then the moddee they be a Sgt too?
  14. cybergrizzby

    Dear Island of Reborn The Corps lowest to highest ranks recruits r - (Recruit) O - (Officer ) SO - (senior Officer ) SGT - (Sergeant ) staff SGT - (staff Sergeant ) Command SGT - (Command Sergeant ) Officers (SR) SECOND LIEUTENANT (2LT) (Addressed as "Lieutenant") FIRST LIEUTENANT (1LT) (Addressed as "Lieutenant") CAPTAIN (CPT) (Addressed as "Captain") MAJOR (MAJ) (Addressed as "Major") LIEUTENANT COLONEL (LTC) (Addressed as "Lieutenant Colonel " or "Colonel") COLONEL (COL) (Addressed as "Colonel") Generals (HL) BRIGADIER GENERAL (BG) (Addressed as "General") MAJOR GENERAL (MG) (Addressed as "General") LIEUTENANT GENERAL (LTG) (Addressed as "General") GENERAL (GEN) (Addressed as "General") GENERAL OF THE ARMY (GOA) (Warrant Officers) Warrant Officer -1 Warrant Officer -2 Warrant Officer -3 Warrant Officer -4 Warrant Officer -5 (Description not finished still in progress)
  15. cybergrizzby

    i decided that insanity and the people in it dosent get in it so I just edited it because I realised that I belong in faceless and I really like the gang since day one but faceless just has mature people and they are actually good at the game so I want to join because you are a good person and a good role module, and insanity has some people that I really don't get along with so I thought and really thought and my heart belongs in faceless I will provide my time and dedication to prove that I belong here sorry for any inconvenicnce I really want to join faceless because they never die and allways active therefore I wanna be in a active gang and prove to you that I deserve to be in the gang. ( faceless ) has people I get along with aswell and I can help out a lot by my pilot skills and more and just be in the gang and chill and have fun with you guys.

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