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    In-game name: Gecko Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of ban: 11/11/18 Reason for ban: Inapropriate name Staff member that banned you: Outsyder, Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes it was I was in channel with adapt members gang , and a staff member which I cant remembner like jakey or jake joined and I had my name adolf hitler and he said its fine 2 secs later outsider moves me to his office "SHOUTS IN MY EAR " CHANGE NAME OR BAN CHANGE NAME OR BAN CHANGE NAME OR BAN - I was flying a helicopter I didn't have time to change it and he banned me even though I said wait I cant right now can you please wait ,. Why should we unban you? misunderstanding and I diddnt know that I can get banned for that I apologise to whoever I offended but I don't think it was right to bann me, when you clearly gave me 5 seconds how can I land a helli that's flying 256.kmh and I get dragged when im in active rp situation . I would like to get unbanned its unfair and wasn't given a chacnce I have witnesses @ Hazu @ and others,.
  2. cybergrizzby

    Name: Sandmannen Hours(Screenshot): 2400 Bank balance (screenshot): INFINITE - Poverty Previous Gangs: INFINITE Why do you want to join: POVERTY NATION WANT FRAGS  Anyone who can vouch for you: HAZU A1EX
  3. cybergrizzby

    I wasn't Being Toxic ", Lyds Kept Calling me Sweetie After I asked her nicely to stop She kept butting over me when I was speaking " I didn't have a go at a community support I was having a problem over medics due to the fact that I already spoke to one of them didn't personally want to start a argument but she said something hypocritical. I didn't have a go Wilma banned me from trolling because I said " you don't own this channel so stop abusing your power to kick me " after I said that he banned me for 5 hours . Just don't understand that a Community Support Can start A argument and when the person responds with a attitude like The Community support is given they get a Staff Lead and Get the person banned . " She said " I don't care what he said im higher rank after saying " We medics don't overrule other medics decision" And she did that . So I started talking about "intelligence " and "Hypocriticaly doing it " infront of me . I don't want more trouble as it already is im already banned I don't wanna argue any admins or Staff So I apologise For being myself and responding to someone that started a whole problem. 😟
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    In-game name: Gecko Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of ban: 04/04/18 Reason for ban: accepted (says he bought) duped money from 76561198195981151 (fuel banned him for money duping Staff member that banned you: PaulS Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was totally justified due to evidence and proof and my "own testimony" proving and telling him I did it and it wasn't anything wrong with the ban but over this 7-8 months I grown up a lot and learned a vlauble lesson and I was too toxic then but I changed. Why should we unban you? I know you probably wont read all of this but, this is why, I was allways toxic and I changed my attitude to staff and I stopped being aggressive and disputed towards them, I changed and I tried dealing with my anger issues and I stopped throwing tantrums like a baby, I learned to do things legit and not beg or harass or buy duped money because it stops the fun in the server and the challenge from earning it and having pride and I am sorry for doing it I really want a 2nd chance to prove myself to prove I grown up and that I changed, I understand that you banned me for valid reasons which clearly wasn't working for my part and what I did was stupid and I regret doing, and I really wanna play on this server again because it is my favourite and I like the management and I like all the staff , And im sorry for putting @PaulS , @redFez , @Tom Skyline @ Ghost / thtrough all of my toxicity when I was here and I came back realising that this community is the one I want to be apart of and I just really would like to come back I hope we can work something out sorry for my stupid and childish behaviour these 8 months have helped me develop to a better person. I am not gonna pretend though to be a person aim not I do apologise for doing what I did because it was not fair on anyone and I hope that I didn't cause any real problems except a economical warfare but I learned from my mistake with @gabriel and now its time to change I would like to come back imp changed and I have more respect I studied the rules and I know them from inside out and I learned that behaviour that isn't good will not be tolerated and what I did with the @?Duped [email protected] wasn't right I abused it and that cause me to get banned because I was abusing staff as well as The ban message said before it was changed By Fuel " Paul " Original Ban Message Back In April was "Little Toxic Kid" which I was I was a tantrum throwing abusing glitching little kid who didn't care and just thought he was a big man and now I learned and realised from my mistakes that you shouldn't abuse or glitch to just get happy or gain a advantage over other players which is wrong which I apologise for a lot because I just really regret Saying " imp gonna throw my phone at you " or any other stupid remarks I said " …///Personally to Adam Briggs" imp sorry for throwing despiteful comments towards you in liaison rooms and support rooms, I really regret saying that stupid shit . …../ Personally To Fuel "/ I am sorry " for Buying the duped money on your server from @gabriel and I shouldn't have done it to abuse system. hope I didn't cause anything bad back then, Besides sorry for being a asshole. //.. Personally To Paul s , / I'm sorry for my goby attitude towards you and my attitude my swearing and my in game behaviour and my toxicity camping GZ and more and BZ which is very bad for going support and wasting staff time which wasn't allowed . /..Personally to RedFez"RETIRED"" I'm sorry for being a pain in your ass and I shouldn't have been joining your channel and constantly going to you for stupid shit. /// Personally to >J.ghost _ I didn't mean to be a asshole towards you when I swore at you for no reason or tell you "to get the fuck out the channel" because I was a kid crying for pathetic Attention". …. {PERSONALLY TO THE WHOLE SERVER} [sorry for being one of the toxic members which has been pestering the community with a disgusting attitude and my behaviour] ----------------> I wish I can come back and play its been 8 months I made one appeal before looking to say sorry not to get unbanned, I would really like to come back and play I learnt my lesson and I think I matured enough to be in a community where people are mature and don't act like children and pester and break rules. Sorry, I really mean it. Thanks for reading. Sincerely , Gecko ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Besides this I would like to say that my behaviour wasn't that well due to personal reasons which I don't mind explaining personally to one of the admins and I just really wanna come back playing I understand that you will have 2nd thoughts looking at this unban application thinking if I deserve to get a chance or not, due to the fact how many rules I broken , 8 months ago , if you do decide not to let me come back, I will make a new application in 3 months thank you for letting me get a chance to write this application. @Fuel @Neo @Adam Briggs @PaulS
  7. cybergrizzby

    In-game name: Gecko Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of ban: 02/25/2008 Reason for ban: {TIME IS WRONG I DONT KNOW WEHN BAN WAS ISSUED] I was being Toxic aswell as misbehaving Staff member that banned you: i dont know but i apologise to all staff Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was fully justified I was being very toxic to most people I grown up and realised that you need to treat people with respect to gain respect and that you don't cry all the time that you have to just deal with it so its justified totally. Why should we unban you? Well over the time I had a big break from arma 3 and took time to realise that people shouldn't have to put up with my shit, so I learned a lesson that if you want to get somewhere you follow the rules, I learned that sorry is just a word and is abused by me so much but I never show it but now its changed, because I learned my lesson and I would like to come back to this community because it is a very nice one which is very good, I want to apologise to the staff ] and I would like to play on rebornRp again , I will show the respect to all members and staff, and, for the people i insulted the people i was being toxic too i apologise, its been a break for me from this community but i would like to come back and try again if i am welcome to . thanks for reading. i realised arguing and fighting people dosent solve problems, [if i can i would like to speak privately too Mctavish] if i can .
  8. cybergrizzby

    You can experience the great life and be a high roller go the casinos become a outlaw or a rebel and seek vengeance to all those who spoke rudely to you, become a business man hire and sell transfers open a drug cartel buy a gang or open a warehouse company that trades goods, delivery for items guns, buy a hellicopter fly and see the great nature of reborn cities, or you can buy yourself a nice house settle down buy a armored car and become a civilized maffia doing poker, or you can spend the money on low life and build a town of people and snuggle drugs, vuy weapons gear dope and cool exciting bombs for banks or hire blackmail for cops blindeyes and alot more its like gta5 do whatever you want take a boat live your life on the edge have a gun shoot some police be a gangster or just a normal guy who likes to live a normal day go to the clothing store get some nice clothes a fedora hat and a mk20 or mk-1 and start robbing some shipments order heists or just drive police insane
  9. cybergrizzby

    In-game name: Gecko Steam ID: 7656119800551 Date of ban: 03/22/2018 Reason for ban: (Toxic (rude (disgusting behavior (unormal (dick (acting tough with a big mouth ( threat to kill ( mic spamm ( ear rape (swearing abuse at staff. Staff member that banned you: Pretty sure the community wanted me banned otherwise (Paula or mctavish. , l Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was perfectly justified. By many staff and community members that I was toxic too so I have no complaints I just lookndown on myself for even doing any of it at all. I was being childish and just cared about myself and nobody else. Why should we unban you? I do not seek a unbanned, I have watched videos of my previous history and I see how unlilable I was in the community all I did was moan and groan. Towards other players being annoying and not chilling, I see how this community is a good one it has great staff but I just kept taking the miccy, being abusive throwing the f bomb, and I just realized over the months howninsenitive I was to you as a community and just spending my time, looking for a cause to do something bad, specially to all the community supports as every time someone [email protected] me off I found a reason. I did so many bad things that violated all server rules buying money being racist and that's what I was until I realized how much arma it self influenced me to be a dick because I didn't care about anyone but now all I want is to say sorry, for wasting your time and upsetting you in the past and how I made the community feel. That I was a toxic kid, which I was I had a great time in the medics I appreciate that so much thank you so much for giving the chance to be in this community I enjoyed many robberies (eve. Though I was always toxic) it was a pleasure having some good moments with all players and all good fun events, being in the vanguard when it was a thing being the police but I keep ruining it for myself so, maverick sorry for telling you I was gonna throw my phone at you. " Jord sorry for calling you a "f%king d head * sorry redfez for allwaus annoying you. " sorry to all community supports who jad to put up with my shit. It was unnaceptble I was deserved to banned I just didn't realize how bad I gotten so I took a break like you guys advises and it worked. I thank you so much. But have a awesome summer!!! Hope you get some good rp this year!
  10. cybergrizzby

    I'm banned...
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    could I have Gecko in Black and pink and something cool please?
  13. cybergrizzby

    This post is for our gang recruitment so @proman and aall other people who wants beef go get lost.
  14. cybergrizzby

    stop posting ** in this Thread and if you got problems make a report stop wasting our space on your shit thanksssss
  15. cybergrizzby


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