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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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    1. Would be awesome! I remember they did this on Phoenix, an idea may be to limit the amount of vehicles someone can buy in each auction to 1 - this prevents people from monopolising the rare vehicle trade. I am aware of the argument that people who make the effort to earn the money should be able to buy as much as they want and that's also a fair observation, i just prefer it to be limited.
    2. That would be awesome! Then it adds some prestige to the whole mechanic and a big sense of achievement in getting the rewards. Thanks!
    3. Let's be frank here, a good Roach can easily bag themselves over 50 kills a day on the server - with minimal losses. With that in mind, I feel like the dog-tag system would be overpowered unless people lose a proportion of their dog-tags when they die, lets say 30%. I am unsure of how the system works currently, but perhaps this suggestion would avoid people scratching their heads wondering how people got a house full of Mar-10's within a week. I think the potential loss of dog-tags will help smaller gangs compete with larger gangs who can send 20 meat shields to push a point
    4. That's usually what happens. However by that logic one could argue that every command structure on the server is compromised in this way - surely its something that's better accepted and mitigated rather than not listening to the suggestions of the player base? - it seems disingenuous to apply the "compromised command" logic only to the opfor faction without acknowledging its presence in all factions or power-structure systems on the server and in real life - and if not , then you'll find the solution within those other hierarchies that aren't incompetent. Leadership is a concept that's b
    5. Fair enough , what is your solution to the command dilemma? I volunteer as Supreme Leader - no need for a command when a righteous despot like me takes control.
    6. Yes good luck @KLW nice to see familiar faces
    7. I think i may have to unretire from Rebel for you guys. Also remember not to shoot into a cartel from outside missed you @KLW i know you loved talking to me on Phoenix, its nice to see a competent gang come to provide an actual challenge to the rest on the server.
    8. Could always try and get Havoc from PhoenixRP into the game, not sure how viable this is though or of the server's history (maybe you tried Havoc before).
    9. This suggestion would only really be viable if the drug locations dynamically moved every week or day - otherwise you'd ask one civilian, mark the location on GPS and there we go, whole cop force has the intel anyway. - I hope I've understood your suggestion properly.
    10. @AzzaG Thank you for your feedback, I'm just trying to echo the ideas I'm told by people I patrol with in police too, I've seen a lot more support for roleplay in recent weeks so maybe i leant too far towards that with this suggestion. I'm pretty new to the server so i didn't really get to see much of Blackwater, but I do hear that its downfall was rooted in the leadership. Cheers again!
    11. @Jalali123 That would be amazing if done correctly and if there was a strict emphasis on roleplay .
    12. Once again I really appreciate the feedback, I will talk to a few people and try and refine the idea, maybe even come up with another faction as a result of polls, like you suggested (this was the result of exam procrastination ).I could happily write lore for any faction so if any other ideas emerge, I would love to play a role in "bringing them to life". Hopefully this suggestion thread yields a wider array of opinion too. My personal interest lies with creating a more nuanced faction than a solely military focused faction. I suspect you're correct in saying that there still needs to be some
    13. Hi Chris, You're absolutely correct, the faction diverges from its real-life inspiration (hopefully in a more exciting way) - i believe the concept is sound but compromised by me trying to appease a variety of players. While i would like a purely roleplay faction, whenever I have suggested these things its always shot down by those who in my opinion, should be playing a KOTH server. If it were up to me and i thought it would be accepted by admins, I'd put far more research into my conceptualisation of this faction, My original plan was to suggest a Wildlife Conservation Association - bu
    14. Well thank you for your criticisms, however you previously stated that the faction is a copy of Blackwater and now you are saying that because it's not, it'd be ignored. Therefore I'm not certain that your intent is to provide me with constructive advice but to simply criticise, a rather easy exercise. I think its a shame that people may ignore the faction, but as I've said I would like the faction to be a change from the usual. With respect, those that wouldn't find the faction of interest to join, probably wouldn't last long if they did anyway - therefore their absence is welcomed in favour
    15. The Faction is inspired by Freemasons, it isn't a copy of them. I think allowing members to assist in illegal activities (as it will be a self-funded faction) is reasonable and provides those playing as that faction with a more diverse set of activities to undertake , i did say that they wouldn't be able to help with drug runs, but simply the transportation of the proceeds of illegal activities. It also provides increased pressure on an exponentially growing police force. - Once again please bare in mind that 90% of the faction wouldn't have access to any military gear and would likely only po
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