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  1. We miss you here at Reborn Roleplay, please come back dad.

  2. *asks how to join back police* <23:20:24> You were banned permanently from the server by "Fuel" (Racism)

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    2. TempR


      @Fuel i was banned for an hour for a soundboard and the next day i connected, is that 'ban avaiding'?

    3. Fuel


      you was supposed to be perm banned, you are now.

    4. TempR


      @Fuel thanks for fixing :)

  3. fuck yer july 12 

  4. whit eh fuck

    1. Adam.


      canny sly that like

  5. shit this guy had the game two weeks and he better than some people with over 3k hours lol
  6. this just makes me wanna gouge my own eyes out
  7. TempR


    I mean yeah i can understand the ban for hurling abuse but I wasn't expecting a ban for just have no name especially with no warning.
  8. TempR


    I'm not saying its ok its just not in the rules that I'm not allowed to and the fact a simple message saying change your name could of easily fixed that without the ban.
  9. TempR


    I mean yeah i can understand that but i could easily change my name to something else and no one would know who I am. As i said it does not say in the rules you need to have a suitable name despite the fact the ban system was never followed. I don't see why i should be banned perm of ts for that.
  10. TempR


    In-game name: TempR Steam ID: N/A Date of ban: 04/06/2018 Staff member that banned you: Neo Reason for ban: <21:37:24> You were banned permanently from the server by "Neo" (badname) Why do you think you were banned: Having a bad name? Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes it was unjustified as it does not say anywhere in rules for a bad name to be bannable also the ban system was not followed by Neo: The Ban System:Firstly, to make you aware of what will happen, we'll explain our ban system.Whilst some actions will earn a permanent ban, we will first warn you of your actions, whether it be by voice or message, if you continue to abuse our rules we will issue a kick from the teamspeak, then after that if you still persist, we will be forced to issue a ban. He banned me for a reason that is not within the rules of teamspeak: Section 1: General Rules This is mostly common sense, but as we all know, that is a trait not everyone possesses. DO NOT post any material that could be classed as Discriminating or inappropriate. DO NOT attack any member of our community. DO NOT use the private message system to harass or spam any member of this community. Any inappropriate avatars will be removed without warning, and depending on severity a ban may be issued. We do not mind if people mention other communities, but using our teamspeak to recruit for any other community will result in a ban. If you have been trusted with permissions on our teamspeak, DO NOT abuse your power, this may lead to a ban. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: It was unjustified. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Me having no name on ts. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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