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  1. TempR

    epi pens

    i know it won't prevent it im not wanting and/or expecting them to be prevented it will just make the urge for people to do them less and more encouraging for other funner ways of fighting caps
  2. TempR

    epi pens

    well a mean tfu and srt aren't bad so to prevent cops coming back n shooting in back seconds later and prevent bw heli pushing constantly and actaully wait and set up coordinated pushes that r way more fun +1
  3. TempR

    epi pens

    yes there is stalemates at any fight on whatever server, im not saying it will prevent stalemates, just make them faster and in turn will make fights less boring as winning a slam means more cos say you lost 2-3 in the slam you can just rev them instead of them losing loadout and needing to go regear again. For rebels this will be a big +1 in making fights bit fairer as you mention the stupidly close spawns wl factions have but just like to point out im not making this suggestion just for rebels, police and bw too ofc
  4. yeh cos we only played oly at the time
  5. TempR

    epi pens

    Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is a hormone and neurotransmitter and produced by the adrenal glands that can also be used as a drug due to its various important functions. 🤔 i didnt know abt ben btw sorry xx
  6. TempR

    epi pens

    in summary add an epi pen (y inv item) that is a one time use cost maybe about 25k? idk about price but when a player is downed it can be used on them as long as they have the skill to use it and they havent shot or possibly if it can be scripted any shots in area for past 30 secs to a min maybe idk a good time but not too long. there is a 15-20 sec animation disabling reviving player from shooting then the downed player will be up. once up needs to seek more advance medical attention by medic or hospital within certain time or will die again and require medic/hospital to pick them up same goes if they died to something else. If this is added it can open up more possible additions like a medicrate that can be placed somewhere by anyone with skill or whitelist faction and once placed cant be moved, scroll wheel or win key, animation for treatment then will remove the epi death timer. what makes you think that? fights have a lot of stalemates and gives rebels a boost as rn the other two factions that can fight have spawns very close to caps (south op - BW / TFU HQ - Police) and makes fights a 'shitfest' imo as cops get free gear can spawn basically bottleneck and get right back to fight in quilin definitely before next proper push happens, BW in the other hand do need to pay for gear but they have a really close gear buying spawn that just leads to them flying helis to cap all the time as it is slightly further on road but 3 km heli. ^
  7. TempR

    epi pens

    whats possibility of this being added, dev team? as tbh seems like majority of community would like to see it implemented @Fuel @[email protected] @Scott McTavish @xat @Peeky @Hartleo @BenK
  8. tbh you would still be playing with sy if you didnt get kicked
  9. TempR


    In-game name: tempr Steam ID: na Date of ban: 09/13/19 Staff member that banned you: oliver calgreen Reason for ban: tag abuse - teamspeak Why do you think you were banned: joined copper channel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: i was never asked to leave nor kicked straight up banned cos this kids in a mood after school Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: yes i wanted to chat to big albiston and sir Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes <16:45:17> You switched from channel "Kilo Victor 3" to "Police Liason Room 1" <16:45:17> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "tempr" by "Reborn Roleplay". <16:45:19> You were banned for 1 day from the server by "Oliver Calvert" (Tag Abuse) <16:45:19> Disconnected from server
  10. <If you are seeing this... I tried to be cool typing "free up" because "I iz from da stweets blud"... I'll now have to think of something more original>

    1. Daniel
    2. TempR


      neo/fuel/my long gone dads type of joke right there like

    3. andrew.


      I iz from da stweets blud really does just crack me up 

  11. TempR

    Reborn CQC

    raa let me give jstar a snap one min bro
  12. TempR

    Reborn CQC

    REBORN A&D SERVER????? or that one where there is spawns rebel road, bottle neck, kill switch, cqc rocks(down west) and then spawns on cap for defenders and people can pull ifrits (except defending only hatchy sport)
  13. TempR

    epi pens

    yes exactly what I'm saying make it a medic are able to help and/or additions to skill point tree
  14. TempR

    epi pens

    i.e prevents people from playing slow cos if you get a good slam on cap you can get revs off before another wave of ur faction comes 🤔

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