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  1. @jake_pmurphy this is the longest clip i have but you can see we were mucking around in greenzone before that, so no way they initiated before hand.
  2. free up donny from his discord ban

    1. Luke Willows
    2. hat


      Discord unbans tend to be a futile effort

    3. TeeZee


      fuck bobby sands, he's dead

  3. In-game name: on behalf of raoul moatovic Identifier 76561198259822184 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? Arma Date of ban: 07/31/21 Reason for ban: made an obscene joke Staff member that banned you: dont remember Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no i take full responsibility for the joke. i didn't think anyone would take offense because it wasn't aimed at anyone. it wont happen again. Why should we unban you? i should be unbanned because all my friends play this server. ive seen other people get lesser bans than mine for saying similar things and they are aimed at specific people. i wont make distasteful jokes anymore. Once again i am sorry if i offended anyone, that was not my intention. Just a joke gone too far.
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