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  1. Haha my bad, I forgot about you. I'll edit it later, please don't hurt me!
  2. Ah I don't think we've came across each other too much yet. I'm sure we will though, me and my Bosnian comrades are always committing crime haha 😆
  3. Yh he said if there was roleplay leading up to it, which there was not and I got frodo in after to double check if I could report for poor rp and was told yes. Obviously that's just his opinion so whatever admin deals with this could have a different opinion on it and that's fine but I always check in support first if it's worth reporting or not. Love how you haven't said anything about calling all the other cops that supposedly hate me 'pussys' and also not saying anything about admitting to having a problem with me. All of which is fine but I think you need to learn to not take what happens in a game so seriously. As I said I don't know you personally so there is no reason for me to have a problem with you, I'm not that petty. I was also told in support you've been banned like 5 times for poor rp, which is kind of ironic after all the things you've said about me and my gang. I have never been banned on this server once in the 9 months I've played. I also never said I had a problem with the arrest just the fact that you bought up me supposedly putting in 5 pccs about you, which just isn't true is it? I've done 1 pcc and 1 report for the same situation. Which is allowed as they are 2 separate things. From the pcc you also received a verbal warning for the way you talk to people in ts. If the admin would like to see how you were in ts, I think I clipped it so I'll show them if they want to see. Just remember as well when you reported me for alledgedly saying the r word, all I did was prove you wrong that I didn't say it and left it at that. You've written some fat essay with lots of irrelevant information in it.
  4. This is the one and only comment ill put on here. Jake was so non biased in that TS convo, iv'e no idea what gave you that impression. I don't want to be accused of witch hunting or having a problem with you because i dont. Im not going to take anything that happens in a game personally. Where as you clearly stated in TS that you do have a problem with me, so i don't really want to argue as i don't have time for it. I just wanna play the game and have fun. You told me to report you so thats what iv'e done. I'll leave it up to an admin to sort this out.
  5. Although the Bosnian bodybuilders are probably recognized as out of control rebel scum by police, just wanted to take a moment and shout out all the good cops i have met along the way. Sorry if i miss anyone out. Dont know everyones forum account either so if i aint tagged them and you know their forum account, tag em for me plz x Connor benson- You may have raided my house, but you were the first cool cop i met on this server and we have had many a laugh. Will never forget the oil rig @Leonardo_Contini - very cool guy, always fair and just. Also a great hostage who helps me get my feet kissed. @DarrenG - Cant say to much about why he's one of my favorite cops but just know he is! @PapaChulo - You were a top notch negotiator tonight, even if we didn't get we want. We've had our differences as well but its all love and he's a funny guy with great RP. @skip - Very fair and very just. Just an all round top copper. @BenSmith - He saluted for bosnia when negotiating, so he'll always be in my good books. Also a very helpful, non-biased and fair support admin. harry - Also saluted for bosnia and said long live bosnia. @recon - Not sure if hes a cop still or not but he always has great RP and is a good laugh @Rictofen - very funny and fair cop @AzzaG - He's not always a cop but when he is you know your'e in for a good laugh. Fuck serbia though. @Smoerly - He may arrest me all the time but still a good guy @King-Adonis - Top roleplayer, character looks like voldermort and a very funny guy. What more can you ask for? @Roacher there, you happy now! In all seriousness he has made me feel very welcome on the island by always reading me my rights in Bosnian. Obviously a man of culture. Anyone iv'e missed, i'm sorry. But generally the cops are great!
  6. In-game name: larry larrovic Name of the player(s) you are reporting: sync Date of the incident: 08/02/21 Time of the incident: around 8:30 What rule do you believe was broken: poor rp Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/m_NexuV_IF8 Describe the incident: So i was being arrested for 2 manslaughters and having a weapon on me. Which is fair enough, i was tryna rp my way out but it was a pretty shitty excuse i gave ngl. But my main problem is he brings up that i have put up 5 pccs against him which is just not true and he made no effort to put it in roleplay. I tried to sort it out in liason and all he said was to put up a report. He didn't think there was anything wrong with what he said. So before i put up the report i went to support to double check what he did was wrong. In support all he did was say because im older than him i shouldnt be arguing with him, which tbh i wouldnt have even said it was an argument, more just differing opinions. He said my whole gang breaks rules all the time and i said well put up reports then, i tell my gang all the time to not do things that are against rules. He said i was witch hunting to which i replied, i would do the same to any player that i thought broke rules. I did not want to report but we were getting nowhere in ts. He said i was witch hunting him, which im not. I literally told him i have no problem with him but for some reason he said he has a problem with me. He also said loads of cops hate me but they are too 'pussy' to say anything. His words not mine. Jake was there for most of the ts convo as well and at the end of it i asked to speak to a non support admin just to confirm im not witch hunting, im reporting cause he told me too and i think he broke rules because what he said about pccs was deffo not in roleplay. If it is indeed a rule break, i will be more than happy with just an apology. Not looking to get anyone banned. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  7. Only Serbians believe in global warming haha, but in all seriousness GL my friend!
  8. Ok i am the one he is accusing of saying r word bitch. I never said that as you can see in my POV. You can also here this camer guy initiate multiple times. He gave you a lot of chances. Also he wasn't in blue zone when he initiated as you can see on my mini-map.
  9. Turns out he didn't have a clip of him respawning but if you watch the ts clip on the report. The guy admits he still has the money and would give it back to us. Just never happened and i dunno if theres anyway you can check logs but i definitely never received any comp. Also i didn't think it would matter about us respawning because we were robbed and we have evidence of that. Thats also why i never asked for loadout comp because i knew i would need a respawn clip.
  10. In-game name: larry larrovic Name of the player(s) you are reporting: sync Date of the incident: 07/29/21 Time of the incident: around 02:50 What rule do you believe was broken: vdm Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/vQuHhwhncz8 - the vdm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uyytS9MSSU&ab_channel=LeftHookLarry - the ts convo Describe the incident: Drove straight through our roadblock and vdmed jp. My initiation was shit and i accept that hence why i didn't follow up on it. He was very strange in ts when i tried to resolve and a support staff agreed it was vdm but he wouldnt accept it. I told him to just let my friend free and i would leave it at that but for some reason he wanted to escalate it further and told me to go forums. I'll include the ts conversation but unfortunately i only record in 5 min increments and i genuinely did not think he would want me to escalate this further. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. In-game Name: larry larrovic Steam ID: 76561198162284939 Date of the incident: 07/18/21 Time of the incident: around 21:15 Link to player report: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/63438-dans-pingy-jaw-report/?tab=comments#comment-343158 Lost Items and Estimated Value: money from bank robbery £2,787,153 Please provide as much detail as possible: Dans pingy jaw initiated by saying 'if you dont stop running im gonna have to kill ya', my friend did stop and he killed him anyway. So i asked him to come ts after speaking to zaka and him agreeing it was poor rp. So when i spoke to dans pingy jaw he agreed to comp but i didnt receive after 2 days so i had to make a report and it got accepted. (the video of me speaking to dans pingy jaw is also in the report) Any Evidence Available: https://ibb.co/17BP71y
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