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  1. It would be cheaper to buy 2 normal qilins
  2. Not everyone likes this kind of music... Unfortunately, I am one of those guys who like it haha - It's a nice song though, a little more bass on the beat and it would be good
  3. Gl lads - hope to see you in-game soon
  4. Definitely 144hz
  5. Is this a fucking joke?! Alright first at all, we were at APD, I was asking how many were left as we had been waiting for 30 minutes, and I do have a recording of us... I will cut and upload this later if an admin finds it is necessary. Secondly, you never tried to resolve this in any, though I don't see why you want to as this report is ridiculous. And last, if you read my questions I'm asking after he replies he is not a bank "U died?" - Don't you think I would know if you were dead or if cops were still alive if I was actually doing the bank? I do believe the whole of StepBro can be a witness on this, and some might have recorded as well. @Buidurd& @RhyXcan prob say go for it as well as Rhyx killed me and Bui came and said a friendly "Hi" I do believe @John can confirm we were at APD as well, as I did ask him questions about planting the code breaker. - If an admin wants the recording of us doing the APD I can send it.
  6. @ScottyyWill try not, but it's hard😅
  7. *What are you doing StepBro* Requirements: Must have 2000 hours (exceptions can be made): Must be active Must be experienced Application Template: Name: Hours: Previous Gangs: Who can vouch for you: Roster *You are the best StepBro I could ever ask for*
  8. Name: Matt Colburn Hours: 2kVouches: Maybe fallen, dont know else tbh... I know a few of the guys in the gang though
  9. Name: Matt Colburn Hours(Screenshot): 1995 hours Previous Gangs: Most of my time have been in cops, I left not that long ago and joined Extortion as I had a few friends there. Why do you want to join: I wanna join as you are a stable and active gang, which I have been missing since I left cop... Anyone who can vouch for you: Slice, maybe aspect dunno though.
  10. U welcome, though i would help u out a bit ;)
  11. In-game Name: Matt Colburn Steam ID: 76561198280761082 Date of the incident: 12/13/18 Time of the incident: Between 14-15 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: Mk-1 = 192.000k Bipod = 7.200k Arco = 12.000k Please provide as much detail as possible: I was running around with Loxon and Tidus, just roleplay chilling in the blackwater HQ when this SUV comes blasting through the checkpoint and hit me, and then i just went for a flight :) Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DbVE3Tmzkc
  12. hobo

    1. John


      Where you been you Danish nob? 

    2. Daniel


      Oh my, is that Matt colburn!


    3. Matt Colburn

      Matt Colburn

      All over the place, but definitely not in Sweden, worst country ever ;)

      Hello Daniel my man ;)


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