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  1. no they dont? we still have to buy it from our shop and go on patrol, we die about 50x more than rebels do so its only fair that way
  2. scott is right tbh people hold onto money for no reason. back in the day you would make money and spend it faster than you made it. no one sat on large sums of cash because you'd grind for larger vehicles and actually use them and enjoy the game by buying gear and using it. The whole dynamic of the game has changed though and you can lose gear easily, we never had cap zones but had larger gunfights with other gangs or police all over the map. I remember you used to make like 1.2m per hour and mk18 loadouts could cost like 400k or so, people also used mx varients and didn't really try hard too much so idk.
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    server bans

    I agree with your post but look on the otherside, it's not difficult to NOT publicise what you say, you have to press a button to type whatever profanity or even say it, if you can't stop urself from doing that on a game then jheez you have issues..
  4. request a medic, medic will give you a lift to the nearest town.
  5. Crispy


    NATO fights anonymous mate.

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