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  1. There is fighting which is normal, but when you dont value your gear you will play very differently to someone who actually does runs. It makes a huge difference if cops just yolo die and come back 2 more times because they can.
  2. Meh, Regardless if everyone can do it, I saw a few days ago (and it looked very odd) 4 Cops attacking one of the red zones and then once they all died all took an Orca each and parachuted to the zone individually and died again. Realistically it's a bit abusive of this "free gear" that we get and very pointless. They should for sure add some sort of rule where they can't come back like that it is a bit shit.
  3. I can see where you are coming from, consider driving down the road getting vdm'd by someone and then some vortex hobo comes by and strips your gun. However those kind of rules should stay on modded servers as it limits what you do ingame. Big no from me
  4. aka if you're dead on the floor no1 can rob ur stuff unless they shot you atleast thats what i understood it as
  5. Crispy

    Sling loading

    maybe only allow slinging if someone has keys to that vehicle?
  6. Crispy

    Sling loading

    Probably because of the trolling possibilities, I've seen this being suggested a few times since the server started. Would be cool to see though.
  7. keep ifrits and quilins expensive, back in the day gunfights were more fun, now it's only driving around, decamping and ripping people out. not that fun tbh
  8. good 2 be back

    1. Matthew


      back? you have been on once in that past week ive seen you xd

    2. Crispy


      Forums xd

    3. Matthew


      Ohhh noob


  9. omg you're such a 90s kid!

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