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    In-game name: Ryn Steam ID: 76561198283428669 Date of ban: 07/15/19 Reason for ban: Helping contribute pulldowns on AccountRUs Staff member that banned you: Fuel / Adam Briggs Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: (Not sure about ban date it’s an estimate) It wasn’t, was a stupid mistake I made and have changed since Why should we unban you? I feel as though I should be unbanned as everyone deserves a second chance, I have changed since my ban and learnt my lesson and no longer contribute pulldowns, id like to say sorry to anyone that this may have affected previously, I know what I did was totally wrong and the only way for me to prove I’m not that idiotic person you believe to think I am is to show you I’ve changed I don’t know why I even thought it be a good idea to even use pulldowns let alone contribute them to people, I’ve noticed they infact make my aim much worse which made me think it’s time to get rid of them and switch my act up i would like to give a personal sorry to Fuel for being such a pain in the arse on discord and so on, it’s just that there are no other good servers to play on and reborn was my main go to server which I messed up on and got put in a bad hole

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