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  1. Ryn.

    Dirty Duners

    Yeahh can’t wait to see those gods on Arma suddenly turn to bots
  2. Ryn.

    Dirty Duners

    Not everyone got banned
  3. Ryn.

    Dirty Duners

    Trueee just find it sad people pay a shit ton of money to get good at a game for a bit. Shows how sad they are to get famous on the Arma community with their fraggies Poor them, most of them are gonna wake up and be like let’s jump on Arma and shit on some bots to join a server and noticed their Banned
  4. Ryn.

    Dirty Duners

    Nooooooooooo all the people I thought weren’t cheating actually were and they were still bots, I’m dead
  5. Ryn.

    Ryn #1

    Tyty Thanks just open debug menu and put no recoil script in no problem buddy oh wait never mind
  6. FPS is a oof, but nice one
  7. Ryn.

    Ryn #1

    can i have one?, we can be matching
  8. Ryn.

    Ryn #1

    this aint facebook idc about whos stalking who ty.
  9. Ryn.

    Ryn #1

    tyty x +1 xd
  10. Ryn.

    Ryn #1

    never said it wasn't thanks for the hate though xoxo
  11. Ryn.

    Ryn #1

    cheers <If you are seeing this... I tried to be cool typing "free up" because "I iz from da stweets blud"... I'll now have to think of something more original> and Ooo beef thank you lads

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