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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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  • knock Knock! ........... Who's There?.......... THE POLICE, HANDS UP OR BE TASED!!!
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    1. I'll give the reported some time to respond.
    2. Good work on the CQC!

    3. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: The reported has received a 24 hour ban. If you require any compensation please go: HERE
    5. I'll give the reported some time to respond.
    6. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: I have put a warning on TOTO's name for Poor RP, this is because he failed to show a visual threat when initiating and proceeded to start firing upon Lambo and his gang mate. It's your duty to keep up to date with the rules. If you require any compensation please go: HERE
    7. Yes, it was changed a few months ago.
    8. kaias

      Harry Report

      PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: Player already banned for the same situation.
    9. As it states in the rules there must be a visual threat. Ronaldo are you involved?
    10. @Orlando Are you one of the reported? I would like to state that in rule 3.13 it says "A Visible AND Audible Threat". As there was no visual threat at the time you initiated this would be considered Poor RP. I will give the reported some time to respond.
    11. kaias

      Harry Report

      @thereaper336 Do you have any evidence that Harry was in restraints/ in a roleplay situation at the time of him disconnecting?
    12. kaias


      Ok, I'll see what I can do.
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