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  1. Henryy

    Name: Henry Age: 16 Ban History (Reasons): none Time Zone/Location: UTC - 5 Bank Account (In Game ScreenShot): https://gyazo.com/cea44dff2773ce606c600cc2a78f7386 Arma 3 Hours (ScreenShot): https://gyazo.com/9a76970d870d8e3569fcda14c46e389b Why Should We Recruit You?: I should be recruited because I am an experienced player on arma 3. I h ave been playing altis life for over 2 years. I am decent in combat and able to work together with a team no matter who is in the team. You Want To Join 39th RR?: I want to join because I don't have a lot of experience on reborn as I have never really played it actively. I want to get more experience on reborn by joining this gang an playing with it.
  2. Henryy

    In-game name: Henry Hours on ArmA 3: 2869 Timezone: GMT - 5 (New York, USA) Previous gangs: None What can you bring to Allah's Messengers? I am an active member who can contribute to the gang in many ways. I have always been capable at MRAP Decamping and I am very experience at sniping people at 1km range +. I am a very experienced roleplayer and I could be able to roleplay in the game when needed. I am an experienced pilot as I have played on multiple other servers as a pilot. I have a decent computer so I would be very capable at CQC combat and I have pinpoint accuracy in order to hit targets. I also capable of having a sense of humor and I am not extremely serious. Why we should Accept you: I should be accepted to the gang for multiple reasons. I am a very competent player who loves to play the game so I would be very active. I also have great comms when needed in combat situations. I am capable of MRAP decamping and fighting in general. I have over 2500 hours and in those hours I have become very experienced in combat effectiveness. I can snipe at 1km and I can also effectively work well in CQC conditions. Previous bans: None

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