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  1. The Vanguard We are the Vanguard, a tightly banded set of individuals with a unique skill set, training and experience. we are a mixture of ex-military, police and security personnel and have the best of intentions of bringing stability to the region. We were established in the months after the war between CSAT & NATO in the year 2035 after we witnessed an alarming rise of violence, corruption and crime sweeping the island of Altis. Given the military's lack of support or willingness to listen as they begun withdrawing their forces, we decided something must be done to put an end to the ever-growing need for these gangs or ‘rebels’ as they call themselves to fill that power vacuum. We quickly established a small compound on Altis as we worked tirelessly for months to recruit new members, acquire equipment, vehicles, weapons and more while Command established a dialogue with the Altis Police Department and ascertain their plans to combat the rebel forces. Fast-forward to August 2037 we have successfully pushed the rebel forces back to a small part of the north east of the island and have successfully managed to liberated the south eastern territory. We now have a permanent presence in the region with a large Headquarters Compound with houses, personnel, equipment, operations, recruitment and much more. Now we push to rid the rebels once and for all, we will use all our resources, skills and determination to succeed. We encourage everyone to come and meet us, feel free to come to the checkpoint or use any of the items within our land, however expect to be questioned as to why you are there and to be taxed for use of our processors. If you have any questions feel free to message any of the generals! @TonyMontana @jcbjoe @RyanH
  2. haha seen this time ago, hes right tho still
  3. Bundle Stars Summer Sale https://www.bundlestars.com/en/games?page=1&types=game,dlc&sale=true
  4. Stick to my girls like glue


  5. New Faction is in the works, roughly about half way done.
  6. Narcos Season 3 Trailer


    1. Hiii


      looks sick tbf

  7. Yeh creating a suit is a pain, JcbJoe and me tried creating one and it looked terrible, the best thing I have seen is the Syndicate suits but tbh most peeps didn't like them.
  8. "Now you wear tracksuits listening to "that's not me" but we all know that's not you'' 

    that bar is so true for many man these days :D

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    2. Peters


      @Battl^^Eye this is literally you though...

    3. Battl^^Eye


      @Peters Yes it is completely 

      Even though I don't even listen to Skepta 

    4. Silker


      Decent this not his best though

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