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    1. jag försöker mitt snabbaste, det tar tid
    2. nice 50. cal montage peter, vi ses i nästa liv
    3. pretty self explanatory, side chat channel for BW to contact staff fast, if police dont have on of these, one for them too
    4. +1 on removing one of the bases aswell as making an incentive, maybe not such steep incentives but the examples @Jayyy. gave were examples for a reason, however gang bases are kinda dry as far as incentives, this skin, spawn and little bit of cheaper gear is not very enticing however making more incentives will also be beneficial to BW as we can ask for higher contract prices and will make BW be contracted more because of the higher rewards of having a gang base.
    5. https://gyazo.com/4af2f59cb994294285f7291932f4182b extend redzone circle a little and move from that current cap-point to Mushroom https://gyazo.com/344736acfb600a1b1494df0182e4fb04 move from current capzone on this wz to Chalkeia Currently both of those WZ are money pits, people just shark them and no one pushed them because of the lack of PVP (on land - which is the majority playstyle on reborn), with the changes made to BW where we can only hold two points which means the combat is starting to improve in WZs, changing these points, especially the Mushroom one, wil
    6. actually he was banned for the name "charlie.exe" which he was told he was allowed
    7. but it does require motivation
    8. the route of the problem discussed on this thread is not that the devs arent doing good work, unbanning people doesnt require knowledge of SQF
    9. you werent the last generation of 15-16 year olds, there is still people who played the server, you moved on from arma, others moved onto arma. There is still a large playerbase
    10. yes, but if it werent for the "SHOOT A CAP POINT" players, the server couldnt sustain itself.
    11. my point exactly, why suggest that a large portion of your community plays elsewhere instead of fixing the problem?
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