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  1. CxY


    nothing u ever say makes any sense, there are cops in redzone aswell as outside, its not like ur qilin gets buffed when u enter a redzone? why is it harder to move around outside redzone? making them illegal is just gonna be dumb because cops gonna crush all ur qilins which is worse than having it the way it is now
  2. CxY


    why would they be illegal? lol
  3. CxY


    so why u here mr "i actually left"
  4. CxY

    mar10 suppressor

    thanks for the warning was just about to spend 2,5 m next half price to initiate from 1,5kaway on cops in kavala
  5. CxY


    its not a tank, sure the metal is bulletproof to most guns but so i the whole engine block in the SUV, u dont see them costing 300k
  6. CxY

    mar10 suppressor

    what the fuck are u on about
  7. CxY

    csat lvl 1 vest

    he means that most people would just go without csata anyways and have the higher levep vest i think. but thats wrong anyways already takes enpugh time to kill someone, csats give full body protection except the head.
  8. it already costs half of the price of my gun anyways lol whats the point in making it even more expensive
  9. CxY

    csat lvl 1 vest

    nah no point, everyone will get eventually, TFU and BW and then in the end its gonna get removed. -1
  10. CxY

    mar10 suppressor

    the gun already costs 4,5m already, why does the supressor need to be expensive? its not like people will buy it just by itself? it doesnt fit any other gun?
  11. CxY

    mar10 suppressor

    The guns is made for sniping, u pay loads for it, you should be able to have access to the supressor. Crying about sniping on this server makes no sense when i honeslty only see TFU benching now and then. u dont see rebels sniping as much anymore. So if an odd one out wants to spend 2,5m on a loadout to snipe, let him? If he kills your whole gang with it, doesnt mean its op. how can it be op if o spend more om my loadout than the whole gang im fighting together?
  12. CxY


    they are way too expensive, it almost has the price of the old ifrit price, its too high. 750k on half price is an insane amount of money to ask for. They should be 700k, 350 on half price if not less.
  13. CxY

    dogshit #3

    i love how people put dogshit or something on their tage to get less hate when they actually are so proud of it

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