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  1. [SC] @Pingu [Athira] [DIU]
  2. You. Are. Not. Important.
  3. How else are people suposed to feel important????
  4. Dont knwo about 2 but it would be cool to see alot of good gangs with 5 people. They can still team for banks or whatever but it would just add more variaty. But i also know it will drive alot of people away as in the end of the day its a gane and friends want to play with eachother.
  5. So those 2 gangs can turn into 5
  6. I kind if agree it would be cool to see many small gangs having it competetive rather than one ir two big ones. If a gang of 10 cant take on 25 cops atleast 15 being constable and under idk what to say tbh
  7. Not really, sure its easier to get shot out of a strider but strider has way, way faater acceleration and a bulletproof backside amd can be used in water for escape aswell as it has thermals. So no, not vastly superior.
  8. Why does the girls hair blow in the same against the wind lmao??????
  9. Congrats dead man

  10. Also the mask to go with it
  11. This isnt gta tho, and only nato had access to them i believe.
  12. I agree with the post except the price should be around 30 mil full price like a huron. Cops have a ghost hawk already so no titan i think. Make Oil illegal and the roleplay behind it could be that the rig is government owned and youre stealing it from them.
  13. isnt the taru already more expesnsive than 10mil? @Rogers

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