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  1. @RomaN
  2. bought it from tom
  3. Selling an SFU orca due to recent events. starting bid 3mil bid increment 500k end whenever i feel like it
  4. From GTA i think
  5. @noms It is perfectly fine to call someone stupid or a mong in RP. So you know for next time BUD!!

    1. Rage


      You’re an exception. 

    2. Kattana


      Word Origin. C20: a shortening of mongol. Contemporary definitions for mong. noun. a mongrel dog; by extension, an idiot.


  6. Still getting uploaded, didnt expect that quick of a response, sorry. I will tag you when its done. x
  7. In-game name: i C63 Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Merch & Stealthpigeon Date of the incident: 04/23/2018 Time of the incident: 20 minutes ago What rule do you believe was broken: Fail Rp by both people Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5I_gPtazCo&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: Got initateded on and had no response time, the initiation for one was invalid and the shooter gave me no time to comply. One shot way to early the other initated as a hobo. I tried getting them on teamspeak but they where just being childish about it. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  8. How can u beef someones montage when youve made 13 all shittier than the other
  9. Best inishninates EU
  10. 3.8

    Make the rule active again but make it clear that the person has to be seen with a weapon. Another thing to make clear is if its rebel v rebels, can u or can you not shoot opfor/blufor lurking around trying to get involved. @PaulS
  12. shut the fuck up https://gyazo.com/dda01464a81ad085bda71314d4ded0d0
  13. Camorra ifrit starting bid 2mil min. bid increment 500k
  14. Yea or just jump?

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