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  1. Day 1 of NoFap: feeling uncomfortable 

    1. Banjo_Jo


      Wallahi you're haram

  2. Happy Birthday my son
    If only i could have helped you.

    Leaves from the vine,
    Falling so slow.
    Like fragile tiny shells,
    Drifting in the foam.

    Little soldier boy,
    Come marching home.
    Brave soldier boy,
    Comes marching home.

    1. Banjo_Jo


      Alsalam ma3ak 👳‍♂️

  3. you shoot someone out of the bottom of a caesar i think that is an issue
  4. @ArN. do be lookin kinda thicc today

  5. e832e844135ad07a3b8ecbb461e31718.png

    1. ArN.


      Albiston beefs me, I tell him to apologise, he doesn't, i dont rev
      viozo needs rev, HAS AN ACTUAL POSITIVE KD, so..

    2. Smoldenn
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