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  1. nah, seems the only way to fight now is buying hacks
  2. Give me a single "good player" on arma 3 that still uses spamming x when getting shot at
  3. still spams x and kills half the server every fight, something dosent add up there
  4. mr barkus, did you write more words for your english gcse or your nato app?

    1. zMarkuss


      I have written 7k words for my army faction, there is nothing wrong with it. It has been my dream since ive played arma 3 in 2013

    2. AJ..
  5. zMarkuss

    Olav going ham

    😇 L E S S G E T T H I S B R E A D 🥵
  6. we get it you're a fan, and stop msging jimmy to ask to join its getting annoying
  7. damn u really took time out of ur day to search for our banner? what a fan lol
  9. He dosent wanna lose his internet points
  10. 1:36 when u sit there and accept ur death
  11. salty cuz u cant be dynamic, GO ON DYNAMO SON SHOW EM WHAT YOU'VE GOT
  12. With the police, NATO and other rebel gangs making life as a civilian on Altis next to impossible, a group of like-minded people have formed together with a single goal - to gain money, power and influence by any means necessary and to obliterate any who stand in their way. Must Speak fluent English Must have Advanced Rebel Must have 10k Hours on ArmA Must have been in NATO Minimum 200hrs past 2 weeks Working Microphone Must be at least 16 years old, cannot be older than 18, don't like old people. (Exceptions made) In-game Name: Age (Maximum 18, don't want any old farts): Country: Total hours + hours in past 2 weeks (Screenshot - past 2 weeks must be minimum 200)😞: How long have you been on reborn: Previous Gangs: Anyone in the gang who may vouch for you: this is best gang on arma 3 good luck if you apply WE TOO DRIPPY FOR Y'ALL ON THIS SERVER I GOT THE ICE ON MY NECK 🥶🥶🥶
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