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    1. unbanned on ts btw this can be closed
    2. Item: Hunter Proof of ownership: cba logging on to take screenshot but i have it not rare these days Buy now price: 4 mil Starting bid:1 mil Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 10.31.2020
    3. JamesCharles

      Forum names

      Could you clean up the banned/inactive forum account named Olav so i can have my name on the forums x ?
    4. nah if i am buying acyrus as a civ im using it like a vermin
    5. are you stupid ? he can bid what he wants but 100k is the minumum bid requirement
    6. pretty sure he has appealed and i not going to sit here and defend him since at the end of the day he broke a rule and you punished him however you tough was appropriate.
    7. i mean you did something but i dont believe there should be any bans on it @Winchester joined the server completely new normal only played NA servers etc we re you can soft log and noone gives a damn so its understandable that he comes here and does it without thinking about it and then gets permanently banned for it on his first offence were he should probably just have gotten a kick with a message to not softlog again. and for @Zurph his case has been explained a million times by now.
    8. the fact that people come out with their complaints here on a open thread is a step in the right direction and its progressive as we see how it is from the player bases perspective and the staff perspective. i feel like @thomaslorddd was brave for putting this up since complains normaly only go one way in this community but this has been really progressive.
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